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Luring the Draccus

This is a worldbuilders blog.

Let me tell you a little story. A while back, I got a piece of fanmail from a guy named Phil McDarby.

It was a nice e-mail. It had paragraphs and capital letters and punctuation and everything. It was all sorts of classy.

It also said some very nice things about my book, which I always enjoy. Then Phil mentioned that he was an artist and tossed me a link to his site. (I’m not going to link it yet, because if I do, you’ll start browsing his page and forget to come back here to the blog.)

I took at look at his website and was amazed. Seriously amazed. I have no graphic ability of my own, so any sort of art is magic to me. But his stuff was above and beyond: gorgeous pictures that were photo-realistic while still being fantastic.

If you hadn’t guessed, I’m kind of a fan of realistic/fantastic.

Most notably, I saw a picture called “The Amber Dragon’s Horde,” which showed a little dragon tiny as a sparrow. It looked like something you’d see in National Geographic.

So I e-mailed Phil back. I thanked him for the lovely note and complimented him on his work. I also said, in passing, “Have you ever given any thought as to what the Draccus might look like?”

Okay, I lie. It wasn’t a casual comment at all. I was fishing….

Still, I was surprised when a week later I got an e-mail with a link to something wonderful.

Go on, click it. It’s time. Go look at Phil’s site. While you’re at it, check out The Amber Dragon’s Hoard, too.

I’m serious. Go click over there. I’ll wait for you to come back…

In the months since then, Phil and I have been getting some stuff ready for you. He made some high-end prints of “Luring the Draccus.” They’re a limited run of 50 museum quality prints. They’re signed by both of us, and I’ve written a unique quote on each one of them. Some of the quotes are from The Name of the Wind, and some are from The Wise Man’s Fear.

If you want to buy one of those numbered prints, he has them up on his site over here.

Now I know some of you might be tempted to squawk about the price. But before you do, you need to realize a few things.

1) This isn’t the sort of poster you buy for your dormroom. They’re huge, on amazing paper, and printed with a degree of detail I didn’t even know was possible outside a photograph. This is some serious high-end art.

2) It’s nice for artists to make money off the art they create. Believe it or not, Phil doesn’t get any money from you downloading his picture over the interweb. (Yes. I’m looking at you.) I have a publisher that pays to edit, print, and ship my books around. Phil doesn’t. He paid for the printing and shipping of these posters by himself. (You don’t even want to know what they cost him.)

3) One of these limited posters, 2 of 50 I think, is already for sale over here for a crazy amount of money. Way more than what Phil is charging.

4) Phil is letting me use his art to do a run of smaller posters exclusively for the Worldbuilders fundraiser.

My posters aren’t nearly as posh as the limited edition ones. They’re smaller, and we’ve had to crop the image a bit. But still, I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Here’s a picture of one next to the paperback, so you can have a sense of scale….

(Click to Embiggen. It’s awesome.)

A copy of Luring the Draccus will be $40. I’ve even got a silvery pen I’m using to sign it.

All the proceeds go to Heifer International, of course. Personally, I think they’d make great Christmas gifts….

[Edit: The information and links here are old, so I’ve taken away the purchase buttons. Instead, you can buy posters over in The Tinker’s Packs, where we keep it in stock, and shipping is calculated for each order.]

  • If you’re in the US, shipping will be $8.00. We’ll be sending it to you in a sturdy, hermetically sealed cardboard tube. That’s right. The great god Hermes Trismegistus will perform vast and terrible magics on your package to ensure its safety. Plus we’ll use a whole lot of tape.
  • You can order as many posters as you like and the shipping will remain the same.
  • If you’re somewhere else in the world, shipping will be $28 no matter how many you buy. So making a group order with some friends is probably a good idea. That is, if you have any friends. If you don’t have any friends, you might want to console yourself by buying an extra poster.

I have about 150 posters. When I was ordering them, that seemed like a really extravagant amount. But given that we sold out all my first edition copies of NOTW in three days, it could be that I’ve underestimated people’s enthusiasm for the fundraiser.

What it comes down to is this, I’ll print more posters if we need them, but that will take time. For now it’s first come, first serve.

Thank you all for helping to make this year’s fundraiser such an instant success. We’re only four days in and we’ve already hit almost 13,000 dollars. I’m stunned.

See you later space cowboys,


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