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Minor Technical Difficulties

Last week I took a bit of a vacation to spend time with my family and attend a few events in Madison. This means that I also took a bit of a vacation from both my e-mail and my blog.

So, of course, during that time my blog goes wonky and the contact form on my website breaks. And I didn’t even know until I got home.

Hopefully we’ve got those issues resolved. But if you want specifics:

1. If you experienced something weird on the blog, I’ve been told that it’s because you’re using an old rss feed. So, if you’re doing that, do something else, and things will stop sucking. (I hope that wasn’t too technical for any of you.)

2. The contact form should be fixed. But if you sent me a message between the 24th of September and the 1st of Oct, I didn’t get it.

In other blog-related news, I’ve decided to spend the next couple weeks catching up on some blogs I’ve been meaning to write. Book recommendations. Fanmail questions. Funny stories about Oot. The kissing-booth story from Convergence….

At this point it’s safe to say I probably have more than 100 blogs I’ve been meaning to write, but that I just haven’t had time for. Many of them have been sitting around half-written for months, others have been left hanging for more than a year.

So, if there’s a particular blog that you’ve been waiting for, you can jog my failing memory by making a suggestion in the comments below.

Politely, of course.


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When Will Book Two Be Out?

I just thought I might as well make a brief, public statement about this as a lot of people have been emailing and asking me about it lately.


The second and third books of the trilogy should be coming out fairly quickly, considering how long they are and the fact that I’m fairly obsessive when it comes to my writing. That means book two should be out about two years from now. Book three will be a year or so after that.

Why so long? / I thought I read somewhere that you already had the second two books written?

The trilogy is already written all the way through to the end, but there is still some editorial work to be done. I want the second one to be at least as good as the first, if not better. That takes time.

I know that on the reader’s side, a year seems like a long time. It always used to piss me off, having to wait for my favorite authors to write new stuff. But now that I’m on the other side I know why it takes so long. There’s a ton of behind-the-scenes work that has to happen: Editing, re-editing, shipping, cover design, printing, layout, more editing. It all takes time.

In order to make the wait marginally less painful, I’m going to be putting up new content on the website in addition to continuing the blogs. Some of the things I’m considering include:

  • Putting up an FAQ.
  • Expanding the clickable sections on the world map.
  • Getting a forum up and running.
  • Explaining in more detail the design of the trouper’s lute in the Music section.
  • Getting the Bestiary up off the ground in the World section.
  • Posting deleted scenes/chapters from book one.
  • Posting teaser chapters from book two.

Which of these sounds best to you? Give it a little discussion in the comments below. Suggestions for other improvements are also welcome….

With love,


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