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First editions, a conversation, and another interview…

Heya everybody.

I’ve been on tour for a week now, and this is one of the few times when I’ve had enough time to get online.

I’ve got a bunch of stories from the first week of the tour, and a few pictures too. Hopefully I’ll be able to post them up in a blog in a day or two.

How would I briefly describe the tour so far?

Madness. Absolute madness.

I’ll go into more detail later.

One question people keep asking is this: “How can I tell if my copy of The Wise Man’s Fear is a first edition?”

I answered this question before on the blog a long time ago. So if you’re looking for a detailed answer, you should look over there.

The short answer is that you can tell if you have a first edition/first printing by looking at the number line of the book that’s located on the copyright page.

The problem is this: due to a printing error, some copies of The Wise Man’s Fear don’t have a number line. The copyright pages of those books look like this:

(That’s not my thumb, obviously.)

However, that printing error only occurred on the first printing of the book. That means if you see a book with no number line, it’s a first printing.

Surprisingly, The Wise Man’s Fear has been selling well enough that it’s already in its fourth printing even though it’s only been out for a week.  Personally, I’m going to be picking up a few extra firsts this time around. It’s something I didn’t think to do with The Name of the Wind, and now they’re being sold for truly stupid amounts of money. If I had a few boxes of those in the basement, I could use them to pay off my mortgage….

In other news, I did an online conversation with Brandon Sanderson for Amazon about a week ago. It’s a beast, more than 6000 words long. But what else would you expect when you get two authors like us together and ask us to talk about books?

Here’s a link to our conversation.

Lastly, here’s a link to an interview I did with the Portland Mercury.

Unlike most of my interviews, I didn’t type this one up. It’s more of a transcript of a phone conversation I had with with Erik Henriksen. He was a cool guy to talk to and our conversation was far-ranging to say the least.

More later folks. I’ll be seeing some of you in Madison later tonight.

Be good.


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