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PAX, D&D Podcasts, and Unexpected Coolness

So in just a couple days, I’m going to be heading out to PAX to play as a swashbuckling rogue named Viari in their D&D Campaign.

pat(That’s Me.)

Mike, Jerry, Scott and I got together a couple months back and did our initial adventure, which are available as podcasts over here….

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

While I’m out at PAX, we’ll be playing again, live onstage.

I’ll be doing a few other things at the convention too. Here’s the schedule for my official events.

Friday August 30

11:30-12:30 – Does Story Matter in Video Games? – Kraken Theatre
3:30-4:30 – An Afternoon with Pat Rothfuss – The Pegasus Theatre

Saturday August 31

3:30-6:00 Acquisitions, Inc. – Main Theatre

I’ll be doing other stuff around the convention too. Checking out games and lurking around the Geek Chic booth at Skybridge 3.

And while I’m in Seattle, I’ll be doing TWO events outside of PAX.

Thursday August 29

7 pm Reading at University Bookstore
4326 University Way NE  Seattle, WA98105
Facebook Event

This event is going to be extra awesome because Terry Brooks, Peter Orullian, and Shawn Speakman will all be there to sign copies of Unfettered, which will be available for sale.

A very important note: Apparently there’s some sportsball game going on the day of this signing.   This means, according to Shawn, that  traffic getting to the event will be AWFUL.  Be sure to account for that if you’re traveling.

Friday August 30

7 pm Reading at Barnes and Noble Pacific Place
600 Pine Street Suite 107
Seattle, WA 98101
Facebook Event

I set up this signing for those of you who will be in town for PAX, as it’s right next door to the convention. Literally a block or so away.

Because, you see, I’m going to be at the convention, but my books won’t.

And I don’t want to have this conversation 200 times:

Person: Hey, are you Pat Rothfuss?

Me: Yup.

Person: Cool. I didn’t know you were going to be here!

Me: Yeah. I’m playing D&D with Acquisitions Incorporated.

Person: [Looks around.] Where can I get one of your books?

Me: Sorry. No bookdealers here. It’s a gaming convention.

Person: Are you doing a booksigning?

Me: Fraid not. I’m on a couple panels….

Person: Damn. I really wanted to get a signed copy of your book for my sister. She’d lose it….

Me: Sorry….

[And then we just look at each other awkwardly.]

So, in an effort to avoid having this conversation roughly a billion times at the convention, we called Barnes and Noble to see if they could have books available for people, and hopefully schedule an event.

And you know what? They made us a *much* cooler offer than that.

  • The Coolness.

When we called B&N to see if they’d be willing to carry a bunch of my books for folks who want them, they offered to do it AND do a Book Fair, meaning that if people show up and buy my book using our Bookfair code (11162161) a percentage of the sales will be given to Worldbuilders.

But that’s not all…

It turns out that *any* book people buy with the Bookfair code (11162161) will send some extra money to Worldbuilders.

But that’s not all, either…

This code is good at all Barnes and Noble stores between now and September 2nd. Any book you buy, at any B&N helps Worldbuilders.

AND it works on their online store too. In fact, it works longer. You can you use the code 11162161 on their website through September 7th.

I have to say, this is really cool of them. And I think we should make the most of it.

So let’s say you’ve never read any Terry Pratchett, but you’ve heard he’s good. You could jump in at Guards Guards, which is one of the best entry points, in my opinion.

Or maybe you read my great gushy review of Gaiman’s Ocean at the End of the Lane, but you haven’t picked it up yet.

Now would be the perfect time for that.

Or it could be you didn’t realize that the sequel to Libriomancer just came out a couple weeks back. You could grab that too.

Or buy a copy of Carniepunk, if you weren’t able to get one of the signed copies we put up in our store.

Or you could pre-order a copy of Stonecast, which means Worldbuilders would get money from the author (Anton Strout), the publisher (Penguin), AND Barnes and Noble.

It’s like a charity hat-trick.

Here’s a printable voucher if you’re planning on bringing one in to a store.

Look forward to seeing some of you out in Seattle.

Me, I’m off to buy some books….


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More Convention News: Worldcon and PAX….

So earlier in the year, I annouced my current con schedule. On that schedule, I mentioned that I’d be hitting Worldcon, just like I do every year…

But about a month ago, the folks from Penny Arcade contacted me and asked if I’d like to come out to PAX.

I said I would like to come, I’ve wanted to hit PAX for *years*, but PAX overlaps Worldcon, and I already had plans.

Then they clarified, they wanted me to come out to PAX and play some D&D.

I told them it was tempting, as I do love me some tabletop. But, y’know, Worldcon….

But wait, they said. This isn’t just *any* D&D. You’d be be playing with Mike, Jerry, and Scott. You’d be the fourth member of Acquisitions Incorporated.

“…” I said eloquently. “But… I should really….”

Then they mentioned that they’d be willing to donate some money to Worldbuilders if I came out.

And that, as they say, was that.

I contacted Worldcon as soon as I knew. I had them pull me from the website and made sure they didn’t put me on any programming. I also went back and edited the blog I wrote about my 2013 appearances, and removed the Con from my tour schedule page.

But I couldn’t make an announcement on the blog until Penny Arcade made the news public that I was going to be involved this year.

Which they just did.

Acquisitions Incorporated announced that they were looking for a new intern a little while back: They had the first audition. Then a second one.

And now this:

So the bad news is that I’m bowing out of Worldcon this year. I’m sorry for the folks that were hoping to catch me there.

But the good news is that there will be a series of podcasts that everyone can listen to, and they’ll lead up to the main event at PAX, where I will D&D it up live onstage with Jerry, Mike, and Scott. That event will be recorded so there will be video footage of me making an idiot out of myself for y’all to share and enjoy.

I’ll also have a reading in Seattle at the University Bookstore when I’m out there, for those in the area who won’t be able to go to PAX.  There’s more information on my Tour Page, and on the Facebook Event.

Later, space cowboys…



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Upcoming Events in Ohio and Cool News

So next week I’m going to be down in Ohio for a convention and a reading.

Here’s the straight skinny….

  • The Reading/Signing/Q&A.

The reading is Thursday the 13th at 7:00 at Beehive books in Delaware.

As with all of my events, I’ll show up, read some stuff, and answer any questions people might have.

And by “Answer questions” I mean that if you ask me a question, I will tell a rambling story that may in some way relate to the topic of your question.

Also, there will probably be some jokes. And maybe cussing. I also might sing.

After all that, I’ll sign books until everyone has as many books signed as they want to have signed. Books.

If you can’t make it to the signing, you might want to consider stopping by….

  • The Convention.

I’m GOH this year at Origins. It’s in Columbus, and runs from the June 12th to the 16th.

We’re trying something new at this convention. Since I’m Guest of Honor and all, we’re going to have a booth in the dealer’s hall.

That means that if you want to buy a Kingkiller t-shirt, you can swing by the booth and get one. Want a Draccus poster? You can swing by the booth and grab one. Set of Talent Pipes? Same thing.

Really, pretty much anything that normally shows up in The Tinker’s Packs, you can swing by the booth and grab it there with the added bonus of not having to pay shipping costs.

And it’s possible we’ll have some *new* stuff there that isn’t available at all in the store. Cool stuff. Secret-y stuff….

As always, proceeds go to Worldbuilders.

What’s more, I’ll be hanging out at the booth to sign books and meet people, too.

If you’re not normally a convention-type person, Origins does something pretty cool They offer a day pass on Saturday so people can come in and wander around the show. It costs just 10 bucks for a person, or 15 bucks for your whole family. You have access to *most* of the convention, and you get free run of the dealer’s hall, can play game demos, and stuff like that.

So even if you don’t want to hit the whole con, you could still stop by and see me at my booth, get a book signed and hang out for a bit.

Details about the day pass are here.

My Convention Schedule:

  • Thursday, June 13

11:00-12:00 – Crafting the Love Scene – Library Room B (C223)

1:00-3:00 Signing and hanging out at my booth.

  • Friday, June 14

12:00-1:00  Sexism: How Much is Too Much? – Library Room A (C222)

1:00-2:30 Signing and hanging out at my booth.

3:00-4:00 Q&A with Patrick Rothfuss – Library Room A (C222)

5:00 – 6:00 Signing and hanging out at the booth.

  • Saturday, June 15

11:00-12:00 – Writing the Trilogy- Library Room A (C222)

12:00 – 2:00 Signing and hanging out at the booth.

6:00-8:00  – Group Reading – Library Room B (C223)

  • Sunday, June 16

1:00 – 2:00 – Writing Your First Novel – Library Room A (C222)

2:30 – 4:00 Signing and hanging out at the booth.

Keep in mind I might be at the Tinker’s Pack booth at other times, but those are the times I’ll *absolutely* be available for signing books and whatnot….

Hope to see some of you there.

  • Cool News

d63a49ed41929b6344b0d0123be8f6ca_large(You might want to click to embiggen.)

My Kickstarter blew through the 160K stretch goal I mentioned on the blog earlier this week.

We crushed it, in fact. So soon you’ll be seeing a video of me singing a certain song.


But there’s bigger news than that. We’re closing in on 300K right now, and we’ve put up and knocked off a *lot* of new stretch goals.

So if you haven’t looked at the Kickstarter in the last 24 hours, you might want to go over there and take a peek.

I’ll talk about that news in more detail in just a couple days.

Also, if you want to see Shane and I work on some of the art for the deck in a live video chat, we’ll be doing that tomorrow afternoon. Look for the hangout link on facebook.


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Upcoming Appearances – 2013

Okay folks, convention season approaches, and I’ve got a lot of stuff coming up this year.

So I’m going to list my current schedule here for those of you who might be unaware of the fact that I actually post my Tour Schedule up online. Or for the people that are unaware that I post my upcoming events on my facebook fan page.

Or for those of you who are… y’know… just kind of lazy.

A lot of the events I’m going to are conventions where you can see me on panels, get your books signed, and maybe see me do to a reading.

Generally speaking when I go somewhere, especially somewhere new, I try my hardest to schedule an out-of-con signing so that folks who don’t want to go to the con (or who can’t afford it) can still catch me when I’m in town.

But this weekend, March 9-10, I’ll be in Tucson for the Tucson Festival of Books. And this time I *won’t* be doing a signing outside the event because the festival is 100% free and open to the public. So if you’ve ever wanted to hear me talk about writing or get your book signed, this is a great opportunity to do so.

If you’re interested, here’s my full schedule (which is also available on the Facebook event).

Saturday March 9

  • 11 AM – Signing for Mostly Books – Booths 127-130
  • 12:30 PM – Signing for Mysterious Galaxy – Booth #301
  • 2:30 PM – Panel: Beauty with a Bow and Arrow – UA Mall tent
  • 4: 00 PM – Signing at University of Arizona Bookstore’s tent

Sunday May 10

  • 11:30am – Panel: Worldbuilding -  Koffler 218
  • 2:00 PM – Signing at Poisoned Pen – Booth #230-231
  • 4:00 PM – Panel: Epic Fiction – Koffler 204

Note: There will be half-hour signings after all of my panels, too.

Pat giving hug

(Yes. I still give hugs.)

I’m regularly sent messages that say “WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO MY CITY!” when I was there just two weeks earlier. So I’d like to remind all of you now: I have a Tour Page here on the website, and I also have Facebook Events for pretty much everything I do.

Did I mention that already? Yes. Yes I did. But it bears repeating because people constantly ask me what my tour schedule is.

But y’know, because I’m from the Midwest, I was raised to be extra accommodating, so I’ll list my upcoming events here anyway, for those of you who happen to be click-phobic or something.


March 28, 2013
Reading, Q&A, and Signing
Barnes & Noble Orange
791 South Main Street, Suite 100
Orange, CA 92868
Facebook Event

Yes, I will be at WonderCon. I don’t have any panels scheduled as I’m mostly just going to hang out.

But I will be joining the Tabletop crew on Saturday to celebrate International Tabletop Day. Because that’s going to be awesome.


May 3-4, 2013
Oklahoma Writers’ Federation Conference
Norman Embassy Suites Hotel
2501 Conference Dr
Norman, OK 73069
Facebook Event

Thursday, May 9, 2013
Reading, Signing, and Q&A
1 World Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72202

May 24-26, 2013
Guest of Honor at ConQuesT 44
Kansas City, Missouri
Facebook Event


June 13-16, 2013
Origins 2013
Greater Columbus Convention Center
400 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215
Facebook Event


July 18-21, 2013
San Diego Comic Con 2013
111 W. Harbor Dr.
San Diego, CA 92101 
Facebook Event


August 15-18, 2013
Gen Con 2013
Indiana Convention Center
100 South Capitol Ave.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46225
Facebook Event




October 31 – November 3, 2013
World Fantasy Con 2013
Hilton Brighton Metropole
Kings Road, BN1 2FU Brighton
Facebook Event

And that’s everything we have firmly scheduled right now. As I’ve said, I’ll probably be scheduling non-convention events in Indianapolis, Columbus, and Kansas City. And more in England, too. Since I don’t get over the water very often. Those will be showing up… you guessed it. On my tour schedule.

Last, I have a request.

Can we *please* not have a hundred comments down below saying things like, “but when ru comign to Scranton?!?!!!”

Here’s what you should consider before you post a comment like this:

1. Generally speaking, I do these events out of the goodness of my heart.

I like to meet my readers, sign books, and talk about writing. I like hanging out with geeks and being part of the community.

2. I try to go new places every year so I can be available to people in different parts of the country. (And the World).

That’s why I’m hitting Arizona, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma this year. They’re all states I haven’t been to yet.

3. These events take a lot of time and energy.

The events I’ve listed up above are an expenditure of eight weekends of my life. Long weekends, most of them. Probably close to 35 days.

4. My time and energy are not infinite resources.

When I post something like this, what I’m doing is saying, “Hey guys. I’m willing to offer up 10% of my year making myself available to you. Let’s get together and have fun.”

Can you see how it might be disheartening for me to post that up and have the response be dozens of comments effectively saying, “I’m upset! I’m unhappy! I want more! I want more!”

Similarly disheartening comments include things like: “I have to work Friday night, can you do a second event on Saturday afternoon?” or “Columbus is 50 miles away! Can you come to Sulfur Lick instead?”

I know it comes from a place of love. I really know that.

And I know sometimes enthusiasm leads us to do silly things. I vaguely remember my mom telling me a story about how she once wrote a letter to the Beatles, sending them some song lyrics and asking them to record the song and send a copy back to her.

And I’m *very* aware that this is some serious first-world-problem shit I’m talking about here. I’m very lucky to have a readership as enthusiastic as y’all.

But I’m just being honest here. Comments like this make me weary. They make me think dark thoughts like, “Why do I fucking bother going to these lengths when all people do is bitch and moan and ask for more?”

Should you feel bad if you’ve made a comment like this in the past? No. Not at all. That’s not what this is about. There’s no reason you could know comments like that started rubbing me raw years ago.

That’s why I’m mentioning it here. So you know. Time and again, my readers have proven themselves to be gracious, lovely people. Especially the ones who take the time to read the blog. So I’m guessing if I let you know this bugs me, you won’t do it any more.

Oh sure, I’ll still have to deal with it on facebook and twitter (whenever I finally decide to join) but hopefully I won’t have to deal with it here in my own blog.

Okay, ramble over. I’ll see some of you soon in Tuscon, assuming my gimping, crutchy self makes it there despite the incoming storm.

Be good to each other,


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Upcoming Appearances: Toronto and San Francisco

Just so you know, I’m going to be doing a couple signings in the next month. So if you happen to live near Toronto or San Francisco, you might want to catch me while I’m there, because who knows how long it will be before I’m back…

November 5, 2012 at 7pm EST
Reading, Q&A, and Signing
Indigo Bay & Bloor
55 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M4W 1A5
Facebook Event


November 19, 2012 at 7PM PST
Reading, Q&A, and Signing
Borderlands Books
866 Valencia St.
San Francisco CA 94110
Facebook Event

As always, I’m announcing these kinda late in the game. So if you know of anyone in the area that might like to know about these, I’d be obliged if you’d clue them in.

Also, if the gods smile on us and the printing goes smoothly, I might have copies of the 2013 calendar available up in Toronto. Fingers crossed.

And, speaking of the calendar, George R.R. Martin just revealed his pin-up on his blog. You can head over there and check it out if you’d like a sneak peek.


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Fanmail Q&A: Convention Adventures


I know you just did some touring around. You hit a bunch of conventions in Indianapolis, Chicago, and Seattle…

Why don’t you tell us about your trips? Not a lot of us can make it to your events, but we’d love to hear some cool stories from the road…

What was you’re favorite part of your travels?


*     *     *


The truth is, I always mean to write about my conventions/readings/adventures when I get back from them. Because honestly, something interesting always happens.

(What happens in Austin, stays in Austin.)

The problem is, when I get back from these things, I’m exhausted. Plus the travel has usually put me behind on a bunch of other projects. So I spend a couple days answering e-mail and trying to get caught up with things. By the time I *am* caught up, the convention has usually been over for a month. Or two. Or ten.

In fact, when I was at Gencon, someone asked me a question similar to yours. Except they asked about the book tour I did last year. 21 events in 21 days, all over the country.

“You never wrote about it on the blog,” she said.

“Oh sure I did,” I said.

“A little,” she said. “But not much at all. And I should know. I just recently found your blog and read the whole thing.”

“Wow,” I said. “Seriously?”

“Yeah,” she said. “I twisted my ankle so I couldn’t go hiking. It took me about three weeks and I kinda I read it all. The baby ducks. Your Aslan Story. The  Gaiman-Day unit of coolness…

I thought about it for a second, and realized that while I had *planned* to write blogs about some of my road adventures, I’d probably never gotten around to it.

Alternately, sometimes I start writing a blog, and never finish it because other things come up. I have a blog titled: “why people kill themselves in hotel rooms” that I’ve been trying to finish for more than a year now….

“So what was your favorite part of the tour?” she asked.”What was cool?”

I thought about it for a bit. Then told her the truth: There were a lot of cool things that happened. I met a lot of lovely readers. I got hugs and cookies and whiskey and knives…

And a plush unicorn Pegasus kitten.

I did a midnight reading in San Fransisco for the people that couldn’t fit into my earlier reading. Much to everyone’s surprise, more than 300 people showed up despite the ridiculously late hour.

My first signing was over 600 people. So many that I couldn’t take a picture of them all at once. So many that they filled two levels of the bookstore. I got to read in the Library of Congress. I met people that actually squeed with delight.

I met someone who had my name tattooed on her arm…

…which is a level of devotion that is equal parts flattering and terrifying. Especially given that book two wasn’t even out yet.

I got to do a reading at the Library of Congress. People dressed up in costumes….

But honestly? My favorite part came right at the end of the tour, when I met up with Sarah and Oot right at the end of the tour in Boston. I hadn’t seen them in a long while, and I missed Oot terribly.

Oot was barely a year an a half old at that point, so me being away for three weeks was a big deal. I got to see him at various points in the tour, but it was only for an hour or an evening at a time. And as I’ve made clear on the blog, when I’m away from him for a long period of time, I start to lose my shit. Around day five I become a wretched weepy thing, unable to go out in public without embarrassing myself.

It was even worse back then. He was so young. I was worried he wouldn’t remember me. Worried that he’d be shy of me….

So the first morning after the tour was over, we hung out in the hotel. We cuddled a little, and when he got bored with that, I asked him if he wanted to make a pillow fort.

He did. So we made a fort using the ridiculous number of pillows that those posh hotels feel obliged to put on your bed.

To all you parents out there. If you’re not making pillow forts with your kids, you’re really missing out. You don’t need a lot of pillows. Three or four is plenty. In some ways, it can be better without a lot of pillows, because then you can make yourself *part* of the fort. If your kid isn’t a big cuddler, you can get some clandestine snuggling that way.

Sarah and my dad went out for breakfast. Oot and I didn’t. We stayed in the hotel room and continued to made forts.

I told Oot that he better be careful, because there was a creature called the Goonch that would nibble his feet if they were hidden under the pillows. Then I would sneak my hand under the pillow and tickle him.

It has been more than a year since I started that little game, and it still hasn’t gotten old. Not for either of us.

He had a few plush toys with him, and I thought that maybe they would try to break into the fort. Add some drama to the game.

But Oot thought that if they wanted to come in the fort, that was fine by him. That made me unreasonably proud. No pointless antagonism. No warmongering. He just wanted to hang out in his fort with his friends.

So it went for about two hours, until Sarah and my dad got back from breakfast.

That was my favorite part of my book tour….

[Editorial note: I just searched my computer for an hour, looking for the pictures I know I took of little Oot in his pillow fort. I can't find them and it breaks my heart a little.

Instead, please accept this picture of comparable cuteness]

(Click to Embiggen the Cute.)

I know we’re all programmed to think our kids are cute, but seriously. Look at him.

And that hair. I can’t bring myself to cut it. He’s just too pretty. About 80% of the people who meet him think he’s a little girl because of it. But I love it. Plus  can’t help but feel that will probably be healthy for him in the long run. Maybe if folks think he’s a girl for another couple years he’ll be slower to absorb some of the gender bullshit that’s constantly fucking up our culture.

*     *     *

Anyway Joe, I hope that kinda answers your questions. For one, it’s not that I try to keep these stories secret, it’s just that I tend to be busy and forgetful.

For two, generally speaking, my favorite part of these adventures is coming home to my little boy.

Rest assured that I’ll be sharing at least one cool story from Gencon in the semi-near future. One that Scalzi has already mentioned on his blog.

In the meantime, here’s one cool thing that happened in Chicago.

I wore a tux:

Oot wore a tuxedo shirt. We were quite the dashing pair….

Later all,


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Comic-Con Schedule

This is my fourth year attending San Diego Comic-Con. And every year, something happens immediately before my trip, as if some cruel deific being were trying to prevent me from getting my geek on.

The complication this year? Rabies.

But that, as they say, is a story for another time. Suffice to say that I refuse to be thwarted, and am currently at ComicCon, preparing to lave myself geek culture.

Whenever I go to ComicCon, I prepare a list of things I’d like to do in my head.

Some of these are simple things. Friends I’d like to get together with and chat. Booths I’d like to visit. Presents I’d like to buy for people.

Other things on my list are more…. esoteric. It’s almost like the entire con is a game. Or a safari. And I get points if I see certain things on my trip. Like, say, a 300 pound guy with a beard dressed up as sailor moon. If I put that on my list, then see it at the con, I’d get, like, 35 points. More ordinary things, like spotting Stan Lee would only get me 5 points. (15 if he’s not doing a signing, or some other event.)

Then there’s things I hope to do at the con. The top of the list is, of course, Meet-Joss-Whedon-Then-Become-Best-Friends-and-Totally-Hang-Out-In-A-Tree-Fort-Together. That’s worth so many points that I would actually level up on the spot, perhaps with embarrassing consequences.

So far I’m doing pretty well at 78 points, with the big score being the fact that I got to hear John Scalzi sing “Somebody that I used to know” in the style of Fred Schneider from the B 52s while accompanying himself on the ukulele.

And listen. I know that sounds like some bullshit thing that I made up, but it really isn’t. I swear. It really happened. It’s printed indelibly on my on my heart and mind. Fire could not burn it from me.

Anyway, if you happen to be one of the 120,000 + people here at the con this weekend, here’s some of the stuff I’ll be doing, if you’re hoping to catch me here.

Thursday, July 12, 7:00-11:00pm

I’m just doing a little walk-on with the aforementioned John Scalzi. But if last year was any indication, it’s going to be a hell of a show.

There *might* be tickets available here.

Friday, July 13, 2012 3:30-4:30PM
Comic Con room 6A

Legendary editor Betsy Mitchell gets epic with panelists Brandon Sanderson (Alloy of Law), Raymond E. Feist (A Crown Imperiled),Robin Hobb (City of Dragons), N.K. Jemisin (The Inheritance Trilogy), Christopher Paolini (The Inheritance cycle), Rachel Hartman (Seraphina), Patrick Rothfuss(KingKiller Chronicles), Heather Brewer (The Legacy of Tril), and Lynn Flewelling(Casket of Souls). 

Friday, July 13, 2012 5:00-6:00pm
Signing  with the panel from Epic Fantasy War
Autograph booth AA9

Saturday, July 14, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm
Geek and Sundry Panel
Indigo Ballroom in the Hilton.

(I’m not on this panel, but I’m going to be there. For reasons that must remain secret for now….)

[Edit: One more event!
Saturday, July 14, 2012 5:30-6:30pm
Spotlight on John Scalzi
Room 7 AB

I'll be moderating this one.]

Other than that, I’m just going to be skulking around the con, looking for trouble. If you can’t get into my panel, then you have a decent chance of running into me in places like the Badali Jewlery booth (#530) or Geek Chic (131-133). I also tend to lurk around the Mysterious Galaxy booth a lot, I can’t remember the exact number of it, it’s somewhere in the 1000′s, but they have signed copies of my books there, and if you happen to catch me while I’m passing through, I’d be happy to personalize one to you.

And, of course, if you see me walking around the con, feel free to say hello.

Okay, I’m off. Wish me luck….



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