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WMF Photo Contest Part IV: Babies and Knives

Okay. We’ve got the next installment of the photo contest.

You can find the other pieces here: [Prologue] [Part I] [Part II] [Part III]

Today we’re doing two rather… divergent categories: Babies and Knives.

  • Knives

For some reason, a fair  number of people sent in pictures of my book with some sort of blade-related theme. Not dozens of them, but a statistically significant amount. Enough to warrant a small category of their own.

No. 28 Sword

beach trip 2011 004

book is mightier than the sword

I looked at this picture and said, “Wait, is that Glamring?” Then I went to check the internet and saw it was.

I don’t know if if I feel proud for recognizing it or not…

Our winner in this small category is…


The composition is beautiful, and it reminds Amanda a little bit of the photos we took of my Gemmel award.

While normally, I don’t approve of book abuse, I have to admire this person’s dedication to the contest. Bravo.

  • Babies

This was one of our larger categories, since pretty much everyone had a cute kid who loved my book.

Bruce likes to read in the garden

Bruce here made an appearance in a few different photos, clearly engrossed in the book.

Just two more minutes please, I just got to a good bit

The title of this one was “Just two more minutes please, I just got to a good bit.” Which is pretty much exactly what it looks like happened.


Image title can actually have a lot to do with which ones I like. For example, the above photo’s title was “bwuh.” It was pretty fun to say out loud. Amanda and I said it back and forth to each other for kind of a remarkable amount of time.

World's Best Big Sister

A big sister reading to her little brother. Or at least pretending to…

The Wise Man's Fear

My books tend to cause exhaustion, especially in such tiny bodies.


Mommy probably just told her there’s no release date for book 3.


This was just an adorable picture.

Picture V

I respect anyone willing to dress their kid up in a cloak.

Picture A

I could do a kid’s book called, “The Littlest E’lir…”

mixed up diaper

He looks so proud of himself…


Holy Sympathist Batman Kvothe did what

This one scores extra points because:

a) you can see the tape holding the glasses to the kid’s face,

and B) the image title was “Holy sympathist batman, Kvothe did WHAT??”



There were multiple pictures sent in of little Abby here, and Amanda declared that, although she has no intention of ever, *ever* having children, she would change her mind if she knew hers would come out as adorable as this.

That near-miracle by itself is worth a place in the winner’s circle.

Adem born WINNER for smug look

The incredibly smug look on this baby Adem won my heart.

Our Pride and joy

Here we’ve got someone who actually took the time to bring my book to the hospital for a photo op when they were having an actual baby. An act of devotion that you’d think would win them the top place on this list.

Except we’ve got someone who takes the concept of dedication to a whole different level:

DSC00060 (1024x768) WINNER

Reading during, and after, her labor.

DSC00104 (1024x768) WINNER

It looks like it was a long labor, considering how far she got in the book. Plus, I appreciate that she went the extra mile and wore one of the Kingkiller T-shirts we sell in the Tinker’s Packs. That was a nice touch.

* * *

There were too many baby and knife photos for us to fit into one blog. But we’ve got the others in over here if you want to check them out….

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Chicago Events, Continued Teasing, and Trouper Lego

Hey there everyone.

I know y’all are waiting for news. I’m mostly over my cold, the internet is working in my house again, and almost halfway caught up on my e-mail (which is pretty good for me.)

Here’s the problem, right now I’m not officially authorized (heh) to share everything I want to share with you.

As a result, I’m holding off on my news post until I can give you a big ton of sparkly details and lurid details all at once.

For the nonce, we have some other news, and a completely different shiny thing that’s showed up on my radar.

Other News:

I’m going to be down in Chicago for C2E2 next week.

Friday, April 25 to Sunday, April 27
South Building at McCormic Place
2233 South Martin L. King Drive
Chicago, IL 60616
Facebook Event

My schedule is relatively light, but it looks pretty awesome:

Friday, April 25:
3-4pm: Spotlight on Patrick Rothfuss, S403
4:15-6:15: After-panel Signing, Table 1

Saturday, April 26:
1:30-2:30pm: GEEK GEEK REVOLUTION game show, S403, with Mark Frost, Kevin Hearne, Seth Fishman and Lydia Kang, and moderated by John Scalzi.

I’ll be doing a signing at a local bookstore too, for those of you who aren’t big convention goers. The lovely folks at the Seminary Co-Op Bookstores set it up for me, and it’ll be hosted at the University of Chicago.

Monday, April 28, 6pm
International House at the University of Chicago
1414 E 59th St
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Facebook Event

Hope to see some of you down there. I don’t know when I’ll be back in that neck of the woods again.

Miscellaneous Coolness:

A while back, a fan named Glen tipped me off about something cool they submitted on the Lego website:

trouper's wagon(You should click to embiggen this one)

If this becomes a thing, Glen is going to get a cut of the action for having the great idea and design. Even cooler, Glen has offered to give half of that cut to Worldbuilders.

Why doesn’t it specifically say they’re Edema Ruh from the Kingkiller world? Because Glen is smart. First, he didn’t want to step on my intellectual property, which I appreciate. Second, because Lego has fairly stringent standards regarding overall family-friendliness of their sets. So not only would licensing be a Huge Legal Thing. But my books have some content that would probably red flag the whole deal.

I’m no Joe Abercrombie or anything, but I’m still fairly gritty.

pat lego kvothe lego

Guess who these handsome devils are? Yeah. You don’t have to guess too hard. I like how he made it so my Wizard’s Staff has a Knob on the End.

If you’d like this to be a thing, you can Vote Over Here.

And even if you don’t care much for voting, you should probably check out the website, anyway. Cool stuff.

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WMF Photo Contest Part III – Book Metaphors

As things settle out here at Worldbuilders HQ, I took the time to go through some more photo contest entries again.

If you don’t remember the Photo Contest… well… it’s probably not your fault given that I actually started this contest back in 2011 and am only now finally getting around to posting up the winners.

In my defense, there were over a thousand entries. But honestly, even that isn’t much of an excuse. There’s a reason why I’m thinking of getting business cards made that list my title as “King of Broken Promises.”

If you want to see the previous photo contest posts, they’re over here.

But for now, let’s move on to today’s categories.

  • Heavy Book

When the hardcover of The Wise Man’s Fear came out, it was the same size as NOTW. However, it was also 330 pages longer. This led to a book that was startlingly heavy to some folks. So it makes sense that about a dozen folks made that the focus of their their photo entries.

This one’s called, “Discarding the old equipment:”

Discarding the old equipment 2

Even the hero of Canton can’t hold it up forever.


Honorable Mention

Doctor, my spine is broken

I like this one because it went for the more subtle approach…. at least in the image itself. The title was slightly more forthright: “Doctor, my spine is broken.”


hot stone therapy

This one rings the winning bell because of the implication that the heft of the book is part of its therapeutic charm. Bridget had this to say when she sent the photos:

“Reading Kvothe’s story is enjoyably therapeutic. Yours words are like the basalt stones, heavy and dark but with the deep, sigh-inducing weight of ancient warmth seeping into my tense muscles and tired bones, melting the stress of the day into a puddle of wax.”


  • Things We Fear

This was another category with a dozen or so entries….

learning about fear

Dentists are a pretty obvious fear, especially if they read while drilling your teeth.

book 001

Honorable Mention

This picture might have been baffling (see our final category below) if not for the title, which was “Fear of Rabbits.”

fear of rabbits

I don’t know if they’re making a specific reference to Anya from Buffy, but I thought it was off-beat enough to warrant an honorable mention.



Yeah. Clowns. Winner.

Don’t make eye contact. Let’s move on.

  • Congrats, you have baffled me.

This was a surprisingly large category, comprised entirely of pictures that… well… that just confused the hell out of me.

The-Wise-Man's-Fear Contest Charlie Brown

Don’t get me wrong. I *like* a lot of these pictures.

Handsome book stand

But I have no idea what they were meant to convey.

competition for reading this book is stiff

Is there a narrative here? An implication?


Did my book get you pregnant? Congratulations? I’m sorry?


Is this a metaphor? Does the fancy giraffe represent… strife? Man’s inhumanity to man? The uncaring chains of fate and causality that bind us all?

My HipstaPrint 0(2)-2

More importantly, is Yoda shoving something up that wooden man’s ass?

Some of these I’m sure have hidden meaning. I know if I viewed them through the proper lens, they would reveal their mysteries to me.

Like this one:

2011 Winner!

It took me ages to realize it’s about Auri.

Before you realize that, it’s utterly confusticating. But after you make the connection, the picture makes perfect sense. It tells a story. What’s more, it’s rather sweet.

But some pictures… I don’t think there’s any hidden meaning. Some pictures, I’m pretty sure y’all are just fucking with me.

Like bookface.


And the bone cake.

chocolate cake of death and awesome

And… this.


But when two men ride of a horse, one must ride behind. So…

Honorable Mention


This one tugged my heartstrings for sheer enthusiasm. I don’t know why she’s wearing a swim cap and goggles, and honestly I don’t care. I’m just glad you’re happy. You keep being your awesome self.



(Click to Embiggen. It’s worth it.)

Here we have a beautiful, delightfully mysterious masterpiece. The title of the image? “Bird.”

Winners will be receiving a set of the rare gold talent pipes that I give to beta readers and other folks that have made my life better/cooler.

Gold Pipes

And you know what? Because I feel bad that it’s taken me ages to get around to awarding prizes, we’ll give out pipes to the honorable mentions too.

If your picture was a winner, keep an eye on whatever email you used in 2011, because we’ll be contacting you to make sure we have the right address for you.

*     *     *

Lastly, as I’ve mentioned, there are too many pictures to post up in the blog. If you’d like to check the other ones out, you can head over to the Flickr stream we made. And by “we” I mean “Amanda” because we’ve all seen what happens when you wait for me to get shit done…

More photo contest results soon,


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WMF Photo Contest Part II – Pet Stew

These days I’m making an effort to catch up on some things I’ve been letting slide, some of them for an embarrassingly long period of time.

As you can guess from my last blog, one of the things I’m trying to catch up on is my correspondence. Other projects include cleaning out my closets and getting all my books onto shelves in some sort of decently organized fashion.

(I don’t know about you, but if my books aren’t properly organized, I never feel like my life is in order. And honestly? My books haven’t been organized in a long, long time….)

But one of the things I’ve let slide the longest is the Photo contest. The photo contest that I announced… um… back when book two came out in 2011.

Lord, that makes me cringe just to type it. I’m sorry everybody.

Eventually I realized that if I kept trying to finish this on my own, it could take another two years. So I went to my assistant Amanda, handed her the flash drive with the thousand-odd pictures on it, and said. “I’ve got about two thirds of these sorted out, and I’d value your opinion on the rest.”

Which she immediately realized is code for, “If someone doesn’t take point on this project it’s never going to get done in a thousand fucking years.”

She graciously took the reins, and now here we are….

If you want to refresh your memory about the photo contest (or if you’ve just started reading the blog recently and weren’t aware of it) here are some of the previous blogs:

The title of today’s blog, as you can see, is Pet Stew.

This is because when we break the photos down into categories, some of the groups are great big beastly things, like “Animals” and “Kids”

But some categories are tiny. Like this one with only two entries.

  • Stew.

This comes from the fact that before we were friends, the inestimable John Scalzi almost stopped reading The Name of the Wind on page three because I’d brought in a fantasy cliche he has a particular distaste for: people eating stew.

He tells the whole story here, if you’re interested.

Since John and I overlap in our readerships, a lot of readers know about this long standing joke. So….


Personally, I think I should get some promotional stickers printed up that say that. Then I’ll sneak into bookstores and do some guerrilla promotion…


This one is worth enbiggening. It took a minute before I noticed Kvothe is wielding a pot instead of his usual sword. That alone is enough to make it the winner in this tiniest of categories.

  • Animals. 

This was one of our biggest categories.

I’m sorry, I should probably say cat-egories. If I miss an easy one like that, they’ll drum me out of the punner’s union.

C. S. Lewis Laughing (2)

I have no idea what reaction this cat is having to my book, but I’m kinda glad I wasn’t nearby when it happened.

We got plenty of dogs, of course.

Westy in Glasses

Some of which I suspected might have been drugged prior to the photo shoot…

Good company_2

Or perhaps persuaded with a carefully placed bit of bacon…


I love this one’s expression. As if it’s saying, “Dude. Seriously?”


But we got a lot of other animals too. A much wider variety than the first photo contest.


(Actual footage.)


I heard this horse was actually kinda pissed off because Keth Selhen wasn’t in the second book at all…  (Extra points if you catch the obscure reference.)

I honestly can’t tell if this one is photoshopped or not. But if it’s not, it deserves a nod…

Horse jump

This lizard isn’t a skink, and I don’t mean to imply it’s a skink. I just like the word skink.

Green Anole Raves About Wise Man's Fear



I don’t know how you managed to catch that goldfish’s attention. But it looks like he’s totally into it.

But not as into it as this guinea pig….

IMG_1365a (2)

…who almost forced us to start a new category called: Awwwwww.

Where this puppy would have been a contender:


As would this cat:

Jack and ze book

Amanda has pet rats, so she kinda melted when she saw this one….

Wise Rat's Fear

She mentioned that her rats love my books too. I didn’t ask if she meant they used it as bedding….

Sometimes the title of a photo is all important:

needs more draccus

(“Needs More Draccus”)

*     *     *

We’ve got a few honorable mentions before we get to the winners here.

Amanda picked this one, because of the clever reference to the books.

Beware_of_dog_L (2)

You’ll have to click to embiggen and read the sign.

I picked this one because I have no idea how this person managed to attract the attention of these squirrels…


Plus, I really like squirrels. Back when my life was simpler, I would carry around a pocket full of peanuts. If I saw a squirrel, I’d sit down and make friends. Usually in the space of half an hour, I could get it to trust me enough to come take a peanut out of my hand…

True story.


Third place:


Now. Those of you with good memories will remember that I expressly forbade anyone from doing anything dangerous in these photos. But Ty here emailed me saying that he works at a Wildlife Educator and Large Animal Trainer, and he works with the alligators all the time.

So while yeah, this is dangerous in potentia, it’s not dangerous for this particular person in this particular place. So I’m going to allow it.

This alligator’s name is Goliath. Just in case you were wondering.

Second Place:

Many of you who have heard me read at events know that I have a somewhat checkered history when it comes to Guinea Pigs.


(Cue: “Also Sprach Zarathustra.”)

And the one below is a favorite. Though I don’t know if it’s cute, or really kinda creepy….

wmf 063.1s

Lastly, Ladies and Gentlemen, as the head-and-shoulders winner, I would like to introduce you the animal I refer to as “Ugly Cat.”

DSCI0041 (2)

Please don’t think that I gave him this name as a pejorative. It’s purely descriptive.

Sorry. Purr-ly descriptive.

DSCI0019 (2)

The truth is, I have come to love Ugly Cat with a fierce love. When I look at pictures of him (her?) with my book, I am filled with a warm glow of joy. Quite often I laugh aloud.

DSCI0038 (2)

I love you, Ugly Cat.

I highly recommend you embiggen at least one of those pictures, so you can share my joy.

*     *     *

Winners will be contacted and sent copies of the fabled gold talent pipes:

Gold Pipes

And what the hell. We’ll give pipes to the Honorable Mentions, too. On account of me taking a mortal age to finally post up the results of the contest.

If you’re curious about the rest of the pictures we received, you can check them out over here. It made me sad to not show them all, but a blog with 60 pictures is raw fucking madness, so a cut had to be made.

There’s more Ugly Cat over there, and guinea pigs, and a newt, too, if I’m remembering correctly.

Stay tuned to the blog these next couple weeks. I’m going to be posting a lot more. Not only will I be making up for lost time with the photo contest, but we’ve got big things happening and cool news to share.


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Idiom’s Delight

When I was in Columbus recently, I met a reader that I’ve known for a long time….

For those of you who have been reading the blog for a while, you might recognize her name: Carly Trowbridge.


She told me that she really liked the Cealdish idiom that I put into Name of the Wind, “Don’t put a spoon in your eye over it.”

For those of you who don’t know, an idiom is a phrase that means something other than what it means. For example, when you “pull someone’s leg” you’re not *really* pulling their leg, you’re teasing them. You’re telling a joke.

I love idioms, especially foreign idioms. For example, in German, you can say, “Du hast ein vogel.” Literally, it means, “you have a bird” but what it *really* means is “You’re crazy.”

Another one I like goes like this: “Jim likes to drag people through the cocco.” but what it really means is that Jim likes to trick people and pull jokes on them.

Anyway, Carly told me that she and her friends started making up their own fake idioms. Her favorite was “I’m angry enough to punch mirrors.”

So I’m throwing open the doors. Feel free to share your favorite foreign idioms in the comments below.

Or make up one of your very own.

Have fun,


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What Happens At Signings, Stays At Signings (Unfortunately)

If I had to make a guess, I’d say that I’ve done over 200 signings since The Name of The Wind was first published back in 2007.

Maybe more. Maybe 250 or so.

I’ve done them in libraries and bookstores. At conventions and universities. I’ve done them in at least seven different countries.

I’ve done events where three people showed up (two of whom were friends) and I’ve done events where 900 people showed up.

And honestly? I’ve enjoyed them all. Big or small. Cosy or Chaotic. I really like getting together with my readers and hanging out. Because the vast, vast majority of my readers are genuinely cool people.

Every event has something that makes it unique. Some reader that was exceptionally kind, or a venue that was exceptionally cool, or a question that was particularly fun or insightful. Many times it’s all three of these.

And every time something like this happens, I think to myself, “I’m going to have to tell folks about this on my blog…”

But I rarely do. What usually happens is that after the signing, I’m exhausted. Then the next day, I’m either traveling, or segueing straight into a convention. Then after that I have to catch up on my e-mail and sleep and spend some time with my boy….

And by the time I’m caught up again, it’s usually been several days and I’m tangled up in another project, doing writing, or otherwise busy.

But last night I had another signing in Kansas at Mysteryscape, and some fun things happened, and I had a few spare hours today before ConQuesT kicks off, so I’ve decided to share a couple stories…

*     *     *

The first of these stories isn’t from last night though. It’s from earlier this month in Little Rock, when I did a reading at Heifer International’s headquarters.

After a couple hours of signing, a pair of young women came to the front of the line. They said, “We knew we couldn’t match wits with you, so we decided to match beards instead.”

Then they pulled out beards they had knitted, and put them on.



Here we all are, stroking our respective beards thoughtfully…

They were even kind enough to give me one of the beards as a gift, so I could take it home and give it to Oot.


I honestly don’t know what to make of his expression here. He looks a little dolorous, which is only appropriate for a dwarf, I guess. Sarah, who took the picture, assured me that he thought it was really cool.

I think we’re going to be wearing that a lot this upcoming winter….

The second story is a familiar theme  with an unexpected twist….

One of the things I hear a lot from people is how they found my book, or how they’ve shared it with other people.

This always warms my bitter old heart, not just because I like selling more books, (though I do) but because reccomending a book to a friend is one of the most sincere forms of flattery there is. If you read someone I wrote and like it enough to tell a friend, that means I’ve done something right. That means more to me than any sort of professional review….

So last night, someone got to the front of the line and they didn’t just tell me how word of my book had been spread around their circle of friends, they *showed* me…..


Nobody’s ever done this before…. and it was really cool to see how one person liking a book and talking about it can start a sort of avalanche. And it’s also fun to notice things like the fact that everyone seems to have teamed up on Timothy over on the left side there….

Even cooler was the fact that these folks showed up en mass and we all got to do a picture together. Here’s the one where I said, “Let’s do Crazy Eyes.”


You should really click this to embiggen it, if for no other reason than to see the little girl sitting next to me. She’s *into* it.

Lastly, some lovely folks noticed a facebook post a while back where I commented on how I liked some photgraphy tricks people were doing.

So they came out and helped me do some of my own….


I lost a little power because my heel came up, but generally speaking, I think this is pretty good for my first Hadouken.

force choke

The force choke comes at little more naturally to me. I worry what that might signify….

That’s all for now, folks.


P.S. I haven’t had time to write up a properly detailed blog about our kickstarter yet. But I thought I’d put a link up here now, as the limited edition decks are selling out pretty fast….


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The Wise Man’s Blurbs….

This showed up in the mail about a week ago….

WMF crop

(Guest Starring: My Thumb)

It’s officially hitting the shelves today (Tuesday, April 2th.) The paperback version of The Wise Man’s Fear.

Or rather, it’s what *I* call a paperback, but what everyone else calls a “mass market paperback.”

I’ve probably seen 80-90 different versions of my books come out in various languages and editions at this point. So by now I probably should be kinda blase about the whole thing….

But the truth is, I still get excited.

This edition I’m particularly glad to see, because when I was a kid, paperbacks were the only books I bought and the only books I read. This is the edition that will be easier for people to afford, and easier for people to carry around with them.

But in addition to that, when I picked it up and flipped it open, I got to see something cool:


You’ll have to click to embiggen if you want to read the text, but the opening pages of this edition are full of the nice things people said about the book in their reviews and blurbs.

Truth is, I don’t remember getting the vast majority of these blurbs or reviews.

That might seem a little odd, but you see, the month before The Wise Man’s Fear came out, I was doing promotion round the clock: interviews, podcasts,  getting ready for my book tour….

Then when the book came out, I spent three weeks touring. I think I had something like 22 events in 21 days. I didn’t have the time or the energy to obsess about my reviews.

And after that, I just wanted to sleep and spend time with Oot.

So a lot of these reviews were new to me and gave me all sorts of happy feelings.

They also reminded me of something else I did back in 2011 when I finished touring. I went through the 500-600 e-mails that readers had sent me while I was away.

Those were the real reviews I read about my book, and so many of them amused and delighted me that I started cutting and pasting them into a word file, thinking I would eventually post them up here in the blog…

It seems that time has come. So here are the ones I could dig up on my computer, in celebration of the paperback release….

*      *      *

  • I had a passionate love affair with Wise Man’s Fear. Seriously, I was calling my husband Kvothe for 2 weeks. Still do on occasion. He loves it.
  • My husband and I were sorting out a lot of issues, learning to understand each other… to love each other again. I was ready to give up and call it quits and it was about this time I finally got my hands on your second book. It was as if I learnt how to live again, how to feel, how to imagine, how to create. The few minutes spent with Kvothe each day taught me to love myself again.

That’s once of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my writing.

  • Ok, you know when you find The Shoes? The ones exactly that colour of red. The ones with the slightly rounded toe – not too pointy, not too round. The heel is the right height and shape. When you wear them they make you feel gorgeous and sexy and confident and you can take on the world. They are just wide enough to fit your hideously wide foot and just long enough so that they don’t rub your heel until it’s bloody every time you wear them. You know when you put that shoe on, it feels like…it’s perfect. It fits like the proverbial glove. That’s your writing style for me, Patrick. I’m so glad I found you :-)

I’m not much of a shoe person, but I know where you’re coming from. Extra points for including the u in “colour”

  • For the week leading up to the release of The Wise Man’s Fear, I slept with The Name of the Wind under my pillow. For the three days that it took me to finish The Wise Man’s Fear (and for an additional two days after I finished), I slept with that book directly under my face, as I stayed up so late reading that I was too tired to relocate it beneath my pillow. Now, the front and back covers of both books have face-shaped curvatures in them. Thank you again for a wonderful read. Yours Truly, Lexa P.S. The Wise Man’s Fear smells delicious. It definitely meets my all-good-books-must-smell-like-heaven standards.

Nice to meet a fellow book-smeller Lexa. And no, I’m not being sarcastic.

  • I missed my train stop when Kvothe was fighting Carceret at the First Stone. You know how long it’s been since I missed a train stop? I’m a veteran city dweller. That’s just not done man.

Don’t worry. We’re not judging.

  • The Wise Man’s Fear has the absolute best texture to its pages. Kudos!

I agree. Thank my editor for that. (This is mostly a hardcover issue.)

  • Your characters are 3-D and lifelike. I can just imagine Denna gliding through the doors of a Hilton daring the world to comment while Kvothe watches her meet a senator from the corner of a building, a bag of McDonalds forgotten in his hands. Or Elodin flouncing into a lecture hall in an ivy league college, bewildering his students with impossible questions….
  • I have gotten about seven hours of sleep over the last three days because I have refused to put down Wise Man’s Fear. I’ve failed a test, gotten no work done, missed a class, and shunned my friends. You may have heard of me.

Hell. I’ve *been* you.

  • My name is D– and I am currently deployed to an undisclosed location in Afganistan with the U.S. Armed Forces. I just wanted to simply say thank you. Your two books have given me an opportunity to escape from here while reading for just a minute.

Glad I could help, even if it’s just for a minute.

  • Thanks for putting homosexuals in WMF that are not queens or craven pedophiles, an odious habit of many fantasy writers.

My pleasure. Thanks for noticing.

  • I finished reading the new book tonight (er… this morning), and I just wanted to let you know: I’ve been sad lately, and it’s kept me away from playing music. Your book made me want to play again.


  • I have just received my copy of The Wise Man’s Fear in the mail. I have not opened the book, yet already I feel the need to apologize to you. I am sorry. I know this is your baby, I know that you have been working on her for years and that you love her dearly. I wish I could feel the same, and that I could show her all of the respect that she deserves. I want to my time with her, but I cannot. I am using all of my patience to send you this message. My first time with this book is going to be fast, it is going to be dirty, and it is going to be all about me. Again, I am sorry. I promise that the next time, and the next time I read this book that I will be gentle and caring. But not this time.

Congrats. It’s rare someone pulls of the hat-trick of “creepy” “funny” and “true” all in the same e-mail.

  • Hi, I really enjoyed your work. Your prologues and epilogues could win awards, if there were awards for prologues and epilogues.
  • I would like to wish you a BIG congratulations on the book! CONGRATULATIONS! I was one of those whiney fans ‘Whens the book coming out. How soon. When? Wahhh Wahh Wahh.’ I regret every word. The time you have spent on such a masterpiece of work was well worth it and I, as a whiney fan, have been quieted.
  • Greetings from the sunny (AND 120 degree) Middle East. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your second book, The Wise Man’s Fear. I dragged it all the way back from Washington, DC with me on a 17 hour flight back to Bahrain. I also brought it to Beirut, Lebanon. It was well worth it, but now I see the advantage for using a Kindle. In short, I loved it. I also wanted to let you know that in a very, VERY serious meeting with NAVCENT Brass, I snickered (for the 40th time) about, “I liked Shehyn’s little hat.” It was just loud enough to get noticed by a full bird colonel. Well, I thought you’d want to know what you were contributing to the global war on terror.

There were many more. Too many to print here.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has sent me a message over the years with a kind word about the books. I can’t reply to all of them, but I do read them, and they make me smile….

Later Space Cowboys,


P.S. That cool thing I mentioned before is over soon. If you like things that are cool, don’t miss it.

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