Pat’s Books and The Golden Ticket

This is a Worldbuilders blog.

Since Worldbuilders is my brain-baby, I should probably donate my books first. It only seems fair.

But first, I’m proud to announce that this year we actually have a store. That means if you’re overwhelmed with desire for any of the items listed below, (or if you’re looking to get some of your holiday shopping done early) you can simply buy them in our new store: The Tinker’s Packs.

Fair warning. We have limited numbers of most of the items in the store. So if you really want something, you might want to buy it sooner rather than later.

Okay, here’s what I’m throwing into the pot this year.

  • Five hardcover copies of The Name of the Wind. Signed by me.

All sorts of people have said all sorts of nice things about this book. Honestly, I think they were probably just drunk.

  • Two copies of the Your College Survival Guide. Signed by me. Signed and doodled by the illustrator.

This book was my first publication, and it’s a shameful piece of my sordid past. It’s a collection of of humor columns I wrote for the college paper between 1999 and 2003. Columns dealt with pressing philosophical issues such as the fast zombie/slow zombie debate as well as everyday problems like how to bribe your professor or start a career as a prostitute.

The book is full of illustrations by BJ Hiorns, the same guy that illustrates my blog. It also contains annotations where I explain how some columns got written, the lies I told, and what sort of trouble various jokes got me into.

Only 500 copies were printed, so the Guide is hard to come by these days. Collectors sell them for ridiculous amounts. Myself, I think it’s perfect for reading on the toilet.

  • A first edition copy of The Name of the Wind. Signed by me.

This one has the mainstream cover. (Also known as “The Green Man”).

You wouldn’t believe what some people are charging for these things out there.

  • A copy of Tales of Dark Fantasy. Signed by me.

This is the Subterranean Press anthology that printed my short story, “The Road to Levinshir,” which is an excerpt from The Wise Man’s Fear.

It also has some great stories by folks like Tim Powers and Kage Baker. It’s a beautiful hardcover, and the cover price was $40, and that was back before it sold out.

  • A copy of the original galley for The Name of the Wind. Signed by me.

A galley is an early version of a book that publishers occasionally print in order to promote a book. This version of the book was before the final edits, so there are about a billion small changes I made before publication, as well as two chapters that I re-wrote almost entirely.

There weren’t that many of these printed, and the last one of them I saw on e-bay was going for over a hundred dollars. The few signed ones out there are going for more than that

My newest book. I’m inordinately proud of it, so you shouldn’t trust my opinion.

Instead, here’s a quote from the San Francisco Book Review:

“In what is by far the funniest and most original book of the year (so far), Rothfuss shows off his ability to think and create outside of the expected. The story is pure comic genius that will be fun and funny for parents and children. The illustrations, not to be outdone, offer subtle little quirks that, after reading the book multiple times, shine through and give it lasting re-read incentive.”

I’ll also include the promotional “This Shit is Not for Kids” sticker.

(Oot not included.)

This is one of the signed, numbered, leather-bound limited editions of the Princess book. It’s very fancy. It’s doubleplus good.

There were only 400 printed, and they sold out in less than a day.

Despite what this picture implies, it is not a book for children.

  • The Golden Ticket.

If you win this prize, I will owe you one (1) favor. You can cash it in however you like.

This is worth more than you might expect. Last year, when I auctioned off the Golden Ticket, bidding went higher than 15,000 dollars.

I’ll give more details about what you can possibly do with this favor in an upcoming blog where I tell the story of last year’s golden ticket winners. Stay tuned.

Remember, every 10 dollars you donate gives you a chance to win these and hundreds of other cool books, so head over to my page at Team Heifer and chip in.

All of the above items (and many others) are for sale in our new store: The Tinker’s Packs.

All proceeds from the store go to Worldbuilders, of course.

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  1. skinnersmonkey
    Posted November 13, 2010 at 6:38 AM | Permalink

    Don’t hate on the YCSG, Rothfuss. You know how I love it.

    I’m going to participate this year! Yay!


  2. Widow Of Sirius
    Posted November 14, 2010 at 11:26 AM | Permalink

    Is it bad that, even though I already have a College Survival Guide, I SUPER want to win one of those?

    Nathan’s dad is a huge fan of yours, and I w meant to buy him a copy as a gift way back when it was still available in town for $20 or whatever it is. But we missed our chance haha.

  3. CrookedJames
    Posted November 16, 2010 at 8:46 AM | Permalink

    So if the Golden Ticket is worth 15,000 dollars does that mean you’ll provide an alibi to the police for us or something of that ilk if we win it? : )

    Or show up at 2 in the morning and inebriated looking to crash on the couch, but as long as we had the Golden Ticket we’d be ok?!

    (Of course if one was to win a Golden Ticket from Jim Butcher you’d know immediately what to ask for: a powder doughnut with extra sprinkles! Of course following that line of logic getting protected from law enforcement would also be applicable)

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