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Jewelry, Cloaks, and Other Miscellany

One of the Worldbuilders Team’s favorite gifts you can buy from Heifer is chickens.

In some ways, it’s an obvious choice. Chickens produce eggs, and eggs produce chickens. In parts of the world where poverty is high and meat is scarce, protein-packed eggs from even a single chicken can have a huge impact on a child’s nutrition. A good hen can lay between 200 and 300 eggs a year – that means a flock provides enough eggs for an entire family to eat, with plenty left to sell.

mcupload_5201babdde174 (1)

Twenty bucks is enough for a starter flock of 10 to 50 chickens. But the families don’t just get those chickens.  They get the training and materials they’ll need to care for those chickens for a long time.

Best of all, chickens are a good form of pest control, eating insects that damage crops. They scratch and peck at the soil, eating weed seeds and giving themselves dust baths to get rid of mites all on their own. Their droppings fertilize gardens.

Heifer also trains the people they work with to Pass On The Gift to their neighbors. That means after receiving help from Heifer, a family will go on to help others, sharing baby chicks and training members of their community.

This means a donation to Heifer is like kicking off an avalanche of good that cascades into the future. For example, in 1952 Heifer provided 70,000 hatching eggs to people in Korea after the country was devastated by war. Twenty years later, the Korean Ministry of Agriculture estimated that half the chickens in Korea were descended from the eggs Heifer supplied.

That’s how Heifer International works. That’s why it’s our charity of choice.

* * *

Today, we present to you a little bit of everything. It’s the last week of the fundraiser, and that means that some varied donations have been coming in here and there, and we’ve put a hodgepodge of them together for you.

  • Auction: Peter Orullian will kill you in his upcoming book and let you choose your last words.

Peter Orullian Photo zz

We had a bunch of tuckerizations go by a while ago, but Peter was kind enough to step up and offer one, too. He’s offering to fashion a character after you, in both name and likeness, then have them die a spectacular death. He’ll work with you on what your character’s final words will be, so you’ll get to say whatever you want (within reason).

You know you want this power. You can bid on it right here.

  • Literary Posters from Book Rapport. One full set of 53 posters in the lottery, another up for auction.


(Click to embiggen)

These posters are designed by Steve Shell, an English and Theatre teacher from North Carolina. Each print features a period map of the setting of the text, with a cutout of an iconic image or shape from the story that shows a selection of text from the novel/poem/story.

Steve was kind enough to donate a couple of sets, which is a total of 53 posters, and Amanda is kind of desperate for them. We put one set in the lottery, and the other is up for auction right here.

  • Auction: 3 Miniatures painted by Django Wexler specifically for Worldbuilders.


Django Wexler was kind enough to offer to paint miniatures for us as a stretch goal for this year’s fundraiser. He sat down, stuck his hand in his box of minis waiting to be painted, and pulled three random ones out. He painted them all (very well, I might add), sent us the video, and we’re now auctioning those very minis off for Worldbuilders.

If you want to grab them, you can bid on them right here.

  • Auctions: Two many-pocketed cloaks, one large sized and one medium sized, handmade by Kirkii Creations.


This year’s donations included two cloaks, each with 18 different pockets in a variety of sizes. They’re made of wool with a cotton lining, making them very practical for cool or rainy weather. We were all so happy to see them come in, and we really hope they each go to a home where someone will love them, and fill the pockets with all sorts of interesting things.

There’s one that’s just shy of 60 inches long, which you can bid on right here, and the other is just over 55 inches long, and you can bid on it here.

  • Auctions: Handmade geekry from Feathers and Fantasy: Baby Taggies, A Dragon Table Runner with Doctor Who Mug Rug, A Doctor Who Infinity Scarf, and 3 Geeky Throw Pillows.


(Click to embiggen)

The baby taggies baffled most of the office, especially Amanda, but Mindy offered some insight: they’re made of soft fabric, and have little loops of ribbon along the edges for babies to grab onto and play with, to help with developing motor skills. As an added bonus, these are Star Trek and Firefly themed, so your baby will get an early start in their geeky career. You can bid on them right here.

Then there’s a beautiful dragon table runner, inspired by Game of Thrones, with a Doctor Who mug rug. You can bid on those right here.  And, if you’re already on a Doctor Who kick, the infinity scarf is an excellent stealth geek item, with beautiful blue fabric and an occasional sneaky TARDIS. You can bid on that one here.

And finally, a set of three geeky throw pillows, featuring designs from Doctor Who, The Hobbit, and some skull art, just for kicks. If you need more pillows for your fort, you can bid on them right here.


Vonda McIntyre’s hobby is pretty intense. When she’s not writing, she works very hard to make beaded sea creatures like anemones, jellyfish, nudibranchs, and marine flatworms, then features them in art installations, including the actual Smithsonian.

They’re incredibly time intensive, and she was kind enough to send us a set of 4 to auction off for the fundraiser. If you want these beautiful things, you can bid right here.

  • Auctions: Tektite pendant necklaces, one with a silver chain, and another with a gold chain. Designed exclusively for Worldbuilders by Marion Anderson.


Marion Anderson is a paleontologist and planetary geologist. She knows a thing or two about stone and rock.

She made necklaces out garnet, lapis lazuli, and tektite. Tektites are formed in meteorite impacts, when the high speed of the meteorite is converted to heat and pressure when it hits the Earth. Rocks melt, and as they splatter around they cool, forming the tektites (or “impact glass”).

These particular tektites are made from an impact in Southeastern Asia about 400,000 years ago. There’s one available on a silver chain (pictured on the left) one available on a gold chain (on the right). You’ll have a cool story to share every time someone asks you about it, so to bid on the silver chained one, click here, and for the gold chained one, click here.

Amber from Serpent’s Dance Designs has been donating to the fundraiser for years, now. There have been necklaces, pendants, and pins for a long time, and this year she donated ten different pieces for us to auction off to whoever would love them.

It should go without saying that these are all one-of-a-kind creations. But I’ll say it anyway: These are all one-of-a-kind creations. More pictures of each of these can be found if you follow the links below.

Amber sent us some dragon themed pieces, in the form of shawl pins as well as a necklace.


They’re lovingly hand-crafted, and here are the links (in order of the picture): The stamped, silver-accented shawl pin is up for auction right here, while the etched copper pin is up right here. The necklace has a small silver accent as well, and if you’re prepared for a potential bidding war with Rachel, you can bid on it right here.

She also made a few different Kingkiller inspired necklaces.


First was the “Practice Makes the Master” necklace, which is good stealth geek. I mean, you could be referencing anything. You can bid on that copper necklace here.

Then there are two different copper necklaces that say “You may have heard of me.” The one in the center top photo has been polished, and has hammered edges. You can bid on that here, or you can bid on the stamped, distressed copper version from the bottom center photo right here.

Then there’s the two different “All Stories are True” necklaces. The first one (pictured on top) is sterling silver, and up for bidding right here, and the second one is a stamped, hammered copper, up for bidding right here.

The last couple were simply beautiful, elegant designs, one of a fairy and the other of a copper rose petal.


The first is a copper pendant with an etched fairy emblem. It’s really intricate, and even has a sterling silver accent. You can bid on it bid on it right here and wear it with pride if you win it.

The rose petal is kind of an office favorite (Rachel’s need for the dragon pendant notwithstanding), not only because it’s a seriously beautiful piece, but because it comes with a story. As you may have guessed, some of us around the office are suckers for stories. Amber said this:

I made this piece in honor of my Mother, who passed away earlier this year. Her name meant “Joyous Rose” in Turkish. She was the one who encouraged me to get into metalsmithing, and she always enjoyed hearing about Worldbuilders and how it was progressing through the years.

We’re really grateful to Amber for sharing her mother’s story with us, in addition to donating such beautiful jewelry. And we’re extra grateful to Amber’s mom for giving us a kind and talented metalsmith.

You can bid on the copper rose petal right here. We hope the winner loves it deeply.

* * *

There’s a lot of beautiful stuff here, so if you’re unsure, you can just go to our ebay page and look at everything that’s up for auction right now. You know, just to be sure you’re bidding on everything you might want.

Don’t forget that there’s only a few days left to buy things in The Tinker’s Packs to have before Christmas. If there’s something you’ve had your eye on, now’s the time to bite.

We still have a lot to show you, and only 5 days left to do so so be sure to check back….

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