So many Books from DAW

Today’s blog contains a LOT of books that are going into the lottery.

It’s not that we don’t enjoy doing things things like our Black Friday festivities, but the lottery is really the heart of Worldbuilders. We know you want to make the world a better place. So we just sweeten the deal a bit by giving you a chance to win cool stuff for every $10 you donate directly to Heifer International on our team page.

After all, only $30 gets a family the gift of Honeybees.

Improving Food Security and Nutrition of Coffee Farm Workers' Fa

Feliciana Martin  is a small-scale coffee farmer. Her acre farm barely supported her and her daughter until she received the gift of honeybees from Heifer International in 2012.

Since then, Feliciana has seen a noticeable increase in her coffee harvest every year. She has also been able to collect and sell honey, providing her with additional income. As a bonus, coffee honey is believed to taste better than regular honey, so she is able to charge about 10 percent more.

Improving Food Security and Nutrition of Coffee Farm Workers' Fa

(Additional note: Now I *really* want to try coffee honey.)

She collected 60 pounds of honey in the first six months and doubled the number of hives she owns. Then she trained some neighbors on the proper care of bees and gave them hives to start them on their own road to increased independence. This is called “Passing on the Gift.” All Heifer recipients take part it, and it’s a big piece of what makes Heifer’s work so successful.

Martin dreams of a better life for her daughter. Now she can make that happen.

That’s what happens when you donate thirty bucks….

* * *

…well, that and you get the chance to win a ton of books like the ones we’re showing you today.

DAW is my publisher, and they’ve been a big supporter of Worldbuilders since the beginning. This year they’ve sent us many, *many* books. Hundreds and hundreds. Some are stand-alones. Some are full series…

And many of them are signed, like these from the lovely Seanan McGuire….

  • The Toby Daye series: Rosemary and Rue, A Local HabitationAn Articifical NightLate EclipsesOne Salt SeaAshes of Honor, and Chimes at Midnight. All signed by Seanan McGuire.


“Well researched, sharply told, highly atmospheric and as brutal as any pulp detective tale, this promising start to a new urban fantasy series is sure to appeal to fans of Jim Butcher or Kim Harrison.” – Publishers Weekly

  • Set of the InCryptid series: Discount ArmageddonMidnight Blue-Light SpecialHalf-Off Ragnarok. All signed by Seanan McGuire.


“Mixing mythology and monster lore (plus a good helping of snark), Discount Armageddon is fast-paced, funny and boasts a salty-sweet heroine who can cha-cha, foxtrot, and kick ass––or any combination thereof––while she sprints her way across the rooftops of Manhattan, policing and protecting the denizens of New York City’s supernatural community.” – Amber Benson

  • Set of Sparrow Hill Road ARC and a cover flat. Both signed by Seanan McGuire.


“This is the first in what we hope will be a long series about those who walk the ghost roads from the marvelous McGuire, who writes like a dream and creates wonderful, complex, sympathetic characters like Rose and then places them in peril.” – Library Journal


A lovely standalone historical fantasy which starts with the twelfth-century alchemists and ends up in modern-day New York. I tell you folks like Stephen that work with real history, weaving it into their fantasies… they kinda amaze me. I don’t have it in me to do that kinda research. I just prefer to make everything up…

“Leigh strikes the perfect balance between past and present, real and imagined” – Publishers Weekly


“This beautifully told, painfully elegant story should appeal to fans of L.E. Modesitt’s realistic fantasies as well as of the period fantasy of Guy Gavriel Kay.” – Library Journal

  • The Green Rider series: Green Rider, First Rider’s Call, The High King’s Tomb, Blackveil and Mirror Sight by Kristen Britain. Mirror Sight is a signed, first edition in all sets.


“A fresh, well-organized fantasy debut, with a spirited heroine and a reliable supporting cast.” – Kirkus Reviews

  • Auction: Hardcover copies of the Green Rider series: Green RiderFirst Rider’s CallThe High King’s TombBlackveil and Mirror Sight by Kristen Britain. All include a signed bookplate, and Mirror Sight is a signed, first edition.

green rider series

We got so many complete sets here that we’ve put one up for auction. The fifth book in the series, Mirror Sight arrived as a signed first edition, so we were eager to share it with the folks who might want it most.

If this tickles your fancy, you can bid over here.


“Bedford builds a taut story around the dangers of a new world, the Ecolibrians’ distrust, and treachery from Ari and Ben’s home office. Readers who crave high adventure and tense plots will enjoy this voyage into the future.” – Publishers Weekly


“A real page-turner…. Outstanding characters, especially Mags, will greatly please Valdemar fans.” – Booklist


“Friedman skillfully blends science fiction and fantasy elements, tying them together with fairy tales and solid worldbuilding.” – Publishers Weekly

  • Auction: The Coldfire Trilogy: Black Sun Rising, When True Night Falls and Crown of Shadows. All include a signed bookplate from C.S. Friedman.


“Hauntingly memorable protagonists, high drama, and vivid world-building mark the beginning of what promises to be a magnum opus of the imagination. A priority purchase for fantasy or sf collections.” – Library Journal

These are some seriously beautiful books, and all three have a signed bookplate, making them even cooler. To bid, check out the eBay listing over here.


“Magic operating along scientifically testable principles: Palmatier exploits an active imagination to good effect, with characters who develop along with the story… Fantasy regulars looking for a fresh series with real bite should find it worth a try” – Kirkus Reviews

  • Sets of the Queen of the Dead series: Silence and Touch by Michelle Sagara.


“Brilliant storyteller Sagara heads in a new direction with her Queen of the Dead series. She does an excellent job of breathing life into not only her reluctant heroine, but also the supporting players in this dramatic and spellbinding series starter … Do not miss out!” – RT Book Reviews


“For a book all about dead things, this novel is alive with great characters and a twisty, scary-funny story that teaches you not to tango with too much necromancy. My favorite book this year, bar none.” – Chuck Wendig

  • Sets of the Night’s Edge series: A Turn of Light and A Play of Shadow by Julie E. Czerneda.


“A Turn of Light is a gorgeous creation. Julie Czerneda’s world and characters are richly layered and wonderful—full of mystery, hope and, most of all, heart. Come spend some time in Marrowdell. It’s worth the journey.” – Anne Bishop

  • Auction: First edition copy of The Dirty Streets of Heaven. Includes a bookplate signed by Tad Williams.


I’ve gushed more than once about how good this book is. I’ve mentioned it in the blog and on Goodreads.

So yeah, I’d say this auction is worth it. It’s a book I wholeheartedly recommend, and getting your hands on a signed first edition copy is even cooler.

If you want it, bid over here.


“It’s a provocative world of deadly enchantment in which the dirty game of politics remains the biggest threat of all.” – Locus

  • Auction: One of Everything Published in 2014.


(Click to embiggen the awesome)

DAW really brought the big guns this year. This set of everything they published in 2014 has over 50 books in it, and we’re auctioning it off for the giant sci-fi/fantasy geeks out there. I’ll sign my book for you too. It’s the little blue one in the bottom righthand corner….

If you want this epic book collection, grab it here.

  • BONUS: One set of one of  everything published in 2014 will be entered into the lottery.


That’s right folks, DAW sent us TWO full sets of everything they published in 2014 so we could put one up in the the lottery, too. Over fifty beautiful books, including a rather charming little blue-covered tome I’m fairly proud of.

*     *     *

So there you have it. Go to the team page and donate. $30 bucks will get bees for a farmer, (and three chances to win in the lottery) 120 dollars gets a family a goat and everything they need to care for it. (And twelve chances to win.) $500 dollars gets a Heifer… and I’m sure you can do the math.

The important thing is that your donation will make a lasting impact on the lives of people for for years to come, and you’ll have the chance to win some really, SERIOUSLY awesome stuff in the process.

This entry was posted in Worldbuilders 2014By Pat11 Responses


  1. Valarya
    Posted December 1, 2014 at 11:09 AM | Permalink

    Coffee honey?! I didn’t even know that was a thing but it sounds amazing.

    Pat. This blog is extra awesome for me. Every year I donate to the lottery (actually, my daughter sits on my lap and donates and then hands “I donated in your name” cards to the grandparents every Xmas) and I’ve never received a prize, and that’s totally fine. But this blog has something that I not only want from the AUCTION, but can actually afford! I’M SO EXCITED! Exclamation points!!!

    Adding a signed Coldfire Trilogy to my collection would be so kickass. Added bonus: helping save the world!

    Thx for all you do

  2. JennInPDX
    Posted December 1, 2014 at 12:11 PM | Permalink

    @Valarya – may I ask how long you have been donating?

    The reason I ask is that I am not someone that has alot of money after I pay my bills. I have been reading this blog since the auction/lottery has started. It appears as though this is a wonderful charity and if I could I would donate ALOT of money to it. Also, many of the items in the lottery and auction are amazing. Since I don’t have alot to donate I figured the lottery would be the way to go, since I’m positive I would be immediately out bid in the auction judging from the bids I am seeing.

    But if someone has been donating for years and never won anything, though I understand that to win is not the point of the donation, but wouldn’t it be a great incentive for people to come back and donate over and over every year if dor instance repeat donators keep their name in the lottery until they win something? (For as long as they participate consecutively every year. That way someone like Valarya has a great incentive to keep donating every year (besides the whole save the world thing) and someone like me who has to be very frugal with their money added incentive to contribute over and over.

    Just a thought. Either wsy I shall donate whenever I can. I believe that the world is a better place because of all your hard work as well as that of Heifer International.
    Thank you for your time and u a ing your celebrity for such a positive impact on the world!

    • Posted December 1, 2014 at 2:54 PM | Permalink

      That’s an interesting thought. I’ll bring it to the worldbuilders team and see what they have to say about it.

    • Valarya
      Posted December 3, 2014 at 9:20 AM | Permalink

      I’ve been here since the beginning. What year was the first Worldbuilders? 2008? 2009? I also wouldn’t base your odds on the lottery based on my results; I tend to be very unlucky when it comes to stuff like this. ;)

      I know we’re both stating that it’s OK to not win anything, and it is, but hell.. that’s why Pat gets all these books and puts them up there! Incentive. And winning some of this swag would be cool!! I definitely understand your situation, though. I think the first year I only donated $20 because it’s all I had.

      I have been recently inspired by Amanda Palmer’s fans since the release of her book… let me explain. We have all just created a space online where people who can’t afford her new book state they want a copy, and those who CAN afford it buy extra and give copies away. Some people might say it’s silly to compare worldbuilders to amanda palmers purse (or boot. I bet she keeps her money in her boot,) but the idea is the same. People helping people. Geeks coming together to help out their fellow geeks. No matter what it’s for, that makes the world a better place already. It’s beautiful. It’s heart-wrenching. It’s more GeeksDoingGood and fills my soul with joy to see. Imagine if we could do that with Worldbuilders…

      Here’s another idea for the worldbuilders team… It’d be nice to be able to donate in place of one of your fans. That way they get a chance at the lottery AND Heifer gets more money. Hell, after the money I throw in already, I’d be more than happy to donate a bit extra so a couple people could have at least a shot at the lottery. I have no idea how something like that would even be feasible, but it’d be kickass.

      Your long-time fan xxxxx

  3. Holmelund
    Posted December 2, 2014 at 7:19 AM | Permalink

    Congratulations on comming 4th in the Goodreads Choise Awards 2014 for Fantasy.

    #2 and #3 was Brandon Sanderson and Jimm Butcher. #1 is an author I have never heard about. I am either living under a rock or her books are catering to a different niche of fantasy readers since none of my friends has ever recommended them to me.

  4. Karissima
    Posted December 2, 2014 at 8:33 AM | Permalink

    I have a question:

    The FAQ on the Worldbuilders site states that gifts are not associated with animals this year, per request, to accommodate vegan/vegetarian participants.

    What are the gifts associated with? I’m merely curious. It would be of interest to me to learn more about the programs that aren’t focused on livestock.

    • Posted December 2, 2014 at 10:37 AM | Permalink

      The primary operation of Heifer is to provide animals to families so they can improve their lives, and in most cases, the animals aren’t eaten. It’s mostly for milk, eggs, and honey, maybe wool? I’m vegetarian myself, and I think vegetarians objecting to this is completely nonsensical. And anyway, the beginning of the post is all about the animals that can be provided for various amounts of money, even if the donation page doesn’t say it. It’s definitely about livestock.

      • Karissima
        Posted December 2, 2014 at 12:31 PM | Permalink

        Right, but on the Worldbuilders site, in the FAQ section, it says that.

        I’m not even vegetarian, so my curiosity is only out of genuine interest in the programs. I don’t think it would be nonsense for a vegetarian to be concerned, though. After all, only hens lay eggs. :P

    • Andrew
      Posted December 2, 2014 at 11:22 AM | Permalink

      Actually, my sis-in-law is vegan (and a Pat fan), so I did a little digging last year to make sure I didn’t stomp on her toes. I wouldn’t call it nonsensical, but I know the “Donate a goat” stuff is mostly so people can get an idea of what their donation is doing. In the end, she didn’t mind, but YMMV.

      There are plenty of programs that have nothing to do with livestock, like sustainable farming, trees, and education about integrated farms and sustainable practices.

      There’s also gifts for clean water (those of us with rural wells and water softeners can relate a bit) and irrigation pumps.

      Gifts specifically geared toward women’s empowerment is one of their big pushes this year. Gifts of training to launch a small business have been big, too.

      Their World Ark Magazine talks about the variety of programs they have, and Heifer lets you specify where your donation goes.

      • Karissima
        Posted December 2, 2014 at 12:32 PM | Permalink

        Thanks. This was very interesting and informative!

      • Posted December 2, 2014 at 7:04 PM | Permalink

        Thanks so much, Andrew. You’re awesome.

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