Secrets, Arts, and News of Three Parts

Hey there everybody,

I’m typing this as I sit in a hotel room in Seattle. Tomorrow I fly home to see my babies. But for the last week, I’ve spent my days doing secrety things with cool people.

I can’t really share any details right now. But suffice to say that I had a good time, and you’ll see the fruits of this labor… soonish. Eventually. Before the heat death of the universe at any rate. Probably.

*     *    *

If you’re more interested in things that you can put your sweaty little hands on right now. Allow me to talk about the kickstarter a little bit.

If you missed the last blog, or have simply have been distracted by the many woes of the world, you might have missed the fact that we recently launched a kickstarter to make something like this:

(Oh Bast. If I were you, I wouldn’t ever wear a shirt either….)

What’s more, the kickstarter had a delightfully successful launch, and so many of you jumped in with such enthusiasm that we’re already over 1300% funded already.

This is really nice for us, as it’s the first kickstarter we’ve done completely on our own, and we weren’t sure how it would go. So far, it’s been a wild ride. We even got selected by Kickstarter as one of the Project We Love, which was hugely flattering.

We’ve torn through a bunch of our stretch goals. Unlocking many, many new cards. And we’re showing off new stuff as quickly as we can make it available.

For example, here’s some of the new pieces: Devi, Lorren, and Mola.

(Click to Embiggen)

To make things even cooler, we’ve been slowly releasing hand-painted pieces of original card art from Echo.


She does a lot of her work digitally, so it’s rare for her to have original oil paintings available. Some of these will be different from the final card, either because she started working on them before the card was finalized, or simply because they had to be digitally aligned to make them symmetrical, like a card needs to be.

We included some of these when the kickstarter first launched. But they were all sold out by the second day. Now we’re preparing to launch 7 more of them. But since there’s only one of each and they sell fast, we wanted to make sure that everyone who might be interested was notified in advance before we put them up. So, on Tuesday, August 29th at 12pm Central Time we’ll be posting up the following original art pieces:

  • Master Lorren, Alternate King of Spades
  • Denna, Queen of Spades
  • Devi, Alternate Queen of Hearts
  • Cinder, Chandrian Joker
  • Fae Bast, Alternate Jack of Clubs
  • Kilvin, King of Clubs
  • Ambrose, Jack of Clubs

They range in price from $1500 to $1800, which is a steal for hand-painted art from someone like Echo. Each of them will come with all four unique decks of cards, free US shipping, and a set of the special, gilt-edged Chandrian decks.

We’ll be releasing more of the original art in another week or so, but I can’t make all of those announcements here. So if you’re hoping to get your hands on one be sure to back the campaign (even if it’s just at the $5 tier) so you get updates in your email as soon as they go out. You’re always able to change your pledge to another tier until the campaign ends.

*     *     *

We’ve also hit our final print stretch goal: and as a result, Echo will be producing another piece of art showing Kvothe’s Troupe entertaining themselves after camping for the night.

This poster is going to be extra cool though, because we’re having some cameos in it. Three of our Edema Ruh troupers are going to be the McElroy Brothers.

(Awww, brothers….)

These good good boys are going to be appearing in the print. Which fills me with delight, as I’m a huge fan of their work. (In fact, just a couple hours ago I had a real solid cry listening to the final episode of The Adventure Zone.)

What’s more, you’ll get your chance to be included in that print as well, as we’ll be putting some cameos up for grabs in the near future. If that’s something that interests you, be sure to sign up for updates on the campaign, and keep an eye on the e-mails, as that’s where we’ll be announcing when those cameo spots go live, too.

So. If you haven’t already, go and check out the kickstarter and look at the cool art. And if you’re interested in getting some of Echo’s originals, set an alarm, and we’ll see you at 12pm central time on Tuesday.

Thanks again everyone,


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  1. Posted August 28, 2017 at 6:17 AM | Permalink

    This is a lot of excitement… I know not if my heart, or bank can stand it.

  2. MereShadow
    Posted August 28, 2017 at 8:41 AM | Permalink

    Pretty awesome stuff!

    If the information is out there already I apologize… but will the updated website be released simultaneously with the 10th Anniversary edition of NotW? Or does the updated website have a tentative release date?

    • Jezdynamite
      Posted August 29, 2017 at 10:53 PM | Permalink

      I seem to remember asking a similar question soon after the end of year Worldbuilders campaign 8 months or so ago.

      I think Pat mentioned then that there were too many bugs with the site for it to be released.

      Perhaps the bugs have been ironed out by now?

  3. Bdenboer
    Posted August 28, 2017 at 10:51 AM | Permalink

    Pat Rothfuss & The McElroy Boys! Two of my favourite creatives coming together!! Woohoo

  4. Kosze
    Posted August 28, 2017 at 4:19 PM | Permalink

    Love them!!!!
    Fyi Denna is on the Jack of Clubs.

    • Kosze
      Posted August 28, 2017 at 4:20 PM | Permalink

      sorry Queen* not Jack.

  5. Pulsifer
    Posted August 29, 2017 at 6:16 PM | Permalink

    I love the art. It’s gorgeous.

    I just thought Devi would be a redhead. “We redheads have to stick together” and all that, but I may be misremembering who said that.

    • Posted August 31, 2017 at 10:31 AM | Permalink

      She’s strawberry blonde. Very light red hair.

      • redbronze
        Posted September 2, 2017 at 11:14 PM | Permalink

        I’m a strawberry blond. We go silver with age.. When we lived in Turkey (I was 4) mobs of people would cross wherever they were to come touch my hair. To this day crowdes scare me and I detest handing my head patted or touched with out my permission.

        • Aaron Cubbage
          Posted September 3, 2017 at 1:08 PM | Permalink

          No person should Pat (Rothf)muss your hair :-)

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