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Our Story Thus Far…..

Over the last few weeks, a lot of people have e-mailed me, asking if a summary of The Name of the Wind somewhere that they can use to refresh themselves before starting The Wise Man’s Fear.

I had no such thing. Nor did I really have any desire to write one. Not only do those brief narrative summaries always bore me to death, but I suck at summarizing my own book. My best advice, of course, is that if you really can’t remember what happened in book one, you should probably re-read it. Most of what’s in there is pretty important to the story, y’know. I put it all in there for a reason…

Still, a lot of people were asking. So I got together with Nathan Taylor and we did…

Well, just have a look. You can see for yourself what we did:

There you go folks. Share and Enjoy.


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