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An interview with Adventures Underground.

If you thought I’d managed to talk myself out in the Question and Answer interview format, you were sadly mistaken.

Proof of this is evident in a new interview over at ADVENTURES UNDERGROUND.

I’m almost always surprised when I go back and read these interviews. You see, I’ve got a weird memory. I forget things really easily. Sometimes my friends tell stories about me, things that I don’t remember doing. Or they repeat jokes back to me that I don’t remember telling in the first place. Sometimes when I’m revising my own books, I stumble onto scenes I don’t remember writing. In fact, I just found one of those where Elodin takes Kvothe to a brothel as part of instruction into the subtle and volatile art of naming. Funny stuff.

My point is, after I do one of these interviews, I usually forget what I’ve said. So when the Q & A goes live and the person hosting it sends me a link, I get to read them over and experience them with fresh eyes. Sometimes I agree with what I’ve said. Most of the time, actually. Sometimes I disagree, or find myself wishing I’d phrased things a little more clearly.

Sometimes I find myself thinking things like, “Wow, that’s exactly what I think!”Then I feel dumb because, well, of course it’s what I think. Or at least, it’s what I thought back when I wrote it a week or two ago. My opinions are fluid and frangible. Does this mean I occasionally contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself.

I think this is healthy. Or at least it makes me happy, which means it’s healthy for me. I’ve always felt that I’ve had the right to disagree with anyone about anything. How horrible then would it be if I didn’t feel free to disagree with myself?

Enough rambling. You can go CHECK OUT THE INTERVIEW if you’re curious.

They also have a few signed copies of my book there, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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