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Still More Signed Books

This is a Worldbuilders blog.

Today we’ve got another batch of gorgeous books donated by generous authors.

As if I didn’t have enough reasons to love Peter S. Beagle.

Not only is The Last Unicorn my favorite book of all time. Not only is Peter nice enough to send along some signed copies with the cool new cover for the fundraiser. (Not only was he nice enough to send along a copy especially for me, too.) But we have a few other amazingly cool goodies from him that we’ll be auctioning off soon.

For this book, I will write the glowing blurb myself. Ready? Here it is.

“When people tell me The Name of the Wind is their favorite book, I’m always flattered. Then I encourage them to read The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. It is so much better than my book. It is like a diamond. Like a pearl. It is the platonic form of Book. I read it once a year, and every time I cry.”

  • A hardcover copy of Caliban’s Hour by Tad Williams. Signed by the author.

A lovely donation from Tad Williams himself. I’m ashamed to admit that this book was below my radar until right now. I’ll have to go pick up a copy now….

“The best-selling author of To Green Angel Tower (1993) offers a fantastical sequel to Shakespeare’s The Tempest replete with elements of both Beauty and the Beast and Robinson Crusoe… A lyrically romantic voyage of discovery charting the mysterious depths of the human heart and soul.” – Margaret Flanagan for Booklist

“Kristopher Reisz’s Unleashed has one of the most unique takes on an established mythology that I’ve ever seen. Its twist on the werewolf tales will keep readers guessing right until the end.” – TeensReadToo

“Hot, wrenching, and wise, this book is fantastic!” – Holly Black, author of White Cat

  • A hardcover copy of The Darker Mask: Heroes from the Shadows. Signed by Doselle Young.

“Themed along the grayer areas of superhero fiction, this anthology of 18 original stories nonetheless covers a wide spectrum… Deceptively simple and entertaining while never skimping on serious topics, this tight anthology will satisfy any superhero enthusiast. ” – Publishers Weekly

  • A hardcover of The River King’s Road by Liane Merciel. First edition. Signed by the author.

“[An] impressive epic fantasy debut… Merciel has constructed an inspired new world where unexpected plot twists bedevil strong, clearly visualized characters, in a story that glints with intelligence and hums with life.” – Publishers Weekly, starred review

  • A hardcover copy of Otherland by Tad Williams. Signed by the author.

“The ultimate virtual-reality saga, borrowing motifs from cyberpunk, mythology and world history.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“One of the best works of science fiction I’ve ever read.” – Katharine Kerr

  • A set of The ThiefThe Queen of Attolia, The King of Attolia and A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner. All signed by the author.

The Thief is a Newbery Honor Book, and that’s not something to take lightly. But if you need more convincing, here’s a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly: “Turner’s storytelling is so sure that readers will want to go along with her-and discover whatever it is that Eugenides will do next.”

  • Two UK sets of The Thief and The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner. Signed by the author.

“Thoroughly involving and wholly satisfying on all fronts.” – The Horn Book

  • A set of the Kira Chronicles: The Whisper of Leaves and The Song of the Silvercades by K. S. Nikakis. Signed by the author.

For those of you who live here in the US, these books are a bit of a treat. This series isn’t even published in the US (yet) so if you win them, you’ll be on the cutting edge of fantasy chic.

“An impressive debut novel, which combines assured writing and well-paced storytelling. K.S. Nikakis is a welcome addition to the ranks of Australian fantasy authors.” – Juliet Marillier

“From New York Times best seller Elaine Cunningham comes a fantastic new adventure of swords and sorcery, set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.”

  • A set of Pathfinders Tales: Winter Witch and Prince of Wolves. Signed by Dave Gross.

From fan-favorite author Dave Gross comes a new fantastical mystery set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

“Brilliantly detailed worldbuilding and complicated characters makes this an engrossing read.” – Laura Anne Gilman

  • Two hardcover copies of A Spider on the Stairs by Cassandra Chan. Signed by the author.

The Library Journal says that Spider on the Stairs “will appeal to fans of the traditional Golden Age British mystery. Her inclusion of humor and her well-drawn characters make Chan a good choice for readers of Martha Grimes.”

What’s more, Chan went above and beyond with her signature pages, too. Check them out…

(Click to Embiggen)

(Also Click to Embiggen)

I can never think of cool things to sign in books like this. And I certainly can’t do that three-dimentional shading thing she pulls off with the Worldbuilders 2010, either. Hell, I don’t think I even own a green pen….

Honestly, looking at these makes me feel more than slightly inadequate.

And just think, if she’s this creative when signing the books, imagine how original the books themselves must be….

*    *    *

Don’t forget, Worldbuilders is matching 50% of all donations made on our Team Heifer page. What’s more, every 10 dollars you donate to Heifer International gets you a chance to win these books and hundreds of others like them.

To see the other books and learn more about Worldbuilders, you can head over to the main page.

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