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Is anyone else out there interesting in doing some science?

Specifically, I’m referring to aperture science.

I’m considering trying the co-op, and I could use a partner who isn’t a complete asshat.

If anyone wants to friend up, leave your e-mail address in the comments below. (Though I would recommend somehow breaking up your full e-mail so the spam spiders don’t gobble it up.)


Edit: As of 6:00 AM, with the help of North00, I have successfully saved science.

Thanks Northoo. You are a gentleman and a scholar. That was the first multiplayer I’ve done in a long while, and it was lovely. I had a great time.

Also Northoo, I’d like you to know that I really wanted to pull the light bridge out from under you a couple times just to watch you fall to your death. But I didn’t. Because that would be wrong.

For those of you in the comments that have mentioned that you’ve gone through the single player and would like to team up with someone for the co-op, maybe you could team up with each other. I have to say, the co-op was completely worth it. Not quite as cool as the single player, but approximately 80% as cool. And 80% of a near infinite amount of awesome is… well… it’s still a lot.

Play nice everyone.

It’s light outside. I should get to sleep….


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