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My Awfulness…

In the last set of comments, Mr. Puddifoot called me out. He said that the book I displayed was actually a promotional cover slapped over the top of a plain-old copy of The Name of the Wind.

He was right. The photo was nothing but base trickery on my part, a deception born of my dark, tarlike heart. All I can do is ask for your forgiveness.

Believe me, if book two were that close to being done, you’d be seeing it on the shelves a lot sooner than July of 2008.

As a penance for my horrible tricksyness. I offer up the following:

First, a picture of the UK versions of the book. I just got these in the mail a day or two ago. I think they look pretty cool. Apparently over there, they release the hardcover and the trade paperback at the same time. Go figure.

(You can click the picture to make it bigger, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

Can you see the subtle difference in the two covers? I didn’t notice it while I was taking the pictures, only when I was posting them up here afterwards….

You know that the UK hardcover sells for 19 pounds? That’s almost 40 bucks. I guess I won’t cringe so much at the thought of paying 25 for a hardcover here in the states after this….

Also, I’ve got a new multi-lingual set of interviews for a website called Phantastik-Couch. Bringing my four years of high-school German to bear, I can tell you that this translates as “Fantastic Couch,” or quite possibly, “Fantasy Couch.”

They were nice enough to post the interview up both in ENGLISH and GERMAN, depending on which way you swing.

Back to revisions for me, and sorry about toying with your emotions yesterday. I promise it won’t happen again unless… Well, unless I think of something really funny.



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Something cool…

Look what showed up in the mail today…

Please note that this is the sort of art that you’re NOT supposed to bend. Vehemently not.

It makes me wonder if what sort of person would need to have the not underlined to get the point across. I shudder at the thought of a postal carrier that gets one of these and just skims, reading for the gist of it. “Art… please…. bend….” Then shrugs and does as he’s told.

Anyway, on to the cool part….

It’s the original artwork for the map in the UK version of the book. The artist was cool enough to give it to me. I’m tingly with geeky joy.

Now that I’ve posted this up, I wonder if it’s okay for me to show this before the book comes out.

Hmmmm… I think I’ll just assume it’s cool and leave it here until someone asks me to take it down….


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