NOTW Art Deck: Updates and Timelines

Hey there folks,

It’s been a busy couple months. I know I said that in my last blog, but it’s more true than usual.

As proof, here’s a picture of my calendar, slightly redacted:

(Red days I spent traveling)

While I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, my team has been busily working on the Name of the Wind Art Deck. Art has been finalized, orders have been placed, and physical proofs have arrived in our grubby little hands.

(This is some pretty swank shit, right?)

If you backed the project, you’ve probably already seen some of this stuff in the updates we posted. But I figured I’d share it in case you’re like me and never read your kickstarter updates.

(Actual footage of the proofing process.)

So… yeah. The good news is that things are coming along well. The decks are shaping up beautifully, and there have been no major catastrophes.

The bad news is that it looks like the decks will be shipping out about 6 weeks behind schedule.

We’d intended to begin shipping at the end of this month, but we won’t actually be able to begin shipping until June. It’s not a huge delay, but it IS a delay, so I wanted to give you guys a heads up, and be as honest and transparent as possible.

First off. I just want to say I’m sorry. I really would have liked this to ship on time.

Secondarily, given how kickstarters frequently go, you know this is really good, right? Especially as is the first kickstarter Elodin Enterprises has run on our own. And it ended up way bigger than we expected. I don’t feel *too* bad about six weeks.

Also, not to be a dick or anything, but y’all know who I am, right? I mean seriously. Six weeks late? You should be dancing a fucking jig at the news that something I’m making is *only* six weeks late.

That said, I really am sorry. I wish we could have hit our mark. If only to prove I’m not always late.

Why is it late? Simple. We took an extra month and a half to work on the art. When we got to the end of our budgeted art development time, there were a couple cards I wasn’t in love with. I know art is subjective and all that. But I wanted every card to be as close to perfect as possible. So I made the call and we took the extra time.

And honestly? I’m glad we did. Because we got this:



Anyway, that’s the status of the cards. Just thought y’all would like to know….



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R&D&D (& Morty)

Hey there everybody,

It’s been a hectic time over here at RothCo. Due to various projects combined with some unfortunate scheduling, I’ve been traveling more than any sane human would ever choose to.

How much travel? Well, just for reference, I was only home 16 days over the months of February and March. So much travel that my bones hurt.

So much travel that I haven’t had the chance to officially announce that this is happening:

And by “this,” I mean there’s an official Rick and Morty Dungeons & Dragons crossover comic happening. And I’m writing it.

I get invitations to be involved with a lot of projects these days, and I say no to the majority of them. It’s my job to say no to things these days so I can focus my energies on essential things, and as a result, I’ve passed on some really cool gigs over the last couple years.

But when this got offered to me, I really couldn’t say no.

For those of you who want all the official details, there’s a little article about it over on io9.

For those of you just want the jist of it. I’m working with Jim Zub and Troy Little.

When asked for a quote about the project for the press release, and how I felt about being responsible for bringing together Dungeons & Dragons and Rick and Morty, here’s what I said:

“That’s some serious you-got-chocolate-in-my-peanut butter $#!& right there. I’m in. I’m all the way in. I’m gettin’ that chocolate all up in the peanut butter. Like, deep in. All the way in. It’s going to be sticky and delicious.”

So… yeah. I think the moral of the story is that you shouldn’t ask me to contribute to press releases.

It comes out in August, and while I don’t have a preorder link yet, you could always contact your local comic shop and make sure they know you’re interested…

There’s other news brewing, and a few blogs I managed to start but not finish while I was on the road. So expect to see them over the next couple weeks.

And if you have any questions about the comic, you can ask them in the comments and I’ll take a poke at answering the ones I’m allowed to when I wake up.

But for now? Sleep.

Later Space Cowboys….


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My Far Travels: JoCo Cruise and Emerald City Comic Con

It used to be that summer was the only time I really traveled.

Lots of conventions happen in the summer, when it’s fun and easier for folks to travel to exotic lands like Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Columbus.

But over this last month (Which isn’t the summer, just in case you don’t look out the window very often) I’ve been all over the place for conventions, performances, Hollywood meetings, and, of course, the JoCoCruise…

I’ll talk more about this year’s cruise in another blog post. But for now let me simply say that it was an excellent year, and that next year will be even better:


For example, there may or may not have been a huge announcement during the concert in Loreto…

Now is the time to get in on this. There are discounts for paying in full, and for booking before April. There’s a ton of info on their website, and if you want a look at how great the cruise is, you can just look at the #JoCoCruise hashtag on twitter and see a bunch of nerds having a great time, finding 3D printed Pokemon, attending Disney Sing-A-Longs, and generally being awesome.

After the cruise was over, I swung through LA for more Hollywood talk, then came up here to Seattle to talk with Wizards of the Coast about some projects that are still all secrety.

And now? Emerald City Comic Con. A favorite show that I’m attending with the Worldbuilders folks.

They’ve got a booth up in Artist’s Alley, WSCC Level 6 KK1&KK2. (It’s easy to remember: Think “Kingkiller 1 and 2) Swing by and say hi, and check out some of their merch. They’ve got stuff from me, but also stuff from other creators like Kevin Hearne, Myke Cole, Rat Queens, Jim Butcher, Sex Criminals, Bitch Planet, and more…

(Plus, you’ll see Rachel’s smiling face.)

You might be able to catch me there, but if not, here’s where you can be sure to find me…

  • Thursday, March 1

1:15pm-2:15pm: An Evening with Pat Rothfuss, Main Stage – WSCC 4A

This is going to be happening on the ECCC Big Main Stage, so it’ll be livestreamed by them. You can watch it on their website here, just remember that all times are in Pacific Time.

2:30-4:30pm: Autographing, Writer’s Block Table 3

  • Friday, March 2

1:30pm-2:30pm: Telling Stories with Jonathan Coulton, WSCC 611

This panel is with Jonathan Coulton, Molly Lewis, and Anne Wheaton. It’ll be a little slice of JoCo Cruise all over again.

5:50pm-6:45pm: Secret Loves of Geeks Mass Signing, Dark Horse booth #1708

For those of you who don’t know, an old blog of mine was republished in The Secret Loves of Geeks, which came out a little bit ago. It’s a great little anthology about love, sex, and dating, featuring comics AND prose, making it a really cool collection of stories. I’ll be doing a signing with some of the other authors, so if you want to catch me, you can do so there.

7pm-11pm: Worldbuilders Party

The Worldbuilders Party is quickly becoming one of my favorite traditions. The first one we ever held was at Emerald City, and it’s become a big deal out there.

If you’re interested in playing board games with awesome geek celebrities and raising money for Worldbuilders, there are still some seats available. You can buy yours right here.

  • Saturday, March 3

11am-12pm: Geek Geek Revolution, WSCC 603

With R.A Salvatore, Jim Butcher, Ed McDonald, Delilah Dawson, AdriAnne Strickland, & Michael Miller

12:15pm-2:15pm: Autographing, Writers Block Table 4

4pm-4:30pm: Livestreamed interview by Syfy Wire, ECCC Live Stage (Booth #1850)

This short interview will also be livestreamed on the SyFy Wire YouTube channel, so you can watch it here.

* * *

There you have it folks. Be sure to go find the Worldbuilders crew and check out all the awesome merch they have, or even just say Hi. They’ve been shipping lottery prizes like madpeople for a few weeks (it takes a long time to ship out over 5,000 prizes), so they deserve a high-five or two.

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My Far Travels: PAX South

Heya Folks,

Just so y’all get an official heads-up, I’m going to be swinging by PAX South again this year. (For those of you who don’t already know, it’s this upcoming weekend, from the 12th-14th in San Antonio.)

Last year was the first time I made it down there, and I had a pretty good time. This year looks to be even better, because in addition to all the regular convention goodness, this year PAX South is also hosting True Dungeon, which is doing two runs based off my books.

((If you haven’t guessed, one of the runs features Felurian. And Bast.))

For those of you who have never experienced it, True Dungeon is some geek fun of the highest order. It’s one part puzzle room, one part tabletop D&D, with a little bit of LARP thrown in for seasoning.

I’ve been playing it for years now at Gencon. I’ve been hooked ever since I did a run with Wil Wheaton way back in the day.

Simply said, there are lots of rooms with puzzles, monsters, and obstacles that you need to solve, kill, and/or traverse. Honestly, True Dungeon is one of my favorite parts about going to GenCon these days, and I’m thrilled that they’re finally expanding it out to more conventions over these last couple years.

As I mentioned before, this year’s games are based in Temerant (My world.) I helped write and design the adventures, and they’re chock-full of creatures and lore from the books. Some of which hasn’t even shown up yet anywhere other than my own head.

Some of the treasure and equipment tokens might look familiar to you, too.

(I’m pretty fond of the Greysdale mead Treasure Token.)

If you’re still not convinced, there’s going to be a free 24-minute demo being run (if you get in line and wait your turn) so you can test things out. If you end up liking it (you will), or you know you want in, you can buy tickets for the full two-hour adventure.

Every year at GenCon, True Dungeon tickets sell out weeks and weeks before the event. But since this is their first year at PAX South, there’s still a few spots available. If you want to grab a ticket, click here. If you’re interested in volunteering or participating in another way, check out their website for more info.

Beyond True Dungeon, I’ll be around doing a few other cool things during the con. All of the time listed below are in Central Standard Time, which is relevant since a couple of my events will be livestreamed as well…

Friday, January 12

  • 6pm-8pm: Acquisitions Incorporated Autograph Session, Signing Area
  • 8pm-9pm: An Evening with Pat Rothfuss, Falcon Theatre

My Evening with Pat Rothfuss events are always a little bit hard to describe. I do some rambling, take questions from the audience, tell anecdotes only mildly related to the questions, and occasionally give Amanda heart attacks if she’s backstage while I expound on the societal pressures of monogamy or something like that.

She won’t be there this time, but since this event will be livestreamed on the PAX2 Twitch channel, we’ll probably feel her cringing from 1,300 miles away while she watches.

Saturday, January 13

  • 2pm-5pm: Acquisitions Incorporated, Main Theatre

Acquisitions Inc is why I go to so many PAX events. I love playing D&D with this group, and being Viari gives me an excuse to say dumb shit like “What Ho!” a lot.

This is being streamed on the main PAX Twitch channel, so you can watch as I swing from chandeliers live.

Sunday, Jan 14

  • 3pm-5pm: Pat Rothfuss Autograph Session, Signing Area

The folks at Table Titans are going to be here selling books for my signing, but if you can’t make it to this, they’ll also be selling books and Pinny Pins at their booth, # 10436.

* * * *

So that’s the schedule, folks. You’ll likely catch me around other places, and I’m definitely going to watch the Acquisitions Incorporated C-Team game as well (Sunday the 13th at 12pm CST, livestreamed right here), so if C-Team is your jam you might want to see that one as well.

Hope to see you there…


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Final day, and feel-good stories

As I write this blog, we’ve blown past our million-dollar goal and are in fact well past 1.1 million dollars with more than 24 hours to go in the fundraiser.

That’s a lot of flocks of chickens. That’s a lot of cows and goats for milk. That’s a lot of bees and trees and seeds and baby ducks.

It’s a lot of families that get to take control of their own lives. It’s a lot of kids that get to go to bed with full bellies. It’s a lot of parents that can go to bed knowing with certainty that they’ll be able to feed their children tomorrow, but for always. For ever and ever.

(It’s a lot of happy people.)

I feel like we’ve done pretty well this year, so rather than attempt to exhort you into donating more, I’m going to share some stories with you. Because stories is kinda what I do….

*     *     *

One of my favorite things is when people donate to our fundraiser for the first time. A lot of the time, it’s the first time they’ve donated to *any* charity. Seeing how happy it makes them makes me happy…

For the past five years, I’ve tried to donate but was not in a place to be able to do so. This year, I am, and it makes me ridiculously happy to know I’m buying some ducks for people who need them.
-Erika M

For the first time in my life I feel like I have a lot of money. Money that I earned myself. Finally I can donate to this wonderful cause! And bees, we need more bees!
-Sander T

I don’t usually have the ability to donate money to causes, but I love doing it when I can. I especially love donating to causes that have the right idea in mind. Improving lives is one thing I try to do every day with deeds and action. When I can’t do it in person, I gladly lend my money to help others do what I could not.
Andrew F

Long time reader of the books and the blog, first time donating. This year is the first I feel economically stable enough to do so. I got married earlier this year, and we recently found out we are expecting a baby. I’m not a religious man, but when life smiles at you, one has to do as much as possible to pass that smile on.
-Pablo G

Over the years I’ve always wanted to donate and have typically [been] strapped for cash. This year despite getting engaged, going back to school, and saving to buy a house I managed to put some aside specifically for this.
-Timothy A

Some people were passing along surprise windfalls that they felt could go to better use with Heifer.

Got this rebate-in-the-form-of-a-debit-card from buying tires, of all things. Figured I should spend it on something worthwhile.
-Byron C

I started a new job as a barista for an Independent cafe in Philadelphia this year. I saved up all the change that people tipped to me. I was so surprised at how much i had when I counted it up! Thanks for all that you do!
-Adam O (total $245)

I’m getting married in two weeks. Our family and friends have been so incredibly generous, covering almost all expenses before I even had the chance to make a budget plan. Our first official wedding gift therefore, goes to Worldbuilders! Onward and Wayward!
-Ki S

Others did it in honor of a friend or family member, including some new babies in their lives:

Here is a donation from my new baby boy, Axel. His very first donation!
-Ashley F (and Axel!)

I have an infant daughter this year, and this whole parenting thing is plenty difficult even in my privileged bubble. Hopefully this will go at least a little way toward helping a parent or child in much less fortunate circumstances.
-Alex R

Donating enough for a clean water installation, because my parents have for years been raising money for the Pure Water, Pure Love campaign, which provides clean water in underdeveloped areas throughout the world. They’re my inspiration, and I couldn’t be who I am without their love and support.
-Carrlet S

My Grandfather was a farmer. He raised sheep and cattle in New Zealand for most of his life. It Was his life. When he passed away two years ago, I wasn’t sure what to do. I’m still not, this isn’t the sort of thing that gets easier over time. But, I remember seeing him smile, looking down at his herd. Maybe I can give someone else, somewhere else, a chance to do the same. Thank you, Pat, for giving me this chance to spread some good.
-Francis A

Recently my family decided that instead of traditional gifts for Christmas, we would fall back to donations to a charity if the gift recipient didn’t have anything they really needed. My family comes from an agricultural area, and my sister has, in the past, had goats. The first year we did this. She was elated to learn that I had gifted a goat in her honor to a needy family less fortunate than our own. Every year since, when I ask her what she wants for Christmas, the answer is always “A goat!”
-Michael K

Some people are using this as an opportunity to pay forward favors they received in the past.

Five years ago I was in a pretty bad place, when I met a homeless man who gave me $6 for gas money so I could make it back home. I think about that stranger often, and how he gave me literally everything he had to help me out. I’m in a much better place now, with more than enough money to spare. I wish I could find him again and return the favor… but until that happens, I’ll continue to donate to Worldbuilders and other charities in honor of that stranger. I hope my small gift of a goat will be similarly life-changing for someone else.
-Thorina S

I have received help when homeless with 5 kids, now my children are almost all grown, everyone should pay it forward.
-Theres K

In general, there’s just some damnfine people out there helping out with Worldbuilders.

My adoptive parents taught me to love reading at an early age, and in the years since no other experience has brought me as much joy as cracking into a new book and exploring the pages within. It is my hope that by making this contribution, another child will be given the opportunity to stop worrying about where their next meal or glass of clean water will come from and instead be able to concern themselves with the next book they get to read, the next game of make believe they want to play, or pursuing a higher level of education than they previously thought they could achieve.
-Jason L

I’m donating because my parents raised me well. Last December my mother was diagnosed with a particularly rude form of cancer, and in the past year she has taught me new lessons about strength, perseverance, and the impact of a positive attitude on a person’s life.
I had two separate groups of chickens when I was growing up. While these friendly little birds did teach me lessons of responsibility and the rewards of caring for beings outside of one’s self, I know that impact is but a fraction of what a flock could do for a family truly in need. I’m just sorry I can’t afford more.
-Paul W

Aaand now I’m all weepy.

Y’all are such lovely people. You’ve done so much, and you’ve made the world better through your kindness and generosity.

In the end, we’re all here to make the world a better place. And this message really hit home for me.

If you listen to the news the world seems to be full of craziness and hate but not at WorldBuilders. Here is an easy way to make the world better, have a real impact on people’s lives, and offset the negative. My donation is my down payment on the kind of world I want to live in.
-Humberto A

What a good way to look at it, Humberto. It’s really easy to be angry about the state of the world. I’m guilty of that a lot. It’s better to do something in the attempt of making the world a better place.

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far. Thanks for spreading the word.

Most of these stories have come from the comments that people have left when they make their donations. Like this one, obviously left by a mother on behalf of her little boy:

There are hundreds of these little stories in there. Far too many for me to share. But if you’re looking for a pick-me-up in your day,  you can go look.

Or, if you have a story of your own you’d like to share, you can leave it in the comments below.

And now, for the last time of 2017, here’s the donation link.

Let’s make our down payments on the world we want to live in.

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The Traditional Pat Rothfuss Donation Blog

As I write this blog, Worldbuilders has raised $655,000, which means we’ve raised over $160,000 since we first made the announcement about our million dollar goal two days ago.

That $160,000 alone is enough to give over 300 families the gift of a cow. A cow like the one Rahel Mhema and Steven Kipagatie received five years ago, or like Guli Siwale is just beginning to prepare for, as a part of the same program.

Rahel Mhema and Steven Kipagatie (left). Guli Siwale (right).

One of Heifer’s most successful programs has been the East Africa Dairy Development (EADD), which works with small-scale farmers in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania to improve dairy production at every point, from caring for the animals, to training in more efficient milking techniques, to improving distribution infrastructure.

When Mhema and Kipagatie joined the program five years ago and received a dairy cow, they shared their long-term dreams:

  • Educate their children through high school and on to university
  • Establish an orchard
  • Buy more land for commercial timber
  • Plant timber trees
  • Buy a Vehicle

I’m sure you can guess where this is heading: Five years after receiving their cow, Mhema and Kipagatie have achieved all these goals and even more.

Guli Siwale is a coffee farmer who is eagerly awaiting the gift of a cow. Siwale’s life hasn’t been easy–her husband died in 2005, and she lost her only daughter a few years later. This left her to provide for her three grandchildren by herself. And time are hard, as it’s a daily struggle to provide even regular meals.

But Siwale believes better days are ahead, because very soon she will receive her cow.

As my son constantly reminds me, a cow provides 7 gallons of milk a day. Enough to provide a reliable nutritional cornerstone that will keep Guli’s family heathy. The extra milk will generate a constant income stream that will allow her to buy necessities like medicine and clothes. Beyond that, the money can be used to pay for school fees and will help put varied, healthy food on the table three times a day.

Perhaps most importantly, the cow’s manure will improve her coffee crop, meaning healthier soil, and vastly improved crop yields. Guli says her dream is to set up small businesses for her grandchildren, to give them the same hope she feels. “I will be able to lead a life that other people are leading,” Siwale said.

For Guli, the gift of a cow means hope for her family, control over her future, and a way to become self-reliant despite the upheavals in their lives.

Thanks to you folks donating and helping to spread the word, we’re making it possible to give that kind of hope to more than 300 new families. Since Tuesday.

Have I mentioned that you are awesome? Because you are.

* * *

Every year it becomes harder for me to collect items together to donate to the fundraiser. I mean, how do can I compete with 2,500 books from John Scalzi, or an amazing, hand-crafted Black Walnut gaming table from Wyrmwood?

But I’ve got to throw my hat in, because this is my charity, after all.

So. Let’s show off some things.

  • 5 sets of Kingkiller Books, signed by me.

Donating my books makes the most logical sense, so I always toss a few of these in. Each prize consists of The Name of the Wind, The Wise Man’s Fear, and The Slow Regard of Silent Things. I’ll sign all of them for you.

Hell, I’ll even personalize them for you if you want. My team will be irritated that I’m adding that at the last minute. But if you win these, we’ll drop you a line and I’ll sign them however would make you happy.

  • Auction: 1st Edition 1st Printing of The Name of the Wind. Signed and/or personalized to the winners desire.

This auction is for a 1st/1st The Name of the Wind hardcover, which is currently unsigned. But if you win it, I’ll sign, quote, and personalize it to your specifications.

These usually end up going for a lot of money, and I’ll be honest, I’m running out of them. When I was first published I sold them out of the trunk of my car willy-nilly when I should have obviously been hoarding them. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that some day I’d have a successful charity that could turn these things into goats and cows for Heifer International.

Soon we’re going to have to start auctioning the ones I’ve rescued from libraries.

The point is, they’re pretty rare. So if you want a chance to own one (While helping out a cool charity) you might want to jump sooner rather than later and bid on it right here.

  • 5 sets of The Princess and Mr. Whiffle books, signed by me.

The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle is my worst-kept secret, because for some reason everywhere I go there are still people out there who have no idea these exist.

They’re delightfully illustrated picture books that I did with Nate Taylor, and Worldbuilders is the only place keeping them in print, so every copy supports charity.

  • Auction: “Storybeard” art print. Signed by me and Nate Taylor.

When Worldbuilders was at the Emerald City Comic Con last spring, Nate was there as well, and he gave us the very last signed “Storybeard” print he had.

This is that print. I signed it, and now it’s safe in its mylar sleeve, away from my grubby hands and waiting for a new home.

You can bid on it here.

  • 5 copies of the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Name of the Wind, signed & badly doodled by me.

This book surprised me this year. We had to start a new printing practically instantly. It sold better than I could’ve possibly anticipated.

It has beautiful illustrations from Dan Dos Santos, a new dust jacket by Sam Weber, currency descriptions with illustrations from Nate Taylor, and the first-ever codified calendar.

I’ve also gotten Brett to give me a step-by-step instructional sketch on how to doodle a bee.

He makes it look really easy, but it’s not. Not if you’re me.

I’ve already started practicing:

I hope you’ll note that as I worked on this, moving from upper left to lower right, my bees actually became progressively worse. At best they look like kinda weird, hairy potatoes. At worst they look like bees brought into existence by a cruel, cartoony god. The lopsided orbs that were meant to be eyes, twisting until they seem to become mouths, crying out silently for the sweet surcease of death….

Um. Yeah. So these books I’m putting into the lottery will have bees in them. Hopefully better bees than these, but if not… I’m sorry? Maybe I’ll just draw the bee on a piece of paper and you can use it as a bookmark instead…

  • Auction: A handmade marble and copper tak board made by a fan.

A generous fan made this and gave it to me at PAX West this year. I was amazingly touched, because it was the first Tak board I’d seen done in stone.

That said, I’m from the midwest. So I have trouble accepting gifts for myself. But luckily, when I asked him if we could use it to raise money during out Worldbuilders fundraiser, he happily agreed.

It’s made of three different colors of marble, with an 1/8″ sheet of copper as the base. This thing is HEAVY. It looks like an in-world artifact that you might find in some noble court off in Vintas.

I love that the surface is a little uneven, and the copper is starting to develop a beautiful patina. You can can even see a few stress fractures in the marble–the whole thing looks like it’s had thousands of games played on it.

This one-of-a-kind tak board can be yours if you bid over here.

  • A set of 40 of my favorite fantasy books.

A few years ago, someone asked me what they should read while they were waiting for my next book. So I posted a blog listing my 40 favorite fantasy books and/or series are. Books that everyone should read if they wanted to consider themselves well-versed in fantasy.

The clever among you will note that this picture contains a lot more than 40 books. This is because I cheated and used entire series as an entry. Like the Dresden Files, which I adore. (Currently 15 books.) Or Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Series. (38 books.)

Some of these books are exceptionally hard to find. It took my team many attempts to get all of them. And now I’ve put a set of them up here.

  • Auction: Slow Regard of Silent Things page proofs, signed by me.

As part of the publishing process, authors are sent page proofs. This is an important step before publication, to make sure that everything looks right before they finally go to print. It’s the last opportunity to fix typos or change a word.

It’s a pretty important opportunity to me with any book, but especially so for Slow Regard because in addition to my obsessive revisionist tendencies, this was my last chance to make sure the art was properly positioned on the pages. That the pages where the text wrapped around or near illustrations were perfect.

I spent a lot of time with these page proofs. And now, they can be yours. They’re truly one-of-a-kind, containing the entire book, and I’ve besmirched the first page of them with my grubby signature. You can get all biddy on this over here.

Lastly, I’d like to remind you that there are more auctions than the ones I’ve mentioned in this blog going on now, and that the money we raise them does count toward our final total in the fundraiser, so bidding here will help us reach our $715,000 goal to get that matching donation of $285,000.

But don’t forget, every $10 you donate directly to the fundraiser moves us closer to that goal, too. Plus you get the chance to win all manner of books like the ones I’ve just donated above. Also games. Also jewelry. Also a Balcony Cabin for Two on the Joco Cruise and so much more…

It also make you feel really good, too. Trust me on this. Knowing you’ve changed someone’s life is a good feel. When you donate to us, you know you’ve helped a family forever.

* * *

We’ve come a long way in these last two days, folks. We’re so close to the $715,000 goal that I can taste it.

We’re making a difference. We’re making the world a better place.

Four days left. Keep spreading the word….

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The $1,000,000 Challenge

Every year, something happens that makes us extend the end date of the fundraiser.

In the early days, it was often me gumming up the works. I’d screw up in my planning, (back before we had better people to handle the planning) or I’d get a great idea that would have fit just fine into our schedule…. if I’d thought of it two weeks earlier.

In recent years, the extensions have mostly come about for good reasons. A last-minute sponsor comes in with a cool donation and I need extra time to write a blog about it. Or we end up hosting an event or posting last-minute auctions.

I thought this year’s big last-minute excitement was going to be the table Wyrmwood donated to our prize lottery. (More on that below.)

But we were ready this year. We actually scheduled a couple extra days for last-minute additions. So our team jumped up and down with delight, we slotted the new blog into our buffer time, and patted ourselves on the back for being clever. This was it. This was going to be the year we finally wrapped up our fundraiser on schedule.

Then we got more news. THE news. The news I’m writing about today.

You see, someone out there saw what we were doing here at Worldbuilders. They thought we were cool and wanted to help.

Specifically, they want to help us raise a million dollars this year.

Here’s what they’re proposing:

If we raise $715,000, they’re going to kick in $285,000. And that will carry us to a cool million dollars.

Now here’s the truth: I was excited about us hitting $500,000 today. Half a million is a lot of dollars. It’s a huge accomplishment, and that money is going to change lives. It’s going to make a huge impact on the world. Even if we didn’t raise another dollar after today, our fundraiser would still be a huge success.

But I’m not going to lie to you. I *really* want to hit a solid million this year.

And I think we can do it with your help.

Here’s how.

*     *     *

  • First and foremost, we’ve extended our deadline.

The fundraiser will now be ending on Tuesday, December 12th. That gives us exactly one week to hit our goal of $715K.

This will be it though. Final deadline. If we haven’t hit it by then, we’ve missed our chance.

  • Second: Asking Nicely.

I’m guessing those of you who read the blog or follow Worldbuilders on social media already know what we do here. I’m assuming you’ve been with us for the past three weeks, and you’ve probably made a donation or two. Maybe bid on some of the auctions. Maybe checked out a few of the team pages….

If you haven’t donated yet, I get it. There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world right now. Hurricanes and fires. The holidays coming up fast…

But I’m asking, if you haven’t joined us yet, would you consider it? The simple truth is that the great majority of our fundraiser doesn’t come from huge donors. It comes from the thousands of people who kick in $20 each. (Enough for a flock of chickens) Or families that pool their resources and kick in enough for a goat ($120).

You see, together we are mighty. And there are no small donations. $20 bucks can change someone’s life.


If you need proof: here’s Ndiolle Faye. Two years ago, Heifer International gave Ndiolle a flock of chickens along with the tools and education needed to make good use of them.

Now she owns over 150 chickens. Her farm is thriving. She makes money from selling chickens and eggs. Her children get to eat three meals a day, every day. And for the first time in her life she has enough money to send them ALL to school, something she’s always dreamed of.

What’s more, she is sharing her prosperity with her community. Following Heifer’s tradition of Passing on the Gift, Ndiolle has given 11 other local families their own flock of starter chickens. Now they are on a similar road to self-reliance and prosperity.

I guess what I’m asking is this: Do you want to change the world? Because you can, and the price is low. Two years ago someone donated 20 dollars, and now 12 different families aren’t just surviving, they’re thriving.

A million dollars would buy a LOT of chickens. And you can help us make that happen if you donate here.

  • Third: Remind Y’all about the Fabulous Prizes we’re giving away.

In addition to making the world a better place, I want to remind you that every $10 you donate gets you the chance to win one of the more than 5,000 fabulous prizes we’re giving away this year.

Prizes like the beautiful Wyrmwood gaming table.

(Ooooo…. Ahhhh….)

I gushed about this table in my last blog. So here I’ll just mention that it’s hands-down the most beautiful piece of furniture I’ve ever seen, and I covet it with the powerful passionate lust of a thousand suns.

It’s handmade here in the US out of Black Walnut, and were you to buy one, it would cost you more than $10,000. But you don’t need to buy it, because it can be yours if you donate $10 or more and select “GAMES” as one of the types of prizes you’d like to win.

I can’t can’t stress how beautiful this game table is. The recessed playing area can be raised and lowered. It’s amazingly well designed so you can play a game, then pause it partway through, put the cover on the table. Then eat dinner. Or do some work. Or (here’s a wild thought) play an entirely different game.

A DIFFERENT anonymous donor (We have some good people here) has agreed to cover any additional shipping costs from Wyrmwood, so the winner will be able to accept this gift without any additional expense.

If you’re more into experiences, you can also win a balcony cabin for two on JoCo Cruise.

I’ve talked about JoCo Cruise on the blog before. But in brief, I’ll just say it’s one of my favorite parts of the year. I’ve made some of my best friends on the ship. I snorkeled for the first time. I’ve learned about new music, met cool comics writers, and got to hang out and perform onstage with the folks who make Nightvale….

Also? Tequila. Or drinking Rum out of a Pineapple on a Beach. Or playing games with your fellow nerds then spending time in the hot-tub.

And you can join us. You can be on this cruise. If you donate $60 (enough for tree seedlings that will prevent soil erosion, provide nutritional diversity, and bring in extra money to a family) you get 6 chances to win this cabin (as well as all the other prizes.)

There are literally thousands of books and games you can win. In fact, our prize wall is full enough to be difficult to photograph.

And this doesn’t include ANY of the games. They just don’t fit on the shelves, so there’s BOXES and BOXES of them in our warehouse, just waiting to be shipped out at the end of the fundraiser.

The money you donate, in addition to getting us closer to our $715,000 goal, puts your name into the mix for these prizes. And if you love math, we have a wonderful little widget that shows you what your odds are of winning at least one prize… (Though people who donate over 100 bucks frequently win more than just one.)

We’ve never had so much stuff to give away. Your odds of winning are ridiculously good AND you’ll help us reach our goal of $715,000, which is to say, that you’ll help us raise a million dollars.

  • Lastly and most important: Spreading the Word.

“But Pat!” I hear you say. “I’ve already donated. I wish I could help you hit a million, but I’m utterly tapped…”

Believe me, as someone who never made more than $14,000 a year before he got published, I get what it’s like when times are tight.

It turns out there’s a big way you can help us that has nothing to do with money.

You see, I’m proud of Worldbuilders. Heifer is an amazing charity. We have wonderful sponsors. This year we’re giving away more than $160,000 in prizes….

But people don’t know about us. It’s hard for us to get the word out to new people.

So… can you help us spread the word?

Do you have a blog? A podcast? A Webcomic? If you could talk about us to your people, it would help a lot….

Do you make videos on The Youtube? Are you a Twitch streamer? Can you let your audience know who we are? That we’re giving away amazing prizes in an attempt to raise a million bucks for charity?

Do you contribute to your the local paper? Your campus paper? Do you just have a regular piece of paper? You can write a note on it about Worldbuilders, then put it in a bottle, and then… I dunno. Maybe just hand it to someone? I bet that would get their attention.

You can even help us by updating your cover photo on Facebook and including a link to our donation page in the description. ( will point people right there, Or you can pick a link to your favorite team page.)

We’ve made a whole bunch of them with different messages in them. And they’re available in two layouts: as general sharing images, as well as formatted to work as a cover photo on Facebook or Twitter. You can download the ones you like best here and use them all over the place.

You can cash in your change jar. Make your own fundraising team page where you work together with your family or friends to raise enough to give a community cows or clean water.

A lot of folks I know give charitable donations for Christmas this year instead of presents. Last year, my sister gave me a picture of a goat she drew to let me know she donated. I put it on my fridge and it made me happy all year….

Tell your friends. Post about it on social media. Tweet it out to some of your favorite charitable celebrities. Donate to support teams in tonight’s StarCraft Tournament

Barring that. The simplest, most honest way you could help us spread the word is this: Think of the person in your life who would be most interested in what we’re doing here. Think of someone who loves games. Or books. Or goats. Someone who loves sustainable farming. Someone who wishes the world were better than it is.

Then tell them about Worldbuilders. Show them this blog. Invite them to come be awesome with us.

As I type this, our donation total is $532,000. We’ve raised $40,000 dollars today, most of that after we started sharing this news on social media around 5:00.

It’s a strong start to our final week. I think we can do it.

Here’s the donation link one more time, just in case you need it for anything….


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