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Worldbuilders: Our story so far…

Hey folks, Worldbuilders Team here! Pat is currently out in Seattle for the Child’s Play dinner, but he asked us to hijack the blog and do another recap of what’s been going on in the fundraiser so far.

As we write this, we’re sitting at over $1.45 MILLION, something we never could’ve imagined before, and it’s significantly because of our matching money.


We’re so grateful for this matching money, because it means we’re able to do twice the good. Plus, it means every donation you make gets us closer to the next stretch goal twice as fast. If you donate $20, we get $40 closer.

We’re blowing by stretch goals, and you can see which ones we’ve hit and the ones we’re still hoping to hit right here. Every one of them is clickable, so click around to your heart’s content…

One of our personal favorites was our happy dances when we hit $300,000–mostly because we love doing happy dances.

We’ve all been dancing around the office pretty much ever since, mostly because we don’t have any reason to stop.

In addition to your donation pushing us closer to stretch goals, though, you’re also getting entries into the lottery. Every $10 you donate gets you just a little bit closer, and we have more than 5,400 individual prizes in the lottery now.

We just realized that. Guys, we have over 5,400 prizes!

As a reminder, a majority of the lottery and auction items aren’t being posted about here on Pat’s blog. Instead, Pat has let the Worldbuilders Team share a lot of that information on our website.

For example, last week we posted up literally THOUSANDS OF GAMES from Mayfair Games, Fantasy Flight, Wizards of the Coast, and Settlers of Catan, just to name a few. That was on top of all of the games we already had from Cheapass Games and Pathfinder.



So yeah, we’ve been showing off A LOT of stuff on the Worldbuilders Blog.

The photos below show off the broad categories, but you can click on any of color images to check out the blog post and/or the section of the Lottery Library we’ve featured so far:

The black and white stuff is coming soon!

There’s already over $160,000 worth of prizes in the lottery, and a LOT more is going to be coming in this last week. Remember, if you want to know about ALL OF IT, check out the Worldbuilders Blog or the Lottery Library. Both of those will show you all of the coolness.

The last round of auctions are also going live tonight, so if you want one last opportunity to get your hands on some rare, limited, or otherwise specialty items, swing over to the eBay page and see if there’s anything you’re interested in.

Our deadline extension brings us through December 19th at 11;59pm PST, and now we’ve got enough time to show off everything else that’s coming. There’s a fair amount, including a story about a certain beloved book, so keep an eye out….

The Worldbuilders Team

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Space Lasers: the Cards Against Humanity Sci-Fi Pack

As I put the final polish on this blog, Worldbuilders has just passed 1.3 million dollars.

Donations were delightfully brisk over the weekend, despite the fact that we didn’t get any big news coverage or make any announcements. This warms my heart, as it lets me know y’all are out there helping to spread the word about the fundraiser.

Worldbuilders-Logo_Web - crop smaller(I love our logo.)

You may not know it, but that’s a really big deal to us. Our biggest challenge is getting the word out to new people.

The thing is… our charity game is really solid: We’re matching donations this year to the tune of a million dollars. That’s huge. We’ve got a bunch of cool sponsors offering up over $160,000 of books, games, and other geeky swag that we’re straight-up giving away to donors. Nobody else does that. And the folks we’re giving money to? Well, Heifer International is a charity so powerful and effective that I’ve heard a rumor that when the next Matrix patch comes through, they’re going to nerf it.

But the sad truth is this: none of that matters if people don’t hear about the fundraiser.

So I just wanted y’all to know how much I appreciate everyone coming together to make this a success. Thank you for donating and helping us make use of our matching money. Thank you for helping boost our signal. And of course a special thanks to all our sponsors for donating to make our donation lottery so amazing this year.

Together, we are a force to be reckoned with, and we’re making the world a better place.

And now, today’s big news:

*     *    *

I’m sure most of you have heard of Cards Against Humanity. Not only do they make one of the best party games out there, but they do a crazy amount of charity work, too. What’s more, Max Temkin and I have been known to hang out on occasion. And when we can’t do so physically, we do so auditorially, (by which I mean we do a podcast together.)

Anyway, if you hadn’t already guessed, here’s what we’re launching today:


Those of you who follow my blog and/or the fundraiser know that this is actually the second collaboration of this sort we’ve done.

Last year we did a Fantasy Pack. This year, we’ve teamed up with the lovely folks at CAH to put together a new expansion pack poking fun at the Sci-Fi genre.

We gathered some of our favorite authors to help throw out suggestions for these cards, including but not limited to the brilliant minds of:

  • Delilah S. Dawson
  • Elizabeth Bear
  • Jim C. Hines
  • Myke Cole
  • Martha Wells
  • Catherynne M. Valente
  • and me

There are 30 cards total in the pack, and it’s available in the Cards Against Humanity store.

And, if you haven’t already guessed, ALL the proceeds from the first two weeks of sales will go to Worldbuilders in support of Heifer International.

Now this alone would be enough reason for rejoicing. But what makes this year’s collaboration extra cool is that when you buy this pack from cards, we’re going to double that donation before passing it along to Heifer International.

That’s right. You buy those cards, and DOUBLE the money will be going to charity.

What does Heifer International do with that money? Well… this:

I’m going to put up the link to Cards Against Humanity again, just in case you need it for something.

Or, if you’d prefer, here’s the donation page for Worldbuilders.

Did I mention that all donations are currently being doubled?

They are.

*     *     *

Here’s the second piece of news.

Since Cards Against Humanity is giving us the sales from the *entire* first two weeks of the Sci-fi pack, and since we’ve had a handful of other sponsors come in with last minute donations of books and games for us to give away in the lottery, and since we still have plenty of matching money left…. we’ve decided to extended the fundraiser one more week.

I thought this might be the year we might finish the fundraiser on initially scheduled date. But there’s just too much stuff coming in, and we need time to show it all off to you.

So. There you go. The fundraiser will now be ending on the 19th of December.

Let’s make the most of it.


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Creative Collaborations and Odd Opportunities for Immortality

So, it’s been an interesting couple days….

On Tuesday the news broke that Lin-Manuel Miranda has officially signed on to help develop my books into movies and television.

This news has been a long time coming, and it hasn’t been easy to keep under my hat.

I’ve already done a Q&A about it over on my twitch stream, and I’ll write about it here in the blog in the future. But for now just let me say that my creative crush on Lin is of Whedonian proportions. I’m about as excited as a human being can possibly be.

miranda-rothfuss(This excited. Plus ten.)

And if that weren’t enough to make this my best week ever, my books also got passing mentions from the Vlogbrothers and Nightvale. Which is a confluence of events that seems to imply I have gained a fairy godmother or access to a genie. It’s odd, and feels a little bit like maybe god checked his ledgers, realized that someone had done the karmic equivalent of running over my cat, and is desperately trying to balance things out before the new year for tax reasons.

Anyway. It’s been a good week. And that’s not even taking into consideration that Worldbuilders raised (and then matched) another quarter million dollars this week. Which means as of right now, we’ve raised more than $1,100,000 for Heifer International.

That’s enough money to give 9000 families goats, along with the education, training, and tools to care for them.

Buwamdelema Village, Mbale District, Eastern Region, Uganda Sandra Nabwire, 16 years old, and Edward Wanyama, 4 years old, feed the family goat fodder at their home in Buwandelema village on Friday May 20, 2011.

Goats are awesome, because they’re hardy, easy to care for, and produce a gallon of milk a day. That milk is a valuable source of protein and calcium for children, and the excess milk is easily sold to provide household income so families can pay for school fees, clothes, and medicine.

You see, in most of the world, a goat isn’t just a source of food, it’s a small business. But more importantly, it gives birth to other small businesses.

So far, Worldbuilders has raised enough to give 55,000 families flocks of chickens ($20.) Enough to provide 3,600 communities with clean water ($300.)

And we’re not done. We still have some time left. And we have some cool new announcements today.

  • We still have matching money!

Once we hit $1,000,000, a lot of people thought that we were out of matching money.

We’re not. We’ve used up $555,000 of the million dollars we have available for matching. So rest assured, when you donate, your money is still getting doubled.

  • Return of the Widget!

I’m delighted to announce the return of the probability calculator widget. Powered by math from the fabulous Vi Hart.

As you know. (Or at least I hope you know.) Every $10 you donate to Worldbuilders gets you a chance to win thousands of books and games from our prize lottery. This widget is updated with the most up-to-date numbers so you can tell what your odds are of winning something, depending on how much you donate.

  • Odd Opportunities for Immortality

As faithful readers of the blog know, earlier in the fundraiser, a handful of awesome authors offered up cameos in upcoming books.

We’ve done this for several years at Worldbuilders, and my only regret is that we’ve always auctioned them off. It brings in good money, but it makes me feel bad that only folks with a lot of money to splash around get a chance to get their names or faces in upcoming books.

So last week when a more authors came forward to offer us walk-on roles in their books, we decided to try something new, a little experiment, if you will.

We’re making separate pages for each of these new cameos, if you go in and donate there, you’re still eligible for everything in the regular fundraiser. Your donation will be doubled. You’re eligible for all the prizes in the lottery.

AND you’re eligible to win the guest star appearance that’s detailed on that page.

This way, you have a chance at immortality even if you’re not made of money.

I’m really excited to offer these up, folks. I’m huge fans of all the works listed here.


It was recently announced that the awesome authors Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu are co-writing a new trilogy featuring a fan-favorite character of Cassandra Clare’s, Magnus Bane. The book is out in November of 2017, and they’ve offered to name a character after one of our lovely supporters.

They were happy to let us put this in the lottery for anyone who donates via their page, so that’s exactly what we’ve done. The more you donate, the better your chances, but even if you only have 10 bucks to spare, there’s still a chance.


Rat Queens have also stepped up to the plate. But this isn’t just going to be some little walk-on part. The fabulous Kurtis Wiebe is offering up the opportunity to be Killed by your favorite band of adventuring badasses: the Rat Queens themselves. They’ll draw you and your likeness in to the comic, and you’ll get super dead.

Don’t be a Gary. Donate to make the world a better place, and rest comfortably in the knowledge that every $10 you kick in on their team page, gets you a chance to get killed by Rat Queens.


Or, if you’re more into the Sandman Slim novels, you could get killed to death in that.

If you donate on this team page Richard Kadrey will include you in the next Sandman Slim novel and kill you. What’s more, he’s promised to make it “as messy as possible.”

Those were his exact words.


If you aren’t reading read Bitch Planet, you really should. I picked it up just last month, and it instantly become one of new favorites.

It imagines a world where women who don’t fit in with the patriarchal society’s standards for women are shipped away from earth and jailed on Bitch Planet for being “Non-Compliant.” That can involve anything from being a violent felon, to simply not speaking politely, using too much sarcasm, or being overweight.

This comic is smart, folks. It’s dark and sharp and full of clever humor. I love it with big love.

So I’m delighted to say that for every $10 you donate on their page will get you a chance to name an inmate and the infraction that caused them to be exiled. Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Valentine De Landro will work with you to put this character into their world.


Matt Fraction is one of my top five comic writers of all time. And honestly? I think Sex Criminals is my favorite comic he’s currently working on.

And it’s hard for me. *ahem* Because it’s not exactly easy to go around recommending a comic called “Sex Criminals” to everyone you know.

The premise is this: In Sex Criminals, when Suzie and John have sex, time stops. Not in the cheesey way that people talk about sometimes. Literally, time stops. Then they do what any red-blooded American with sex superpowers would do: They rob banks.

Writer Matt Fraction and artist/maniac Chip Zdarsky assure you that, while very dirty, Sex Criminals is mostly sweet. And they’re offering you the chance to name your very own sex act in the series. Which is something I’m pretty sure everyone has wanted to do at some point in their lives. Or is it just me? (It can’t just be me, can it?)

Again, every $10 you donate on Team Brimpers gets you a chance for this.

  • Name Viari’s own personal intern in Acquisitions Inc

I talked to the folks at Acquisitions Inc, and they’re letting me raffle off the chance to name Viari’s own personal intern in a future game. You and I will work out your character’s name, as well as their character class. And then they’ll be an NPC in Acquisitions, Inc. They’ll fetch my coffee, update my day planner, and… well… probably die. Because… well… intern…

Roll with Viari over here if that sounds like a good time to you.

[Edit: Amanda hereOne more opportunity came through this morning after we shared the blog, so I’m throwing it in here because I KNOW you wanna see this.

  • Get your name and likeness in an issue of Revival


Revival is a FANTASTIC comic set in rural Wisconsin after a day when the dead come back to life. The main character, Dana Cypress, has ongoing investigations into the phenomenon, and the series has been running monthly since July 2012.

Tim Seeley is the writer of he comic, and he and artist Mike Norton have agreed to put your name and/or likeness (whatever you prefer) into the comic. If you love Revival as much as I do, every $10 you contribute on their page puts your name in the hat.]


Thanks again for coming along with us on this adventure, folks. And do keep in mind that even if none of the new teams I just mentioned ring your bell, you can just go donate on the main page.

I really want to use up all of our matching money this year.

I’m hoping beyond all hope that we can hit $2,000,000.


P.S. Our servers are getting hit kinda hard today. Because a now that we’re over a million bucks, we’re getting some media attention.

If you have trouble donating, please don’t give up. I know it’s frustrating. But please stick with it.

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Giving Tuesday: Things That Are Lacking

As I sit down to write this, it’s 3:00 in the morning. So late on Monday that it’s really Tuesday morning.

Not just any Tuesday though. It’s giving Tuesday, which means I’m supposed to write an inspiring blog about the Worldbuilders Fundraiser.

You see, last year I wrote a blog about my mom, and Haiti, and Heifer International….

Marge and Patrick at Beach 1-1(You can read the blog here if you like. It was pretty good.)

…and we had our biggest fundraising day ever.

Of course there were extenuating circumstances. Last year we had unexpected access to matching money. That was a big motivator. We geeks love a power multiplier.

The result? We raised $200,000 that day.

So my team is expecting me to write a really great blog today. Something that will delight and inspire you. Something that will draw you in. Make you enthusiastic. Rile you up. Break your heart. (But in a good way.)

And I’ve been rooting around inside myself for it all night. Looking for that blog. Looking for something to say. And I just can’t find it.

I got nothing.

*     *    *

Part of the problem is that I can’t announce a big BIG one-day-only matching-money extravaganza! A tight timeline is compelling. Anyone who has ever backed a kickstarter knows a ticking clock can light a fire under the most reluctant of asses.

But here’s the problem. Last year, when Heifer gave us access to matching money, we impressed them. And while I was excited to raise that $200,000, I told them I felt bad springing it on my people halfway through the fundraiser.

“I feel like it abuses their trust a bit,” I explained. “What about the people that came in and donated early? They weren’t holding back. They didn’t wait to see if there was a better charity deal hiding around the corner. I just said to them, ‘Hey guys, come with us, and we’ll make the world a better place,’ and they did. But now some of them feel like they missed out on getting their donations doubled….”

I explained to Heifer that I didn’t think surprises were good in the long run. They work wonders in the moment, but next year people will worry if they donate early, they might miss out later….

“But if you give us money to match donations at the beginning of the fundraiser,” I told them. “I’d like the world on fire. My people would go crazy for that.”

But here’s the funny thing. They did. They gave us $1,000,000 of matching money.

And so we launched with it.

And you guys did go crazy for it. We’ve used $340,000 so far, and raised more than $680,000. It’s our best year ever…

But as a result, I have no surprises.

I have nothing shocking to unveil for you today.

But I *can* tell you a story.

*     *     *

This is Klang Savuth and Kid Moa:

kh201512-128(With their son Ky Damkoeung.)

In 2014, they were subsistence farmers, which means they grew just enough to feed themselves if things went well. They didn’t have a reliable source of income, so when they needed anything beyond the bare necessities, they had to borrow or beg.

In 2014, Heifer International gave Klang and Kid 20 chickens and some vegetable seeds. Then Heifer gave them the training and tools they needed to use them, because that’s what Heifer does.

Today, their flock has grown to over 200 birds. They used the profit from their chickens to buy a pig, and now they own 23 pigs. They’ve opened their own general store.

They have a beautiful garden that makes more than enough food to sustain them. And Klang continues to attend Heifer training courses and plans to buy more land. She wants to start a fish pond and build a biogas digester that will turn her animal’s waste into better fertilizer clean methane for light and cooking. They don’t have access to electricity.

And you know what? They’ve given 30 chickens to another family. They gave that family training and tools, too.

(Because that’s what Heifer International teaches people to do. They call it Passing On The Gift.)

In two and a half years, this family has gone from desperately poor to thriving. They’ve gone from needing help, to giving help.

Heifer International does this all over the world. Nobody is better at it.

*     *     *

Do you know how much it costs to give a family chickens?

$20 dollars.

*     *     *

Last week, the Worldbuilders team sat me down and told me that this is a bad year for charities. Fundraisers everywhere are running at all-time lows. They explained to me that with Brexit and the US election, the economy is uncertain. That makes people reluctant to donate money.

My team told me this very gently. And I know what they’re doing. They’re preparing me for the fact that maybe we might not use up all our matching money. More importantly, they’re preparing me for the fact that this year, for the first time in the history of Worldbuilders, our fundraiser might be *smaller* than the previous year.


And I’m not surprised. I don’t follow global economy stuff, but I know people. And I know that since the election, I have felt… devastated. Numb. I am worried for my country, and I am worried for my world.

Pretty much everyone I know feels this way. And many of my friends feel even worse. Less that a week ago, I had a nightmare about nuclear war. My first in 30 years.

This is part of why it’s hard for me to write to you today. How can I infect you with enthusiasm when I’m having trouble finding it myself?

For many of us, it is not easy to be hopeful right now. We hurt. And when we hurt, we curl in on ourselves. It’s natural. Instinctive. It’s an animal reaction to pain.

Charity is the opposite of this. Charity is an act of reaching out.

But where do we find the hope?

*     *     *

I don’t know how to fix the world. But look at this.

Lugazi Dioces Heifer Project (21-0616-01)

Look at him. Look at how happy he is. And you know why? He has clean water to drink.

Heifer International can give a whole town clean, accessible water.

Know how much it costs to give a community full of children clean water?

It costs $300.

*     *     *

A lot of you have been leaving comments with your donations. These little stories keep me going. They are much-needed injections of hope in a time when I need to be reminded that people are good. I can’t thank you all enough for this, (and I hope you all win fabulous prizes in our lottery.)

Let me share a few. Here’s one from Josephine:

I just want to say THANK YOU PAT, for opening my eyes to how EASY it is to make a great difference in other people’s lives, even as a poor student, whose bank account is below 0 every month, just by giving just a little bit – I will forgo the Christmas shopping and instead do homemade gifts.

From Melissa:

I’m broke. Like, really, really broke. But I have food and shelter, so some of my money is going to help someone else who needs help.

And there are some that make me smile a big, foolish, joyful smile, like Julia’s:

I am 10 years old and this is my first time donating to WorldBuilders.  It is such a nice thing to do.  I really wanted to use my own money to buy a family an animal.

I see see a lot of you feel the same way I do, like Paul:

Thanks for keeping positivity and hope in this world. The country is a little short on both right now. 

Like Benjamin:

Doubling what I had planned to donate because I’m frustrated with recent events and want to push back against the darkness. Thanks for being a force for good!

And people like Alyssa make me cry:

Yesterday I was reading The Name of the Wind from inside the adult ward of a mental health facility. Three days ago, I genuinely had no will to live. Today, my partner led me home, and we’re donating a goat to a family that will use it well. My heart is brimming with gratitude. Thank you, World builders, for giving us the opportunity to help. Thanks to Pat for the gift of your words.

*     *    *

I sometimes write about a girl. This girl is alone, living in darkness, working tirelessly to make the world better, one small piece at a time. The darkness constantly surrounds her. But she keeps working, even on bad days, and she always brings her own light.


She is braver than I am. And better. And she never gives up.

So. It’s Giving Tuesday.

What are you going to do?


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So Many Books From DAW

DAW was one of the first publishers to contribute to Worldbuilders. Which probably isn’t *hugely* surprising, as DAW is my publisher. They’re the folks that made The Name of the Wind a for-real book.

Every year, Worldbuilders has gotten bigger, and DAW has stuck with us, continuing to give us more and more lovely books to give away.

This year, they’ve sent us nearly 300 lottery prizes, many of them entire series of books (or significant chunks of a series.) More than six hundred books in total. Most of these are going into the lottery where you get a chance to win for every ten bucks you donate to Worldbuilders. But there’s a few up in the auctions as well.

I also feel the need to mention that this year Worldbuilders has access to matching money, so if you jump in and donate, or win an auction, the money you’re putting into the fundraiser is doubled.

daw-wall(These are just SOME of the Books)

Now, here’s the thing, I know that picture is going to drive the OCD among you kinda crazy. The books are both horizontal and vertical. They’re not in any proper sort of order…. Honestly, it makes *my* fingers itch a little just to look at that.

But here’s the thing. We’re giving away so many books this year that we simply can’t fit all the books on the shelves if we stack them the normal way on the shelf.

Seriously. Here’s just some of what we’re giving away:

And that doesn’t include *any* of the games….

So yeah, there’s a lot to show off. If you want to peruse all of it on your own, you can check out the Lottery Library on the Worldbuilders website. But I’ll get into as much of it as I can fit below…

  • A truly ridiculous number of ARCs


(There were more to the left, but you get the idea.)

ARCs are awesome, and often really collectible. They’re the copies of the books that get sent out for review and promotion purposes. Sometimes the book goes through revisions after the ARC is produced, so the text is different when it’s published. Sometimes they have different covers. There’s usually SOMETHING different, and we’ve always been pretty excited to share them with you guys.

This year, DAW sent us over 90 ARCs we’re putting into the lottery. Every $10 you donate gets you a chance to win, so be sure to donate.

  • Copies of The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood. Doodled ARC up in Auction.

lockwood_summerTodd Lockwood is not just an amazing author. Before he wrote, he was a professional artist, doing work for book covers, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, and more.


(Click to embiggen, You won’t regret it.)

He did his own book cover, and there are illustrations in here that you’d have to see to believe. DAW sent us a bunch of beautiful hardcovers of his debut, as well as half a dozen ARCs, three of which were signed and doodled.


There’s one doodled ARC up in an auction, that you can bid on right here. The others are Lottery prizes, because of course they are.


“Karigan is an engaging protagonist, and the scenes of magic and/or combat rise to a high standard.” – Publishers Weekly


“Smart, sexy, and filled with beautifully fleshed-out/kick-ass women, Heroine Complex is the kind of read that sticks in your brain like a fanged cupcake…. I adored it.” —Amber Benson

  • 5 sets of Impulse and Starbound by Dave Bara.


“This energetic mélange of tried-and-true elements—futuristic jargon, military and romantic tactics, and multiple levels of skullduggery—easily grabs the reader’s attention; more impressive is that Bara’s story holds that attention all the way to the end.” –Publishers Weekly


Twelve Kings has become an office favorite here at Worldbuilders, and for good reason. Brad Beaulieu is a long-time supporter of Worldbuilders (as evidenced by his stretch goal of reading the Hobbit to his kids in the snow), and a really great guy. To top it all off, he’s a fantastic author, and I’m glad to have him in the DAW family.


“Bedford adeptly weaves together romance, action, and fantastical elements, all set against a richly realized series of far-flung locations.” –Publishers Weekly


Jim Hines is also a huge supporter of Worldbuilders, and his books are fantastic. But don’t take our word for it…

“Hines’s writing is lyrical and fluid as it unsubtly echoes America’s past and present struggles with discrimination. Urban fantasy fans with a bent for social and historical commentary will find this provocative novel thoroughly entertaining.” –Publishers Weekly

Or, you could take MY word for it:

“I picked up the book meaning to read a few pages. My first thought was, ‘This is a cool concept.’ The second thing I thought was, ‘This is really, really clever.’ The third thing I thought was, ‘I should have gone to sleep three hours ago.'”—Patrick Rothfuss


“Brandt has created a fully-fleshed universe, filled with high tension, memorable villains, and plot twists by the dozen.” ―Barnes & Noble

  • 10 sets of This Gulf of Time and Stars and The Gate of Futures Past by Julie E. Czerneda


“Czerneda excels at creating sympathetic characters and building intricate and fascinating worlds. Fans who have missed her Clan Chronicles will welcome this revival of a setting that still has much to offer” –Publishers Weekly


“Friedman launches a series with this dimension-hopping, genre-bending adventure that will appeal to both adults and teens…. Friedman skillfully blends science fiction and fantasy elements, tying them together with fairy tales and solid worldbuilding.” —Publishers Weekly


“Maresca’s debut is smart, fast, and engaging fantasy crime in the mold of Brent Weeks and Harry Harrison. Just perfect.” —Kat Richardson


I have to say. I really love these covers. I know you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and all that. But these remind me of my childhood. They look like the books I loved to read when I was a kid. You don’t often see fun, colorful covers like this, and I’m going to read them just because of that.


“[Reichert] draws her characters realistically and uses the wizards believably. She has created a very real world…. Readers who love sword-and-war-type fantasy will keep turning the pages, spellbound.” —Voya

michelle-west“This story will go down as one of the best novels in its genre, propelling West into the ranks of Robin Hobb and George R.R. Martin.” –The Maine Edge


“Palmatier kicks off an epic fantasy series with this complex tale set in a world where wonders are accomplished by manipulating the magical energy of ley lines…. Palmatier lets the story build slowly, introducing a sprawling cast and fascinating setting, before explosively upsetting the status quo.” —Publishers Weekly


For Nova: “This book definitely scratched my kick-ass teen heroine itch, and it did it in SPACE. That’s a perfect combo if I’ve seen one.” ―BookRiot

For The Crow: “An intriguing mix of old Celtic Fae mythology and a contemporary drama of finding yourself….Leigh is a master at building an entire world, not just the bare bones required by the plot.” —RT Reviews

For Transferrence Engine: “It’s oddly delightful to read a ripping Victorian, steam-powered yarn set in a world where Byron, Shelley, Polidori, etc., are mostly known…as depraved necromancers and mad scientists.” —RT Reviews

  • 5 sets of the first 3 books in the Alien series by Gini Koch.


“This delightful romp has many interesting twists and turns as it glances at racism, politics, and religion en route. It will have fanciers of cinematic sf parodies referencing Men in Black, Ghost Busters, and X-Men.” —Booklist

  • 5 sets of The Birthgrave Trilogy by Tanith Lee.


“An exciting, feverish, obsession-laden sword and sorcery epic, unlike anything then current—or, arguably, since.” —LOCUS

Guys. Tanith Lee. She was one of fantasy’s heavy-hitters for a reason, and we lost her last year because cancer is a heartless bastard. Luckily, her writing (and there’s a ton of it) lives on.

  • Copies of Jerusalem Fire and 5 sets of the Tour of the Merrimack series by R.M. Meluch.


“Meluch shows particular skill in creating memorable characters while exhibiting a refreshing ruthlessness in subordinating them to the logical ramifications of the plot.” —Publishers Weekly

“Enough action and suspense for three novels. Meluch’s wry, realistic wit finds the ludicrous in the military, sex in the military, and a dozen other matters. A treat for military sf buffs.” —Booklist

  • 10 sets of the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn Series by Tad Williams.


I’ve talked before about what an inspiration Tad Williams was to Young Pat – if Tad could sell his giant tomes, then Young Pat could too. These are beautiful new editions of the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series, and all three of these could be yours with a $10 donation.

“Readers who delight in losing themselves in long complex tales of epic fantasy will be in their element here, and there is the promise of much more to come in future volumes.” —Locus


“Mixing mythology and monster lore (plus a good helping of snark), Discount Armageddon is fast-paced, funny and boasts a salty-sweet heroine who can cha-cha, foxtrot, and kick ass––or any combination thereof––while she sprints her way across the rooftops of Manhattan, policing and protecting the denizens of New York City’s supernatural community.” —Amber Benson

DAW sent us the first two books (of seven!) in Seanan’s series, and we’ll be bundling them together in the lottery to give you that extra boost.

  • Auction: ARC copies of InCryptid books: Midnight Blue-Light Special, Pocket Apocalypse, Chaos Choreography. All SIGNED by Seanan McGuire.


For the collectors out there, or those of you who just love Seanan McGuire’s work (which you should), we got a set of 3 of her InCryptid books, and we’ve thrown them up just for you in an auction. These are books two, four, and five, but if you’re lusting after signed books, you probably knew that already.

If you’ll love these rare books with a fierce love, you can bid right here. If you don’t love them, I’m assuming you haven’t read them.

  • Auction: Signed ARC copy of Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire.


We’ve also thrown up this ARC of book 7 in the October Daye series. If you’re a fan of that series, we’ve taken the chance out of getting this awesome book. Or maybe you have a friend who loves the series. It’d make a pretty great holiday gift…

If that sounds good to you, then bid here.

  • Auction: One of everything DAW published in 2016


This is one hefty prize.

The auction is for 52 individual titles. Some are new series, some are new installments in ongoing series, some are hardcover, some paperback, but all came from DAW in 2016.

As you can see, they keep pretty busy.

It’s the best way I can think of to expand your library if you’re in desperate need of new sci-fi and fantasy books. If you want to have this excellent collection, you can bid on it here.

And last but not least….

  • ARCs of The Heart of What Was Lost, coming out in January, by Tad Williams. One for Auction.


This is a big deal, folks. We have seven copies of Tad William’s new book. And we’re going to be giving them away (with DAW’s permission) before the publication date.

Six of them are going out with the lottery items, and we’ll be shipping them out with all the other prizes. But if you *really* want to get your grubby little hands on one soon, we’ve put one up in an auction you can bid on here.


It’s a ton of books, y’all. And I didn’t even manage to showcase ALL of them. If you want to check the rest out, be sure to look over at the Lottery Library.

Also, a reminder that tomorrow is the first day of our Overwatch tournament. Check out the Tournament Website to see the different team standings, and watch the matches as they happen, and see what sort of embarrassing handicaps your team will have to suffer through if they don’t raise as must money as their competition…

Be good to each other,


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Black Friday With More Cool Geekery and Less Getting Trampled to Death

Black Friday is one of those events leaves me feeling kinda… grungy.

I can honestly say I’ve never gone out to the stores on Black Friday. I’d like to say it’s because I’m protesting crass, manipulative consumerism. But the real reason is that on the day after Thanksgiving there is still stuffing to eat. That’s usually my big goal for the day.

And, if we’re being completely honest here, the other thing keeping me out of the stores on is that I’d never even *think* of doing Christmas shopping a month ahead of time. It will surprise none of you to know that I’m not the most… um… timely of people. Hell, one year I was so busy with Worldbuilders that we postponed our family Christmas until February because my son was too young to know the difference.

So… yeah. Black Friday. Every year I see the news stories and it seems so gross. People fighting and pushing. Real ugliness. It seems to bring out the worst in a lot of people.

If you hadn’t noticed, here at Worldbuilders, we try to bring out the best in people. We promote good works, charitable giving, community. We’re in the warm fuzzy business. I’m rather proud to say that nobody has ever been trampled to death in our online store.

Because that’s what I’m talking about today. Our online store’s version of Black Friday.

We’re launching new products, for those of you who *do* manage to do your holiday shopping early. We have mystery boxes, new t-shirts, and things that were only available before if you ordered them in the IndiGogo….

eolian-mug-front-_2_1024x1024(Like the Faboo Eolian Mug…)

Do I need to mention that all the proceeds from The Tinker’s Packs go to support Worldbuilders? Not just some of them. All of them.

So if you’re looking to get a little Black Friday action without the grungy feeling or the fear of getting trampled to death in a Walmart, why not check out the sale we have going on today?

  • 10% off the entire store


If you buy something before midnight tonight, you’ll be able to use the offer code BlackFriday2016. That code will stack with things that are already on sale, so products like signed Beyond Words prints, Wooden Rings, and discontinued t-shirts are all going to be even cheaper.

Be sure to use the offer code BlackFriday2016 at checkout to get the deal.

  • Surprise Boxes



The team has really taken to my obsession with MYSTERY BOXES, so we’re offering 2 different boxes in the store, a small one and a big one.

The big one is an expanded version of the small one, so you can’t buy both without getting some duplicates. That said, both come with a t-shirt and a mixture of posters, games, books, etc. It’s a cool idea that we’ve been wanting to try for a while now. The $30 box has between $75 and $100 worth of coolness in it, and the $60 box has between $160 and $180 worth of geek swag.

So if you love bargains and like surprises, you can go get more details over here.

The rest of the things going up are the long-awaited items from this summers Geeks Doing Good campaign. If you missed out on that week-long fundraiser and have been sad ever since, it’s probably available now…

  • So much apparel


We featured a ton of wearables in the summer fundraiser, and now you can get your hands on all of it (except for the fundraiser exclusive one).

Feeling cold? How about an Amyr Hoodie paired with some Name of the Wind Writing gloves?

Want to show off your ability to track quintuple negatives? Sam Sykes’s Not Writing Nothing shirt‘s got you covered.

Good at tumbling, or at least pretending to? Jim Butcher’s PARKOUR shirt is right for you.

And if you want to show off your love for your favorite internet-based fundraising group, you can grab a Worldbuilders t-shirt.

  • Stickers and Clings


People have been asking for a while for better ways to show off their geeky pride in public, and one of the venues that’s regularly asked for is bumper stickers and window clings.

We already had Auri’s Gear window clings, but we’ve added Talent Pipes to the mix as well.

And if you want to spread the message about Worldbuilders, we have a bumper sticker 3-pack to stick onto your car with pride.

  • Other cool NOTW themed merch


It’s no surprise that a lot of the merch Worldbuilders produces is based on my books. It’s my charity, after all.

What is surprising is how amazing some of this stuff is. This year we’ve got Auri’s Sunny Summer Soap from Slow Regard, scents based on Bast, Denna, and Kvothe (available individually or as a 3-pack), and a puzzle of the amazing Kvothe in Tarbean art donated by fan and professional artist Matt Rhodes.

We’ve also got talent pipe patches for your hats or bags, and the long-awaited and beloved Draccus plushie. We all know Amanda is getting hers, but you might want to buy one before she just takes them all.

  • The Princess Who Saved Herself


This is something that should be on every parent’s gift list.

If you haven’t heard me gushing about it before, this is a book that I absolutely love. I’ve read it to my boys (and recorded Cutie Snoo helping me do it). All of the parents in the Worldbuilders office have copies, and have children who beg to read it.


It’s based on a song by Jonathan Coulton, written by Greg Pak, illustrated by Takeshi Miyazawa, colors by Jessica Kholinne, letters by Simon Bowland, and injected with awesome by all. We picked it up to publish and put into the hands of as many people as we possibly can.

It’s the perfect book to read to or with kids of any age. Pick one up to make a kid in your life happy, and know that all the proceeds are going to a good cause….

*     *    *

It’s a ton of stuff, and there’s even more already up in the store, so head on over and peruse.

Hope you have a good Friday, everyone.

Stay safe,


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Overwatch + Hunger Games x Geeks = Charity?

So… I don’t know if you guys have heard about this Overwatch thing. It’s a little shoot-em-up style game made by some indie game developer or other.

If you listen to my podcast with Max Temkin, you’ve definitely heard of it. Max has been singing a song about Overwatch for ages now, trying to seduce me over to the dark side. And a couple months back, I finally gave in.

But that wasn’t enough for Max. Then at some point in the podcast he said our two companies should go head-to-head in a match. Cards Against Humanity vs Worldbuilders for charity. And I laughed and said sure. That would be fun. Whatever.

But then our people got talking, and things started to snowball…

And that leads to today. With me announcing the first (and maybe only ever) Worldbuilders Overwatch Tournament for Charity. Yeah. Let’s go with that name. That acronym shouldn’t be confusing at all….

We have 8 teams representing diverse groups from all the four corners of the geek world:

ow_logo_300dpi-smaller(Art by the amazing Kevin Budnik)

Next week Tuesday (November 29th) our first round of matches will begin. Each team will spend the time between now and then trying to rally their communities to donate on their team pages. Because for each match, the team with less money will have to play with a handicap. Like having everyone on their team play as Junkrat. Or making everyone play support characters. Or not lettting anyone play genji. Ever. Because I hate Genji so much. So so so so much.

For example, the first match next week Tuesday at 5:30pm CT, Team Secret Hitler will be playing Team Penny Arcade. Whichever of them raises less money will have their entire team playing Soldier 76. I’m pretty sure no one wants that, so they’ll be constantly battling to make sure they don’t lose.

It’s gong to get pretty ridiculous.

Here’s the tournament bracket.


(click to embiggen the glory)

Each game will be watchable in multiple places. And I’m pretty sure at least one of them will be on my very own twitch channel, where I will be blowing myself up constantly as Junkrat. So if you want to make sure you catch the show, you can go and follow me there now.

Using our first game as a reference, If you want to watch the Team Penny Arcade captain’s stream and hear all of the team’s talking in group chat, you can watch on their Twitch channel. Same holds true for Team Secret Hitler. (You can find all of the teams’ Twitch channels on the Worldbuilders Overwatch Wesite)

Or, if you want to watch in Spectator Mode and see the match from both sides you can tune into the Worldbuilders Twitch channel, where we’ll have the lovely Amanda hosting and commentating on all of the matches throughout the tournament.

All of this information is visible on the website we made to track the tournament. We kinda banged it together quick, but it gets the job done by showing each team’s current total, along with links so you can support your favorites by donating.

secret-hitler-vs-penny-aracade(Like so.)

Also, did I mention that any donations you make on those team pages will be doubled thanks to the fact that we have access to a Million Dollars of matching money?

Dollar-panarama-704155(It will.)

Also, every $10 dollars you donate gets you an entry in our fabulous prize lottery. Which at this point has more than 1,600 books, games, and cool geekery worth more than $60,000. (With more being added every day.)

I hope y’all have a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. With an amount of family that is sufficient to your particular situation and desires.

Know that I am endlessly thankful for all of you. And for the geek community that comes together every year to make Worldbuilders a success.

Here’s the link to the page where you can see team standings and donate.

May the best team win.



(Please donate to Worldbuilders because seriously, I can’t play any support characters…)

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