Foreshadowing: Geeks Doing Good

So for the last two years, we’ve run a summer fundraiser for Worldbuilders called Geeks Doing Good. It tends to happen near the begining of June, and it only lasts for a week.

*Because* it only lasts for a week, it can be easy to miss. So today I thought I’d throw y’all a heads-up about it launching next week.

geeks doing good dates

It’s especially important for me to give y’all some advance notice this year, as I’m going to be traveling back from Phoenix ComicCon with my family on the 6th, so I won’t be able to make a lot of noise about the festivities here on the blog until Tuesday or Wednesday.

For those of you who are new to it, Geeks Doing Good is an opportunity for Worldbuilders to experiment with some new merchandise and team up with cool people like Jim Butcher (like we did last year, and are again this year). We also sell unique experiences that might not be right for everyone, but are *perfect* for others (like the chance to go on the JoCo Cruise, or play games with authors or members of the Worldbuilders team at Gencon).

So yeah. Today I’m gonna give a little taste of what’s to come so you’re more likely to jump on board and/or help us spread the word when we pull the trigger on this next week.

Here’s a tiny piece of what’s on the docket:

  • So Many Shirts

As of right now, we’ve got a confirmed shirt with Jim Butcher, Sam Sykes, Kurtis Wiebe (of Rat Queens) and me. Also, because people have been asking for it, we’re going to do a brand-new Worldbuilders t-shirt, too.


You can grab any of these, or pick up a t-shirt 3 pack and get a discount while picking a few of your favorite designs. (Or get three of the same shirt. Or get two of one shirt and one of another. Or whatever. What I’m saying here is that you have a lot of options. We’re giving you options.)

We’ll also have a new shirt from Litographs, this one inspired by The Name of the Wind. We can’t show you the art quite yet, but it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

  • A New Hoodie


After how much everyone loved the Eolian hoodie last year, we figured we should do another one. This one is a pull-over, rather than a zip-up, to really show off Sarah Hartwick‘s “Ivare Enim Euge” design.

  • Bumper Stickers

Folks have been asking for a way to show off their Worldbuilders pride, so we took a suggestion from the crowd and produced a few different Worldbuilders Bumper Stickers.


(I’m the one that suggested “Totes M’Goats”)

  • Many, Many Other Things

There will be other items familiar to those of you who have seen our prior fundraiser: Digital perks, game bundles, custom jewelry, cool books, and even a cabin on the JoCo Cruise.

I’d show you pictures of all the products if I could, but I know it’s better to wait until we actually launch the fundraiser. So instead, here’s a teaser collage. Clever viewers of the sort that like to dig though my books for clues will probably be able to make some educated guesses about what a lot of these things are.


To see the full list in all its glory, you’ll have to wait until we go live on Monday. I won’t be blogging about it until Tuesday or Wednesday, but if you want to be notified as soon as launch, you can sign up for such a notification right here (which, conveniently, will also be a link you can follow to the campaign itself once it launches).

Thanks for being awesome…


P.S. As a reminder, I’m currently out at Phoenix Comicon (My schedule is here), and if anyone’s around and willing to help us by volunteering at our Mega-booth, (#740) they can contact the lovely Thera on Twitter.

P.P.S. My family will be with me on this trip. So be aware that if you see in public with a kid, that’s probably not the best time to approach me. Yes. My children are adorable. But they are not part of the convention attractions. Please be gracious and give us some space.

What’s more, when I’m with my kids, please be aware that I’m being a dad, not an entertainer, convention guest, or autograph machine. If you’d like to hear me talk about writing, see me read my stuff, ask me a question, or get something signed you should *really* consider going to one of the events we’ve scheduled for those specific purposes. Don’t try to do it when I’m trying to have a quiet moment and some ice cream with one of my sons…

Later all,


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  1. kitty713
    Posted June 2, 2016 at 4:32 PM | Permalink

    That sweatshirt might be the first thing I have seen listed for sale which got an immediate reaction of “I must have that!” Pat, I don’t know if you remember emailing me back in February about the fire in Sheboygan Falls. I don’t expect you to remember, and that’s totally understandable (you’re an extremely busy man – but I appreciated it!!). Point being, I had to do a lot of thinking and trying to come to terms with bad stuff happening to good people. And I was rereading KKC during the first, worst, weeks. And the idea of Ivare Enim Euge really stuck with me. So I am really really excited to get this sweatshirt!

    I also can’t wait to see what else is up on offer. I always save up so I can kick in for the summer fundraiser.

    1. I’m assuming we will be able to kick in extra for international shipping again?
    2. Are we getting stickers again this year? I have the first two stuck to my freezer and really hope I’ll get to add a third. It’s a really cool idea.

    P.S. Pat, I really can’t tell you enough how much getting that email from you meant. Rereading your books was the only thing that got me through the worst 8 hour flight of my life, heading home to be with my family. Kvothe helped me keep it together until I could get home. I can’t express how much it meant that you would take the time out to write to me, to wish me well, to share your sympathy. I feel like I can’t find the words to properly express how much it meant to me. It was a little shining light in an extremely dark time. Thanks.

  2. LazerWulf
    Posted June 2, 2016 at 9:21 PM | Permalink

    Hmm… the first thing that jumps out at me from the collage is obviously a scene from JoCo’s “The Princess Who Saved Herself”. Could it possibly be a storybook version of that? Please say yes.

  3. MereShadow
    Posted June 3, 2016 at 3:23 PM | Permalink

    Mr. Rothfuss,

    I read your books often. Too often. And to be off topic I always get stuck at the same spot in Wise Man’s Fear. Maybe you put this in there intentionally so crazy readers would stop reading and go to bed. However, maybe just maybe, it is a mistake…

    “No. I will not speak on Lethani. It is not for you. Do not ask.”
    (Kvothe) I counted in my head. Sixteen words. – WMF pg 513

    Go ahead and count seven times like I do. Then go to bed angry. I go to bed angry Mr. Rothfuss! It stops me in my tracks every time!

    Paperback and audio version… same problem. Poor Kvothe, he should get lessons from Fela. Or Uresh so he doesn’t upset Sim.

    Love the books, love your charities, love tak. Cannot get over my OCD.

    • Stephen Gill
      Posted June 4, 2016 at 9:29 PM | Permalink

      While I haven’t whipped open my copy to check, I believe Kvothe is including a word Tempi said earlier that day in his count.

  4. Twitch
    Posted June 20, 2016 at 11:01 PM | Permalink

    Totally random, but in case anyone was unaware, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear were given a cameo in the the new season of Orange is the New Black. Cheers!

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