Black Friday Bargains and Domesticated Owlbears

Let’s be honest with each other. You don’t want to go outside today. It’s madness out there. It’s like The Purge and World War Z got together and had an ugly baby. It’s like the apocalypse if zombies wanted cheap blue-ray players instead of brains.

So don’t do it. You’re better than that. You don’t want to get crushed to death in a Walmart trying to save 14 dollars on a blender. It’s not worth it.

Let me offer you a better option. An option that will allow you to stay in your house and eat leftovers. An option where you can do holiday shopping without dealing with traffic, crowds, or the age-old hassle of putting on pants.

Instead, come take a look at the sale we’re having in the Tinker’s Packs?

All the proceeds from our online store go to charity, and as an added bonus, all purchases bring us closer to stretch goals like Karen Hallion drawing me as The Doctor, or Neil Gaiman singing to his baby.

All that AND 100% less chance of getting trampled to death.

  • Signed Slow Regard Bookmarks, Fulcrum Challenge Coin, and Underthing Postcards.

If you missed the IndieGoGo we did back in June, here’s your chance to pick up some of the items we created for that.


There are the Postcards from The Underthing, which I’m particularly tickled by. Brett designed each one to be thematically appropriate to a different place in the Underthing. There’s also the Year of the Gear challenge coin, and a few of the extra bookmarks made from damaged copies of Slow Regard that I’ve signed.

The bookmarks in particular are very limited, so if you want to give one away, you should grab one right here.

  • Ludis Art


This was sent in by Catherine Please who really wanted to share it with Worldbuidlers. It’s seriously beautiful, and I happen to know for a fact that Amanda already bought one.

You can catch the moon from your broken house right here.

  • Calendars: Karen Hallion and Beyond Words


(Want to see more of the interior art? More pics in the store.)

It’s time to start thinking about next year’s calendar. We’ve got two to chose from, and when you buy them here, you’ll know the money’s going to make the world a better place. While you’re at it, why not pick one up for a friends or family member too…

The Karen Hallion calendar has a lot of cool mashup art across lots of types of pop culture, making it a good fit for pretty much anyone. And the Beyond Words calendar has lots of fantasy authors (including yours truly) in beautiful fantasy settings, being generally badass. You can get the Hallion calendar here, and the Beyond Words calendar here.

  • Pairs Decks, including Signed Barmaids Decks


We’ve had the four pairs decks based on my books for a while. But today we’re also releasing the Barmaids, Pirate, and Muses decks, too. As with all the decks, these come with rules for the basic cards , and you can get them right here.

As an added bonus, when we were at GenCon this summer, we saw Echo Chernik (stunning artist of the Barmaids deck) and James Ernest and managed to get them to sign some of the Barmaids decks. There’s only five of these double-signed decks in the store, so grab them while you can.

  • Domesticated Owlbear Plushie


GameHole Con was a few weeks ago now, and we’re happy to report we have some of the John Kovalic-designed Owlbear plushies available for sale.

Don’t know what an Owlbear is? Let this clip from TableTop educate you:

The Owlbear is a beloved D&D monster, and this appearance on TableTop really cemented my love for them. We’ve got some in the store, and they’re yours for the taking right here.

  • Copies of Princess 1 and Princess 2, signed by both me and Nate Taylor


Nate was kind enough to sign a few copies of each Princess book for us a while back, and we figured someone might want to have their own matched set. They’re up in the store right here.

  • Name of the Wind Scarves


We just auctioned one of these off that I completely defaced, but we still have clean versions available in the store. Keep warm with a couple of the more well-known passages of Name of the Wind right here.

  • Swag Bags from Concert Against Humanity & CAH Fantasy Pack.


(Feel free to embiggen. There’s a lot there to look at.)

These swag bags were a cool perk for the people who attended the Concert Against Humanity at GenCon last summer. In addition to a truly fantastic show, you also got a bag full of stuff like limited edition cards from the Pathfinder Adventure Card game, a pack of MTG cards, the Reject Pack 2 from Cards Against Humanity, just to name a few.

The folks at CAH had some of the swag bags left over, and agreed to donate the rest to Worldbuilders to use for the fundraiser. We have those up in the store for the stupidly good price of $45, so you can get that geek in your life their very own bag of cool.

We’re also adding the Fantasy Pack CAH debuted last week. For those of you who couldn’t get your hands on it because of shipping constraints, we’ve got your back. You can get it through The Tinker’s Packs.

*     *     *

We’ve got other stuff in the store today, too. Bargains and sale items and bundle offers that will save you money. But you’re all big kids, I’ll trust you to wander over there and have a look around on your own. Fortune favors the bold.

Don’t forget about the auctions we’re currently running. They’re wrapping up Sunday night, and a lot of them would make for cool presents, too.

Trying to fight against rampant consumerism? We respect that. Why not donate directly to Worldbuilders on someone’s behalf, then tell your holiday gift recipient, “I bought you a goat!”

Trust me. It’s a great conversation starter.

Thanks for helping to make the world a better place, folks. Let’s keep doing it.

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  1. Mel
    Posted November 27, 2015 at 4:55 PM | Permalink

    Does buying from The Tinker’s Packs get entries into the lottery?

  2. lykashii
    Posted November 28, 2015 at 7:13 AM | Permalink

    Karen Hallion… draws you as the Doctor…. Oh Sweet Jesus we need that stretch goal to be reached!
    Will it be sold as a print or canvas or something? Because my Denna Who canvas could use a companion :D (heh get it? Companion? XD)

  3. Silvence
    Posted November 29, 2015 at 7:31 PM | Permalink


    It goes without saying that you, and the community you fostered, have created something special with Worldbuilders. I come to your blog every year, in fact, throughout the year, to see what you have going on, and I am never disappointed for having invested the time, but I digress. My posting here is not to tout your accomplishments. You already know how much good you do.

    What I wish to do is put forth an idea, and see if you, with all your clout and ingenuity, can make something of it. Perhaps it is an idea you have already had, or perhaps the idea is unfeasible. Whatever the case may be, if I don’t put the idea into words, and send it out into the universe, it may never come to be, and that would be a shame because I feel it has the potential to further your cause, and bolster the gaming/reading/geek community in a wonderful way.

    You see, as much of a fan as I am for you and your charitable organization, I am also a fan of Wil Wheaton’s show Table Top, and having just rewatched the extended episode featuring “Lords of Waterdeep,” I found myself thinking how awesome it would be if you and Wil, Worldbuilders, and the Table Top/Geek and Sundry team made it possible for two everyday Joes to be invited onto the show to play alongside you and Wil.

    I’ll say nothing more on the matter, as I am ill positioned to add anything further. Thank you for hearing me out.

    Here’s hoping!

  4. raizanoelia
    Posted December 7, 2015 at 10:55 PM | Permalink


    I was trying to make a donation under your team page but when I click on the link in your blog post, it directs me to the donation page where I have the option to select a team. Scrolling through the list of teams, I didn’t seem to find yours. Not that it matters much since I will be donating either way :) but if I have the option to donate to your team, I’d love to! Am I doing something wrong?

    And while I’m at it, I absolutely love your books and am rereading ‘The Name of the Wind.’ I’m actually working on illustrating your book for my Masters program in Illustration and Concept Art! That’s how inspiring your book was to me.
    Thank you for the inspiration :)


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