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So today I had a phone conversation with some people. It was a conversation with cool implications for the future. It’s a long way from anything certain, and I can’t tell you what it was about, but I can tell you my girlfriend’s reaction….

When I finished with said conversation, I called Sarah and told her about it.

Then she said, “That’s so exciting that I’m going to puke.”

As you can see, I’m not the only wordsmith in our relationship.

In lieu of cool news. (That’s a fun sentence, by the way. You should say it out loud. Do it.)

Here’s a photo someone sent me of the Italian version of the book, on its home turf. Note the awesome castle in the background.

Later all,

pat (From a crappy hotel computer in Indianapolis.)
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Back from Indy….

Well everyone, I’m back from Gencon. A good time was had by all, or at least by me.

I brought back all sorts of interesting stories, some cool swag, and an exciting disease. So all in all, I guess I have to consider the weekend a success.

On a related note, I’ve received a MUCH bigger response than I’d expected from my recent blog where I offered to sign people’s books if they sent them to me. I’ve had a couple dozen e-mails so far.

When I was down at Gencon, I mentioned how my plan to reduce the number of book signing requests had kinda backfired on me. One of the more experienced authors mentioned that I should really get a post office box, rather than use my home address all the time.

I waved the warning aside at first. Then she looked at me and said, “How are you going to feel when the first person shows up on your doorstep? Or looks in your window?”

Now personally, my feeling is that anyone who looks in my window is probably going to get exactly what they deserve, a profoundly traumatic experience followed by years of therapy. But more importantly, I tend to think that my book is cool and, by extension, the people who like it have to be cool too. In fact, it seems to me that the people who liked it the most would be the coolest people, and therefore hugely unlikely to try to give me the love knife or the full-blown Misery treatment.

And I have to say that in the several months since my book has come out, I haven’t had a single bad experience with a fan. Generally speaking, everyone has been lovely. Nobody’s done so much as call my house without e-mailing first, let alone give the impression that they’re getting ready to go all stalkeratzi.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that all it would take is one social maladjust showing up at my house to seriously weird me out and ruin my day. So I went out to to get a P.O. Box.

But apparently it’s easier to buy an assault weapon than rent a PO box these days. I need two forms of ID with current address and photos. But I just moved, so my driver’s licence is out of date. And if I’m going to go get a new licence, I should really get a haircut first. Right now I look like the unholy paring of John the Baptist and a certain Hogwarts gamekeeper brought to life by the Henson Company. Not really the look I want my official ID to have for the next umpteen years….

So things are taking a little while to sort out, but eventually you will be able to send in your books to be signed. I promise.

In a couple days, when I’m up for it, I’ll post up the highlights of the convention for those of you who are interested. There are a few interesting stories to tell…

And now to sleep,


P.S. The disease I brought back was just a cold, for those of you who were wondering.

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Off To Gencon

Okay. I’m rushing to get everything ready before I hop a plane down to Indianapolis today.

But before I talk about anything else, I have to send you to all to check out a link.


(Seriously, go there.)

That is the coolest, geekiest thing that’s ever been done for my book. My hat is off to them. I am laughing with delight and shame. Ladies and gentlemen, the bar has officially been raised.

Okay, here is my Gencon Schedule for anyone who cares.


Thursday 16th
10:00 – Worldbuilding: The Basics
11:00 – Worldbuilding: The Anthropology of Fantasy
12:00 – Avoiding Cliches: Prophecies, Chosen Ones and Orphans

Friday 17th
12:00 – Refreshing old characters: Pirates, Vampires, and Elves

Saturday 18th
4:00 – Alchemy and Sorcery, the Science of Magic in Fiction:
5:00 – General Q&A


Friday 2-4
Saturday 1-3

Both signings are happening at booth 2241, where the multifarious Tarol Hunt will be peddling his ass. I mean wares. I mean, comic. If you haven’t read Goblins yet, you’re really missing out. He’ll have copies of his book there for sale, so even if I’m not there, you should stop by and check out his stuff.

I’m also having a reading / Q&A session / signing at the Wayne Branch Library.

Thursday night at 7:00.

198 S. Girls School Road
Indianapolis, IN 46231
For more info call: 317-275-4530

There will also be books for sale there.

Geekapalooza, here I come.


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