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A Chat with Brandon Sanderson (And… um… more)

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I had a fun little conversation with Brandon Sanderson a couple of weeks ago.

And when I say ‘little conversation’ of course I mean ‘absolutely huge conversation.’ What was supposed to be a small interview between the two of us ended up being more than 6500 words long.

But really, what do you expect when you get two epic fantasy writers together to talk about writing?

Here’s the link. Share and enjoy….


*     *     *

Edit: Someone in the comments below pointed out to me that I already linked to that interview earlier this month.

At first I didn’t believe them. Then I clicked back on the blog a few times… and there it was.

Honestly, I don’t have any memory of writing that blog at all. After seven days on the road, I was pretty much an exhausted mess.

Still, as I meant to post up a new interview today. Let me offer you a few different links instead.

Here’s a shorter interview that I haven’t mentioned on the blog yet.

And, just because, here’s an article from the Philidelphia Inquirer. (Don’t miss the fact that there are two pages.)

There you go. New stuff. That’s what I meant to post.

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