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At Your Request – New Shirts and Posters

Over the weekend, a lot of people chimed in about t-shirt designs, colors, and things they’d like to see in the store.

So here’s what we’ve decided to do.

  • We’ll be printing the Kingkiller design on a grey t-shirt.

Grey is similar but not identical to gray. You see, grey is slightly cooler. Because it’s British. (It’s also slightly darker. Because I say so.)

We’re still fixing the font. But we’re putting the shirt up for sale in the store now, that way you can order it sooner rather than later if you want.

  • Because people clamored for it, we’ll also be printing the Denner Fishing design on a black shirt.

Be warned. We probably won’t be ordering a ton of these. So if you want one, it would be best to order now, so that you can be sure to get the size you want.

  • We’ll be printing a Worldbuilders shirt.

It will have the Worldbuilders logo on a forest green shirt.

All three of these new shirts are now available in the store.

  • We’ve got an easier way of ordering big & tall shirts now.

We have to charge a little more for these, as they cost us more to make. But now we have a Big & Tall option right in the store.

  • We’re re-printing the Four-Corners map.

Several people e-mailed me asking if I could print posters other than Luring the Draccus. A couple folks  reminded me of the map that I printed waaaaaaaay back in the day.

So I’ve printed out some more of those. They’re up in the store already.

  • We’re selling the gold foil promotional Mr. Whiffle stickers.

People asked for them, so we’re putting them up in the store. Supplies are limited.

  • We’ve got a brand-new Mr Whiffle poster up in the store.

A while back, right after The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle was published. I comissioned a special piece of art for my own amusement. Only those of you who have read the book will be able to appreciate it. But I suspect that those of you who have a bizarre sense of humor akin to my own might want a copy for yourselves.

I’m not going to post it up here, though. You’ll have to head over to the store to get a look at it.

So there you are.

Stay tuned for more Worldbuilders swag. We’ll be posting up blogs full of new donated books and auction items every day this week.


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A New Addition to the Family: Portugal

The Name of the Wind just came out in Portugal. They tell me that at the beginning of the month it was actually #7 on the bestseller lists over there. Which, I will admit, gives me a little bit of a tingle….

I haven’t actually held one in my hands yet, but the cover looks pretty cool:

I always like seeing new covers for the book. Especially when the art has obviously been commissioned especially for the book.

Though I’ve only recently become a father, I’ve compared writing a book to having a baby for years. My mom used to refer to it as “her grandbook.” And one of my friends used to ask about it in those terms. We wouldn’t see each other for months, and when we got together and caught up on the news, she’d eventually ask, “And how’s the baby doing…?”

Now that I’ve been a dad for a couple of weeks, I realize that the baby analogy is better than I thought. Before I was mostly referring to the emotional connection you feel to your own book. But now, having dealt with a newborn, I realize that writing a book is not entirely dissimilar to actually raising a child.

You feed it. Change it. Cuddle it. Dress it. Undress it. Change it. Feed it. Change it. Change it. Get it to take a nap. Change it.

And then, at the end of the day, you look at it and realize that it’s pretty useless.

Don’t get me wrong, you love it. You love it like nobody’s business. But unless you’re an idiot, you realize this thing really isn’t good for anything yet. You’re going to have months and months of thankless, repetitive work before it’s capable of going out into the world on its own.

Later, when your book is published, it’s very cool and very scary. That’s when your baby has grown up enough to leave the nest. It’s out there, meeting people all on its own. If you’ve raised it properly, it hopefully makes a good impression. Hopefully it makes friends.

But the foreign editions of the book are… different. It’s still my baby, but it’s not *really* my baby. It’s like someone has cloned my baby and dressed it up in lederhosen and made it smoke a pipe for marketing reasons.

Yeah. The analogy really starts to fall apart after a while, I guess.

What was my point? No point. I don’t always have to have a point, you know….

Wait! I guess I do have a point. It’s that sometimes they make your baby smoke a pipe and you have to shrug it off. You don’t know what sells books in Bangladesh, or Berlin, or Brigadoon. For the most part, you have to trust that the publisher knows what they’re doing. For all you know, those Doonies are loonies for pipes…

But it’s nice when you see the marketing and it appeals to your aesthetic. Like the trailer I posted before. Or this picture that I stumbled onto when I was googling up an image of the cover for this blog.

(Click to Embiggen)

I’m guessing this is a promotional poster. If it is, I wish I had a copy. I like the tagline across the top. “Kvothe: Magician, Musician, Thief, Assassin and… Hero.”

Hell, if I’d have been able to come up with promo copy like that on my own, it wouldn’t have taken me five years to sell the thing.

Later, you hoopy froods….


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