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Goodbye London, hello Seattle, and an excuse to buy books.

So I’ve been traveling a lot lately.


(Witness the excellent Adem cosplay that happened in London.)

While that means I get to meet a lot of you in person, sign books, and make all manner of amusing tweets about my first time riding first class. It’s not exactly conducive to writing blog posts.


(A great Kvothe from Avilés in Spain.)

I’m back from Spain and London now, and PAX is right around the corner. After that, I’ll hopefully be able to catch up on a few posts I’ve been wanting to write for some time.

It occurred to me today that while I might not write a lot of blogs while I’m on the road, I tend to read more. And when I read, I tend to review the books on goodreads.

As you know if you’ve ever read my reviews, they’re mostly not reviews. They’re usually more of a little story about the book, mixed in with my rambling thoughts about storytelling, and my feelings about the book itself.

And no spoilers, of course. Because we’re civilized around these parts.

Once I stopped to think about it, I realized it was a little odd that I’d tell a story in a book review but I wouldn’t write about the experience on my own blog. So I figured I’d post the first part of a recent review up here today so you can see what I’m talking about.

*     *     *

I walked into the bookstore in a bit of a mood.

Wait, that’s my Midwestern nature talking. We tend to understate. The truth is I walked into the bookstore furious at the world. I can’t remember why. I am prone to dark moods, and when I’m in the middle of one, I tend to rumble through the world like an angry old-testament god.

I went directly to the Sci-Fi Fantasy section. That’s where I live for the most part. That’s where I go when the world gets to be too much for me.

I looked at the titles. I’d read about a quarter of them. I read a lot. But nothing looked particularly good. Nothing does when I’m in one of my moods.

A friendly bookseller walked over. “Can I help you find anything?” she asked.

“I want to read something good,” I said. “I’m tired of gritty depressing shit. I want a fun, light book that isn’t going to leave me wanting to put a gun in my mouth.”

I’m not hyperbolizing. That’s what I actually said. It wasn’t a nice thing to say, but I can be unpleasantly brusk at times.

The bookseller didn’t bat and eye. She pointed out a couple books, then asked how I felt about YA.

“I’ll read anything if it’s good,” I said.

Here’s the rest of the review if you’re interested.

*     *     *

In other news, I’ll be out in Seattle soon, making a nusiance of myself at PAX and PAX dev.

I’ve got a few scheduled events if you’re hoping to catch me there.

Thursday, August 28

5:15pm, PAX Dev, Stories of Game Design Panel, Grand III

Friday, August 29

Sometime after 6:30 I’ll be swinging by Gauntlet’s booth, which is in the South Lobby, to chat about the new game on their live stream, which will be up on PAX’s Twitch channel over here.

And I’ll be playing Gauntlet too. Of course.

8:30pm Late night at Benaroya Hall, featuring Triforce Quartet, The Doubleclicks, and Paul & Storm.- Benaroya Hall at 200 University St.

(I’m not performing at this, but I’m going to be doing a brief cameo appearance in the show. As well as perhaps heckling them good naturedly from backstage.)

Saturday, August 30

3:30-5:30, Signing at PAX, in the Paramount

Sunday, August 31

4-5, An Afternoon with Patrick Rothfuss - Main Theater (Benaroya Hall at 200 University St.)

I’ll be doing some Q&A, telling some stories, and reading various and sundry things.

This event will be streamed online, so if you’re near a computer around 4pm Pacific Time, you can see it over here, along with a bunch of other cool stuff that’ll be up throughout the con.

Monday, September 1

12:00 – 2:00, Signing at PAX, in the Paramount

I’ve got one signing event that isn’t at the convention. It’s on Monday night at a local indie bookstore.

7:00pm, Signing with The Oatmeal at Wit’s End Bookstore
1530 Grove St Suite A
Marysville, WA 98270
Call for Free Tickets: 360-386-8997
Facebook Event

Note that this is *just* a signing. I won’t be doing a reading and a Q&A as we won’t have the time or the space. But the Oatmeal will be there signing his books too, and you’ll be able to get copies of the Princess book as well.

*     *     *

In related news, we’re experimenting a bit by producing a Pinny Arcade pin. Our design is based off the talent pipes.

I don’t have a picture for you yet, but I’ll post one up here when I do.

We’ll be selling them at the Geek Chic booth because…. well…. Geek Chic is awesome.


(Even Oot knows that.)

As always, proceeds from this sort of thing go to support Worldbuilders.

If you’re interested in grabbing a pin, I’ll have some of them with me at the show. So you see me in the hall, you can offer me a trade for one. Or you can probably grab one for cash if you catch me at one of my signings.

Otherwise, you can hit the Geek Chic booth at SKY3. I’ll be lurking around there as well, lowering property values and engaging in general hooliganism.

Rest assured, if we have some pins left over after the convention, we’ll put them up in The Tinker’s Packs.

As some of you might remember from last year, PAX doesn’t have booksellers on site. That means if you’re going to want a copy of Name of the Wind or Wise Man’s Fear, you’ll have to bring your own.

Or… *Pat says in his best used car salesman voice* you can go around the corner to the Barnes and Noble that’s right next to the convention center, where they’ve agreed to stock a bunch of my books.

What’s more, when we called to see if they’d be willing to carry a bunch of extra copies of my books again, they once again offered to do it in conjunction with a Book Fair. So if people show up and buy any books with our Bookfair code (11423936), a portion of the proceeds will go to Worldbuilders.

And it’s not a tiny little piece of the money, either. B&N ends up cutting us a check for about 10% of all purchases made this way.

Just to reiterate: any books you buy with our Bookfair code (11423936) will raise money for Worldbuilders. The code is good from August 28th (today) to September 5th in stores.

Even better, the code works online too. So if you head over to Barnes and Noble’s online store and enter 11423936 during checkout from August 28th to September 10th (a full 5 days longer) a portion of proceeds will come to us from that sale, too.

So if you have some books you’ve been looking to pick up, this is a great chance to kill two birds with one stone…

See some of you soon….


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Appearances in Arizona and Texas

Hey there everybody, I’m packing my bags to head to Phoenix Comic Con right now, and after that I’ll be doing some events in Texas as well, so I figured I’d give y’all a heads-up as to where and when I’ll be.

  • Tempe and Phoenix

For those of you who live in Phoenix but who aren’t really convention-goers, I’ve got a signing the night before the convention starts on Wednesday (meaning tonight). It’s at Changing Hands Bookstore.

Wednesday, June 4
7pm MST
Changing Hands Bookstore
6428 S McClintock Dr.
Tempe, Arizona 85283
Facebook Event

After that, most of my events will be at the convention itself. So if you live in the area, or are otherwise interested in going, they’ve still got badges available, and they’ll be selling some onsite as well.

Here’s my schedule:

Thursday, June 5
7:00pm-8:00pm Books and Authors Kickoff – North 127 AB
With Carrie Vaughn, Charlaine Harris, John Scalzi, L.E. Modesitt Jr, Naomi Novik, Paul & Storm, Pierce Brown, and Scott Lynch

Friday, June 6
11:30am-12:30-ish – Signing – VIP20

4:30pm-5:30pm, Magic Systems: Urban Fantasy Vs. Epic Fantasy – North 132
With Jaye Wells, Jim Butcher, Myke Cole, and Stephen Blackmoore

8:30pm-10:30pm Paul & Storm Concert, with Patrick Rothfuss and John Scalzi – North Ballroom 120

This is going to be an epic event. I know you think I’m just saying that, but you have no idea. It’s already Paul & Storm, John Scalzi, and me. But we’ve talked to a few other cool folks who are going to be at the con, and there will be surprise guests who pop in and out as the show goes on. It’s going to be like a mini W00tstock.

They’ve got us in the largest ballroom at the con, so lots of people will be able to attend. If you’re going to pick one day and one event to go to, this is it.

Also, I’m thinking of doing my first ever public reading of the Auri book there. Just a piece of it. But still.

Saturday, June 7
12:00pm-1:00pm Spotlight on Patrick Rothfuss, Sheraton Valley of the Sun

1:30pm-2:30pm ish Signing – VIP20

4:30pm-5:30pm, Author Batsu Game – North 132
With Aprilynne Pike, Delilah S. Dawson, John Scalzi, Leanna Rene Heiber, Myke Cole, and Sam Sykes

Batsu is a type of Japanese game show where contestants are given a challenge-and punished if they fail to complete it. I can only imagine what this is going to be like, seeing the line-up of other authors involved….

Sunday, June 8
10:30am-11:30am, The Really Epic Epic Fantasy Panel – North 132
With Elizabeth Bear, L.E. Modesitt Jr, Melanie Rawn, Sam Sykes, and Scott Lynch

3:00pm-4:00pm Writing Rogues – North 132
With Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Pierce Brown, Sam Sykes, and Scott Lynch

4:30pm-5:30pm Signing – VIP20

Amanda has been mourning the fact that she couldn’t come on this trip with me for a long time, and for good reason. There are going to be some seriously cool people there, an cool things to do. If you can go, you should make a point to do so, even if for only one day.

  • Austin and Dallas

After the convention, I’ll be flying to Austin to touch base with Brian Brushwood to learn how to eat, and potentially breathe, fire.

Possibly to eat fire then breathe it back up. That seems to be the way it should work, right?

Am I nervous? Well… Yes. I mean, I’m learning how to Breathe Fire around someone whose last name is Brushwood. That’s pretty much tempting fate to fuck with you.

But he’s a professional, and besides, I promised to do it as one of the Worldbuilders Stretch goals last year, so at this point I’m pretty much honor-bound to follow through on my own stupid promises.

On top of learning how to breathe fire, I (meaning Amanda) got a signing set up with less than a week of lead time.

The bookstore is a bunch of truly awesome people, and if you’re anywhere even remotely near Austin, you should make a point of coming to this signing to show your support of enthusiastic, passionate local bookstores.

Monday, June 9
7pm CST
603 N. Lamar Blvd
Austin, Texas 78703
Facebook Event

I’d particularly like it if y’all shared this event, since it’s happening on such short notice.

After Austin, I’ll be meandering over to Dallas to do a show with Paul & Storm. I love doing these shows with them, and it’s always a good time. If you’re anywhere near the Dallas area, you should consider coming out and seeing it, especially if you’ve never seen Paul & Storm live before. These shows are a special kind of cool, and there’s always the chance that you’ll get to see me embarrass myself singing…

Wednesday, June 11
8pm CST
An Evening with Pat Rothfuss and Paul & Storm
Granada Theater
3524 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX, 75206
Facebook Event
Buy Tickets

And then I’ll get to come home, hold my baby and watch Oot play, and then work on the book some more.

If any of you know of people in these areas that might be interested that I’m swinging by, I’d appreciate it if you’d help spread the news to them, as I don’t get down into that part of the world very often.

Be seeing some of you soon. As for the rest of you, you’ll have to be content with the eventual video of me lighting myself on fire….


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Chicago Events, Continued Teasing, and Trouper Lego

Hey there everyone.

I know y’all are waiting for news. I’m mostly over my cold, the internet is working in my house again, and almost halfway caught up on my e-mail (which is pretty good for me.)

Here’s the problem, right now I’m not officially authorized (heh) to share everything I want to share with you.

As a result, I’m holding off on my news post until I can give you a big ton of sparkly details and lurid details all at once.

For the nonce, we have some other news, and a completely different shiny thing that’s showed up on my radar.

Other News:

I’m going to be down in Chicago for C2E2 next week.

Friday, April 25 to Sunday, April 27
South Building at McCormic Place
2233 South Martin L. King Drive
Chicago, IL 60616
Facebook Event

My schedule is relatively light, but it looks pretty awesome:

Friday, April 25:
3-4pm: Spotlight on Patrick Rothfuss, S403
4:15-6:15: After-panel Signing, Table 1

Saturday, April 26:
1:30-2:30pm: GEEK GEEK REVOLUTION game show, S403, with Mark Frost, Kevin Hearne, Seth Fishman and Lydia Kang, and moderated by John Scalzi.

I’ll be doing a signing at a local bookstore too, for those of you who aren’t big convention goers. The lovely folks at the Seminary Co-Op Bookstores set it up for me, and it’ll be hosted at the University of Chicago.

Monday, April 28, 6pm
International House at the University of Chicago
1414 E 59th St
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Facebook Event

Hope to see some of you down there. I don’t know when I’ll be back in that neck of the woods again.

Miscellaneous Coolness:

A while back, a fan named Glen tipped me off about something cool they submitted on the Lego website:

trouper's wagon(You should click to embiggen this one)

If this becomes a thing, Glen is going to get a cut of the action for having the great idea and design. Even cooler, Glen has offered to give half of that cut to Worldbuilders.

Why doesn’t it specifically say they’re Edema Ruh from the Kingkiller world? Because Glen is smart. First, he didn’t want to step on my intellectual property, which I appreciate. Second, because Lego has fairly stringent standards regarding overall family-friendliness of their sets. So not only would licensing be a Huge Legal Thing. But my books have some content that would probably red flag the whole deal.

I’m no Joe Abercrombie or anything, but I’m still fairly gritty.

pat lego kvothe lego

Guess who these handsome devils are? Yeah. You don’t have to guess too hard. I like how he made it so my Wizard’s Staff has a Knob on the End.

If you’d like this to be a thing, you can Vote Over Here.

And even if you don’t care much for voting, you should probably check out the website, anyway. Cool stuff.

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Upcoming Appearances – Boston, Portland, and Seattle

Even though the kickstarter is in its final, most dramatic days, I’m going to take a moment here to talk about a couple events I have coming up in the near future….

These events are just for the next month or so, I’ve got more stuff coming up later on in the year. And, as always, you can always find out where I’m going by checking on my Tour Schedule page. Or you can follow me and see my events on Facebook.

Also, since some of these events are on the near horizon (and some of them were only finalized days ago) I’d appreciate it if you’d spread the word to anyone you know in the areas that you think might be interested.

  • Cambridge

Okay, first off, what I said up there in the title about going to Boston? That was kind of a lie.

I’m actually going to be in Cambridge. I just said Boston so that more people would understand what part of the country I was actually visiting. Because if there’s one thing I hate, is people e-mailing me 3 days AFTER I do an event in a city saying, “I didn’t know you were going to be near Boston! When will you be back?!???”

force choke

(Then I do this. Through the internet. With my mind.)

So yeah. I’m going to be in the Boston *area* I’m doing a convention and a signing while I’m there.

Thursday March 20th

I’ll be doing a reading and signing hosted by Pandemonium Books and Games. But because these days sometimes 300-400 people show up to my events, it’s actually being held at the nearby Christian Life Center, so that more people can fit. (It’s a much better venue.)

The bookstore is asking that folks contact them for a ticket in advance, just so they can keep an accurate head count.

If you’re going to come, either email books [@] or go on their website.

Thursday, March 20th
7:00 pm
Reading, Q&A, and Signing
Christian Life Center
85 Bishop Allen Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139
Facebook Event

Friday March 21st

Friday, I’ll be doing a talk at the Cambridge Google Office. It doesn’t have the space to be open to the public, but it’ll be recorded and posted online later, and if you have any particular questions you’d want asked, you can post them… I dunno…. Somewhere. Maybe just shout them directly at your computer. I’m pretty sure the people at Google have a way of tracking that by now.

Edit: Amanda suggested people post their questions in the comments here on the blog. Which has a certain elegant simplicity to it. But if I were you, I’d both post them below, AND shout them at your computer, just to be safe.


I’m heading over to Harvard to go to Vericon, the actual convention. Part of the con also includes a public signing at the Harvard Book Store as well, so that’s another chance to see me and get your books signed.

Here are my official events:

Friday, March 21
7pm – 8pm: Panel on writing SF/Fantasy

Saturday, March 22
10am – 11am: Author Q&A
11am – 12:30pm: Panel on Interactive Media – Sever Hall
1pm – 2pm: Signing event at Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138 (Facebook Event)
2pm – 3pm: World Building panel
5:20pm – 6:10pm: Keynote Speech

Even cooler, there’s going to be a casual gaming room open for the entire con. You’ll probably be able to find me there during some of my off hours.

If I end up picking up an extra panel or two, I’ll post about it on my twitter, so y’all can stalk me more efficiently.

  • Portland

After a (very short) break, I’ll be heading out to Portland to do some cool stuff with Paul and Storm.

March 28, 2014

An Evening with Pat, Paul & Storm
Doors Open 7pm PST, Show starts 8pm PST
Aladdin Theater
3017 SE Milwaukee Ave.
Portland, OR
Get Tickets
Facebook Event

I won’t be doing an official signing there, as I’m only going to be in town for a day. But I will be making a stop by Powell’s to sign as much of their stock as they’ll let me, so if you need a signed book and live in the Portland area, Powell’s will be the place to go.

  • Seattle

From Portland, Paul and Storm and I will be making the drive to Seattle for two shows at The Triple Door.

Originally, there was only going to be one show, but it sold out really quickly, so now we’re doing an early all-ages show, and a late 21+ show.

Edit: Want to change your tickets from early show to late show?

Call the box office 206.838.4333 or the Maitre D direct line 206.838.4349.

An Evening with Pat, Paul & Storm
Shows at 7pm PST and 10pm PST
The Triple Door

216 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101

Facebook Event for the Early Show
Facebook Event for the Late Show


Sunday March 30th – Emerald City Comicon

After these shows, I’ll be attending Emerald City Comicon and doing a couple of panels on Sunday. I’ll probably also lurk around the booths of Badali Jewelry and Geek Chic too, as they’re some of my favorite people.

Here’s my official schedule:

Sunday, March 30th:
11 – 11:50 am: Writer’s Block Presents Patrick Rothfuss
1-1:50pm: I Need a Hero: Writing Hero Stories for Modern Readers
2:30-4pm: Signing.

I’ll be seeing a lot of you soon…

*     *     *

Also, if you’re curious, here’s pretty much every con I currently am attending for the rest of the year. Rest assured, if I’m doing a con, I usually do my best to have a public reading somewhere in the area for those of you who aren’t really into conventions.

More details will be added as Amanda makes hundreds of phone calls, but it all always ends up on my Facebook Events page and my Tour Page.

JordanCon in Rosewell, GA
C2E2 in Chicago, IL
Phoenix Comic Con in Phoenix, AZ
San Diego Comic Con
Celcius 232 in Aviles, Spain
LonCon in London, England

*     *     *

And lastly, here’s an early peek at one of the cards in the the Kickstarter. This one’s from the Modegan Deck, to be specific.


(It’s worth embiggening.)

This card is The Hollow Gods. You don’t know about them yet.

But you will. Soon….


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Upcoming Appearances – England, Spain, and…. Stevens Point?

This year, World Fantasy Con is is England. Brighton, to be specific.

That means for the first time in more than four years, I’m heading over the big water.

And since I’m going to be over in England, it seems a little silly for me not to do a couple events.

And if I’m going to do a couple stops in England, it would be impolite for me not to swing by Spain for at least a couple days. Because I have a *lot* of readers there, and I had to cancel my tour plans there a couple years ago.

I’d love to hit other places too, Germany, the Netherlands, Ghent, Sweden…. But I just can’t. I need to get back to my little boy.

Here are the cities where I’m doing events: Brighton, Oxford, London, Barcelona, Madrid. (Details below.)

But that’s not all.

A while back, the fabulous Paul and Storm told me they were cruising through the Midwest, and asked if I’d like to join them for a couple shows.


I couldn’t say no, so I’m going to be hitting Chicago and Minneapolis with them.

And in between those stops, we’re going to do a different, special event here in my hometown of Stevens Point.

Details for those shows are down below too.

  • Brighton

Before World Fantasy con gets going, though, I’ve got an event at the local Waterstones.

Thursday, October 31
7:30 pm
Reading, Q&A, and Signing
Waterstones, 71-74 North Street
Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1ZA
Facebook Event

There’s somewhat limited seating at this event, so they’re requesting that you call and reserve a place in advance.  The phone number is: 012732 06017

The convention is sold out, but if you’re already attending, my events are:

Friday, November 1
3:30-4 – Reading – Hall 8B
7-10  - Mass Signing - Oxford Suite

Saturday, November 2
10-11am – Best of all Possible Worlds – Cambridge

  • Oxford

After the con, I’m heading over to Oxford University, who have kindly asked me to come speak, do an event we’ve lovingly called “An Evening with Pat Rothfuss,” and run it all as a fundraiser for Worldbuilders. (Note: I made a special point of using the Oxford comma in that sentence.)

Attending is free, but they will be happy to take a donation at the door.

Monday, November 4
7:00 pm
Reading, signing, and Q&A.
Harris Manchester College, Old Dining Room
Mansfield Road, OX1 3TD
Facebook Event

They’ve asked people to RSVP, just so they can get a headcount and be properly prepared for the event. If you’re planning on coming, it would be a good idea for you to e-mail them at

  • London

Next stop is London, where I’m doing a joint signing event with Scott Lynch.  I’ve recently been rereading the Gentleman Bastard books, so this is going to be a real treat to hang out with Scott and sign some books for y’all.  Afterward they’ve set aside a bit of space for people to talk and do some informal Q&A at The Phoenix, a restaurant nearby, so keep that in mind as well.

November 5, 2013
6:00 pm
Forbidden Planet
179 Shaftesbury Avenue
London WC2H 8JR
Q&A to follow at The Phoenix
Facebook Event

Spanish events

(I have no idea what this says.)

  •  Barcelona

In Spain, I’ll be making a few different stops.  I’ll have two events in Barcelona, with the first being a full reading, q&a, and signing.  I’m going to go far, *far* outside my comfort zone, and try to read The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle in Spanish.

November 6, 2013
7:00 pm
Reading, Q&A, and Signing
Conference Hall of Random House Mondadori
Travessera de Gracia, 47-49. 08021 Barcelona
Facebook Event

The second two events I’ll just be signing books, not reading.

November 7, 2013
5:00 – 7:00pm
La Casa del Llibre
Passeig de Gràcia, 62
Facebook event

  • Madrid

November 8, 2013
7:30 pm
Forum Fnac Callao
Preciados, 28. 28013 Madrid
Facebook Event

Paul and Storm and Pat point at YOU - Color

  •  Chicago

Then I return home and immediately join Paul & Storm on the Midwestern leg of their tour.  The first stop is in Chicago, where I will read from my work, answer questions, and tell stories. Paul and Storm will sing about nuns, chicken nuggets, video games, and do incredibly long song about pirates.  This show is ages 21 and over, so if you’re old enough, you should consider coming.

November 11, 2013
7:30 pm
An Evening with Patrick Rothfuss and Paul & Storm
Lincoln Hall
2424 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
Facebook Event

  • Stevens Point

The other two events I’m doing with Paul and Storm are straight-up performances. We’re on stage, you’re in seats.

This event is different. It’s more like a tiny, geeky harvest festival.

Paul and Storm will be playing music, and I will be doing some reading. But that will just be a piece of the evening.

There will video games and sing-alongs. There will be coffee and beer (and root beer) on tap. There will be guinness-chocolate cupcakes, chocolate chili cookies, and caramel brownies. There will be brats, tamales and walking tacos.

There will be a bouncy castle. I have insisted. Weather permitting, it will be there.

Proceeds from ticket and food sales will go to the non-profit organization Farmshed. There are a limited number of tickets available.

You can head over here to get more information and reserve your tickets.

November 12, 2013
Pat, Paul & Storm Save the World!
Central Waters Farmshed Greenhouse
1220 Briggs Court
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Facebook Event

  • St. Paul

The final leg on the tour is going to be somewhere that, despite it being an easy afternoon drive away from where I live, I haven’t been in years – The Twin Cities.  This show is for ages 18 and up, since it’s at a bar, but it’ll still be a kickass time.

November 14, 2013
Doors 6pm – Show 7pm
Amsterdam Bar and Hall
6 W. 6th Street
Saint Paul, MN, 55102
Tickets Here

* * *

Whew.  That’s making me tired just looking at it.  But it’s going to be fun.  You just wait.

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PAX, D&D Podcasts, and Unexpected Coolness

So in just a couple days, I’m going to be heading out to PAX to play as a swashbuckling rogue named Viari in their D&D Campaign.

pat(That’s Me.)

Mike, Jerry, Scott and I got together a couple months back and did our initial adventure, which are available as podcasts over here….

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

While I’m out at PAX, we’ll be playing again, live onstage.

I’ll be doing a few other things at the convention too. Here’s the schedule for my official events.

Friday August 30

11:30-12:30 – Does Story Matter in Video Games? – Kraken Theatre
3:30-4:30 – An Afternoon with Pat Rothfuss – The Pegasus Theatre

Saturday August 31

3:30-6:00 Acquisitions, Inc. – Main Theatre

I’ll be doing other stuff around the convention too. Checking out games and lurking around the Geek Chic booth at Skybridge 3.

And while I’m in Seattle, I’ll be doing TWO events outside of PAX.

Thursday August 29

7 pm Reading at University Bookstore
4326 University Way NE  Seattle, WA98105
Facebook Event

This event is going to be extra awesome because Terry Brooks, Peter Orullian, and Shawn Speakman will all be there to sign copies of Unfettered, which will be available for sale.

A very important note: Apparently there’s some sportsball game going on the day of this signing.   This means, according to Shawn, that  traffic getting to the event will be AWFUL.  Be sure to account for that if you’re traveling.

Friday August 30

7 pm Reading at Barnes and Noble Pacific Place
600 Pine Street Suite 107
Seattle, WA 98101
Facebook Event

I set up this signing for those of you who will be in town for PAX, as it’s right next door to the convention. Literally a block or so away.

Because, you see, I’m going to be at the convention, but my books won’t.

And I don’t want to have this conversation 200 times:

Person: Hey, are you Pat Rothfuss?

Me: Yup.

Person: Cool. I didn’t know you were going to be here!

Me: Yeah. I’m playing D&D with Acquisitions Incorporated.

Person: [Looks around.] Where can I get one of your books?

Me: Sorry. No bookdealers here. It’s a gaming convention.

Person: Are you doing a booksigning?

Me: Fraid not. I’m on a couple panels….

Person: Damn. I really wanted to get a signed copy of your book for my sister. She’d lose it….

Me: Sorry….

[And then we just look at each other awkwardly.]

So, in an effort to avoid having this conversation roughly a billion times at the convention, we called Barnes and Noble to see if they could have books available for people, and hopefully schedule an event.

And you know what? They made us a *much* cooler offer than that.

  • The Coolness.

When we called B&N to see if they’d be willing to carry a bunch of my books for folks who want them, they offered to do it AND do a Book Fair, meaning that if people show up and buy my book using our Bookfair code (11162161) a percentage of the sales will be given to Worldbuilders.

But that’s not all…

It turns out that *any* book people buy with the Bookfair code (11162161) will send some extra money to Worldbuilders.

But that’s not all, either…

This code is good at all Barnes and Noble stores between now and September 2nd. Any book you buy, at any B&N helps Worldbuilders.

AND it works on their online store too. In fact, it works longer. You can you use the code 11162161 on their website through September 7th.

I have to say, this is really cool of them. And I think we should make the most of it.

So let’s say you’ve never read any Terry Pratchett, but you’ve heard he’s good. You could jump in at Guards Guards, which is one of the best entry points, in my opinion.

Or maybe you read my great gushy review of Gaiman’s Ocean at the End of the Lane, but you haven’t picked it up yet.

Now would be the perfect time for that.

Or it could be you didn’t realize that the sequel to Libriomancer just came out a couple weeks back. You could grab that too.

Or buy a copy of Carniepunk, if you weren’t able to get one of the signed copies we put up in our store.

Or you could pre-order a copy of Stonecast, which means Worldbuilders would get money from the author (Anton Strout), the publisher (Penguin), AND Barnes and Noble.

It’s like a charity hat-trick.

Here’s a printable voucher if you’re planning on bringing one in to a store.

Look forward to seeing some of you out in Seattle.

Me, I’m off to buy some books….


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GenCon Badge Giveaway, My Convention Schedule, and a Reading in Indianapolis…

Heya everybody.

Sorry I haven’t gotten around to posting up details about the TV deal yet.

(Oh yeah. For those of you who haven’t heard, there’s a TV deal.)

Things are still in very early stages, and a lot of the brief articles that are out there are only about 60% accurate.

I’m putting together an official announcement post that is full of all manner of True Facts ™. But it’s taking a while, and I have to run it by PR people. It’s taking a while.

So for now, some other news…

  • Gen Con Badge Giveaway  

As you know, I’m going to be at GenCon next week.

What you might not know is that I’ve got two 4-day Gen Con badges to give away.

These were generously given to us by the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium, which is the group running all of the cool author panels at the con.

The great thing about the writing track is that most of their events are free. So getting a free badge means you can go to the con and soak up as much writing panel-ness as you’d like and it won’t cost you an extra nickel. If you go to the Writer’s Symposium website, you can see a full schedule of what sorts of things they’ve got going on.

And there’s a lot of other cool stuff you can do at the con, of course. You could take a whole day just browsing through the dealer’s room.

If you’d like a chance at winning one of these badges, just drop a comment down below. It should say, “I’d like a badge” along with…. um….

How about with your favorite quote from the book?

Make sure you have a current e-mail address listed in your profile, as that’s how we’ll end up contacting you.

Post a comment by Saturday at Midnight, CST. That’s when we’ll be picking the winners.

  • Cool Things at Gencon – Booth #661

So this year at Gencon, Worldbuilders will be having a booth. We’re sharing with Badali Jewelry  at booth #661.


(Look at us, being all fancy with our signage….)

This is a new thing for us, and we’ll be doing pretty much what you’d expect. I’ll be hanging out, signing books. And we’ll be selling some of the stuff that’s available in The Tinker’s Packs with the added bonus that you don’t have to pay for shipping.

And we’ll have other things too. Stuff we’re debuting at the convention. Stuff you can’t get in the store, at least not yet.

For example, we’ll be selling Boss Monster, a game by Brotherwise Games.

In this game, there are a bunch of hero cards that pay homage to characters from classic fantasy video games and/or literature.  In the prototype deck, there was a “Quothe Ladykiller, The Polymath” hero card.


That’s actually how I first found out about this game. Someone sent me a link to a picture of this card. I was amused by it, and called them up to ask if they’d be willing to let us sell some for Worldbuilders. They agreed.

But here’s the thing, the Quothe card didn’t make it into the final game. It was just one of the prototypes.

But because they’re awesome, the guys over at Brotherwise made a special promotional card just for us. They printed 200 copies of the Quothe card so that we can use them as a special promotion when we sell our copies of the game.

So not only are these cards limited edition, but buying them from us is the only way to get them, and we’re debuting them at GenCon.

Right now, we’ll be making 50 of the decks available each day of the con. That way, while it’s still first-come first-serve, you have a chance of getting a deck even if you’re only coming on Saturday or Sunday.

And we’ll have other things too we’ll be launching at the con. Cool things. Trust me. Stop by.

(As always, all profits from The Tinker’s Packs go to Worldbuilders.)

  • My Schedule in Indy

Thursday, August 15th

12-1:45 Signing at the booth
2PM The Art of Storytelling – Moderator ICC Room 245
3PM Dynamic Characters ICC Room 245
5PM Literary Alchemy ICC Room 245

(Unfortunately, I’ve had to bail out of that last panel, as I need to get to my Reading/Signing event at the Central Library on time.)

Friday, August 16th

10:30-11:45 Signing at the booth
7:30-9PM – An Evening with Pat Rothfuss – ICC Room 243

Saturday, August 17th
12 NOON Reading ICC room 244
2:00 – 4:00 pm: True Dungeon
4-6 Signing at the booth

Sunday, August 18
11-1 Signing at the booth
2-4  Signing at the booth

  •  Getting Your Books Signed

Here’s the thing, GenCon doesn’t want us to have a huge line that will block traffic and people’s access to other booths.

So if you want to get something signed, you’ll need to swing by the booth to pick up a ticket. They’re free, but we’re using these to organize things. That way you don’t have to stand in line for an hour, and we don’t get in trouble with the con.

If you can’t get to the booth during one of my signing times, or your time slot is full when you try to get a ticket, I’ll be signing things at my “An Evening with Pat Rothfuss” panel on Friday at 7:30, as well as my off-site event at the Central Library (see below).

Both events will be nice, relaxing places to hang out, get stuff signed, and listen to me to me either rant or ramble, depending on my bloodsugar levels.

  • Library Reading in Indianapolis – With Goodies… 

For those of you who aren’t really into the con scene, I’ll have my off-site reading and signing at the Central Library at 7:00 PM. I’ll be reading some stuff, answering questions, and signing books for everyone who’s interested.

Central Library – Clowes Auditorium
40 E St Clair St
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Facebook Event

Since we’re going to be in town running a booth at Gencon, we’re going to be supplying our own books for this event. And since we’ve got some *other* cool stuff with us for our booth, we’re thinking we could bring those things out to the library event as well.

But for logistical reasons, we can’t pack up our whole booth and bring it with us. We simply can’t bring *all* the t-shirts in *all* the sizes.

We will be bringing a selection of stuff, but if you’re coming to the library reading and there’s something in particular you’d like for us to bring, it might be best if you mention it down in the comments. We’ll do our very best to bring it along for you.

Please be clear and specific in your comment, lest we descend into madness. Something like this would be ideal:

“Could you pleas bring a woman’s L Greysdale Mead shirt, a copy of Unfettered, and Denna’s Ring in a 6.5 with the antiqued finish. My name is Laurie.”

I’ll be seeing you soon….


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