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Photo Contest Update….

I’m back from having my brain scanned for science. (Pictures forthcoming). And yesterday, I’d played with little Oot and unpacked my bag, I took a look at my planner.

And it was strange. There was nothing on it. Nothing but a vast blankness stretching out in front of me.

It was a glorious sight, and it means that for the next two months, I don’t have hardly any trips planned at all. (Or I’ve forgotten to write them down.)

This is something of a relief. While I’ve enjoyed traveling around and meeting y’all, I’m kinda exhausted. The other day I did the math and realized that since February 28th, I’ve only spent 20 days at home.

This is hard if you have hermitish tendencies like I do. I’m a homebody at heart, and I’m looking forward to relaxing, getting back into my normal routine, and spending more time with my baby.

While I was catching up on my e-mail, I found about five or six messages asking if they could please have more time to get ready for the photo contest. Some people complained that they only heard about contest until recently. While others pleaded that midterms, rocky relationships, or hectic job schedules had ruined their plans.

Here’s the one that got my attention the most.

Dear Pat,

Without divulging all of our information because we would like it to be a surprise.  FAA regulations are delaying our plans.  It is unlikely that we will be allowed to launch prior to the end of the contest date.

Is it possible to get an extension?

If April 30th is a hard deadline, then we will try to work around the FAA.

[Name Withheld]

Now at first I had the FAA confused with the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and I was thinking, “No big deal. They can work around some farmer’s regulations….”

Then I realized that these folks were talking about the Federal Aviation Administration. And I got worried.

Let me say this emphatically. Do not attempt to “Work Around” the FAA or any other federal agency in order to take a picture for this contest.

Edit: Just to prove that I am right: (And I’m always right, statistically speaking.) Here’s a relevant comment from below.

I occasionally fly in a helicopter for my job and the topic of FAA regulations since 9/11 has come up. It is my understanding that it is quite possible that those who attempt to “work around FAA regs” may find themselves having to work around a sidewinder missile fired from an intercepting fighter jet. Just something to consider.

Seriously. If you missed the whole “Don’t do anything dangerous or illegal” rule, maybe you want to check out the contest guidelines again, reading a little more slowly this time.

To put it plainly. If you’re doing anything dangerous or illegal in the photo, I simply won’t use it. I won’t even post it up as an example of cool photos that aren’t eligible for winning. It pains me to say that, but I have to stick to it.

As far as the deadline goes, I don’t see why we shouldn’t extend things a bit. It isn’t like this is a term paper or anything. It’s supposed to be fun. So if y’all want more time, you can have more time.

  • The new contest deadline will be May 15th at midnight.

Also, I feel like I should mention that you don’t need to go to extraordinary lengths for your photos. Some of the best photos I’ve seen so far aren’t big-budget productions that require filing a flight plan.

For example:

(Now I’ve got the Dawn of Man music stuck in my head…)

You see? A little cleverness goes a long way. (Though having a decent camera doesn’t hurt, either. Grainy cell-phone pics aren’t impressive.)

If you have any questions about the contest, you should head over and read the rules.

Then, if you have any more questions, you can ask them in the comments below.

Later all, I’m off to bed.


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