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Interesting Fact

Now! Tell me things!


Edit – 21 hours later:

I have to say, this little experiment turned out better than I’d hoped.

Unfortunately, 300+ comments in, we’re getting more and more repetition because people aren’t reading before posting.

So I’m turning the comments off for now, lest we spiral into madness and lose our high signal to noise ratio.

If you missed your chance this time, don’t worry about it. Take some time to enjoy other people’s statements (some of which are *not* actual facts.)

And rest assured, we’ll do this again in the future.


Additional edit – 29 hours later:

So apparently I can’t just *freeze* the comments. Either they’re on and viewable, or they’re off and invisible.

If those are my only two options, I’m going to turn them back on.

But I will encourage people to read before you post. If for no other reason that it highly increases your odds of looking like a douche if you don’t….



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