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What should I do #11: Two Trilogies Better Than Mine.

Well, that’s a matter of opinion, I suppose. But one fact is indisputable, these two trilogies have something going for them that mine doesn’t. Both of them are already complete. That’s right, you can have all three books right now.

Both are by newish authors that you might not have run into yet. The first is Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series.

I feel a certain kinship with Joe, which partially stems from the fact that in April, both our books were nominated for the Compton Crook award. Then, in August, we were both denied our rightful positions as winners of the award. Or rather, I was denied my rightful position as winner, and Joe was denied taking runner-up by a narrow, narrow margin.

The books are good, really good. They pulled me in. Well-developed world. Unique, compelling characters. I like them so much that when I got to the end of the second book and found out the third book wasn’t going to be out in the US for another three months. I experienced a fit of rage, then a fit of depression, then I ate some lunch and had a bit of a lay down.

When I got up, I remembered that Joe and I share a publisher over in the UK. So, in my first ever attempt at using my newfound published-author powers, I e-mailed my editor over in England and begged them to send me the third book. I mean I *asked* them to. In a suave and sophisticated way.

I don’t believe in spoilers. So don’t I’m not going to give anything away. But I will say that the third book tied up the series quite nicely.

I will also say this. This isn’t some cookie-cutter fantasy. It’s refreshingly realistic, but also very gritty and dark. It might even be fair to call it grim. You have been warned.

The second trilogy I’m going to talk about is Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn. Some of you might recognize his name because I’ve mentioned him here before. Or you might know of him because Brandon is the author who’s been brought on board to finish Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.

The Mistborn books are set in a fascinating world different from any fantasy I’ve run into before. He’s got a good grip on character and story, and his magic system is unlike anything I’ve ever run into before either. He makes it very solid and logical, while still leaving room for cleverness and mystery.

The third book of the trilogy: The Hero of Ages, comes out today. So you won’t be left hanging no matter how fast you read.

The truth is, Brandon’s books are so good that they’re starting to piss me off. I don’t mind that he’s a good writer. But he writes way, way faster than me. That makes me look like a chump.

Later all,


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