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Contemporary Mythology

I was going to post up a little story about my recent Halloween adventures at Neil Gaiman’s House on the Rock shindig. But I can’t find the right pictures I need to illustrate it, so I’m guessing it will have to wait a little bit.

In the meantime, I have a link to a video of the panel I was on about Contemporary Mythology.

I post this link with some trepidation, as I don’t remember exactly what I might have said on the panel. This isn’t anything odd. I rarely remember more than a few snippets after I’m done speaking on a panel. But the snippets I remember from this panel particular panel make me vaguely uneasy. I dimly remember saying something about “the revolution” and something else along the lines of “you can all roll around in your own filth if you want.”

Soooo…. yeah. It seems like I should remember more than a handful of words out of a 45 minute panel. But I don’t. I wonder if that’s weird. Maybe I have a disorder or something.

Anyway, feel free to watch it if you’re interested.

The picture is a little fuzzy, but then again, so am I….


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